oklahoma city: Making the most of trips - 09/14/08 05:33 PM
When you are out of town, how many times have you stopped in a real estate office to introduce yourself? I have to say more often than not I get busy and it doesn't get done but just think of the possibilities! There is a chance to make a face-to-face contact with someone and get a idea of what they're like--a lot more than is possible from a phone call or email. I make at least 3 trips a year to the Phoenix area. What a great way to cultivate some relationships. There are probably more opportunities for me to refer … (0 comments)

oklahoma city: Do you remember when....... - 09/07/08 09:48 PM
My mom turns 80 this week and it reminded me of the birthday cards that tell what happened and how much things cost in a persons birth year. Do you remember when candy bars were a nickel, and a bottle of pop was a dime? Soft serve ice cream cones were a nickel or a dime, bubble gum was a penny. My high school grocery store job paid $1.65 per hour and as a college student in 1970 I remember paying $.29 per gallon for gas.
What's it going to be like for my kids? When they're my age (57) are they going … (21 comments)

oklahoma city: The Thunder Rolls in OKC! - 09/04/08 09:34 AM
Now it's official. Oklahoma City's NBA team is nicknamed the Thunder. I like it--for one thing it's unique among team nicknames. The only other team I know of that makes use of "thunder" in a nickname  happens to be connected to a school I attended, the Marshall University Thundering Herd" which I think is  one of the all-time great team names (except when your team stinks--when I was at Marshall we were known as the blundering herd and that was one of the nicer names we were called).
I'm still trying to figure out what a  Thunder mascot looks like but … (3 comments)

oklahoma city: MEGA CAMP WRAPUP - 08/29/08 10:36 AM
Mega Camp is over for another year and I have to say the tech session on Wednesday morning was the grand finale. As far as I'm concerned that in itself was worth the whole trip. One of the most interesting aspects was the panel discussion that included the advertising director from the NY Times, a VP from Realtor.com and the CEO/COO from Trulia and Wolfnet. At the end of the discussion each panelist was asked to give 1 major point that they wanted us to get. It was my perception (shared by others sitting near me) that the VP from Realtor.com … (4 comments)

oklahoma city: Mustang, OK July sales less than July '07 - 08/19/08 01:04 AM
It looks like the real estate slowdown has hit the Oklahoma City suburb of Mustang. This bedroom community of aprox 16,000 had significantly lower sales in July, '08 compared to July, '07
July 2008 sales
30 units
Avg price: $148,875
Median price: $140,000
July 2007 sales
54 units
Avg. price: $156,920
Median price: $145,450
There are currently 188 active listings in Mustang with an avg price of $201,695, and a median price of $163,975.
Total units sold this year through July 31: 230
Total units sold last year through July 31: 310
I wonder how much of the slowdown  is due … (6 comments)

oklahoma city: Oklahoma City Market Report--July - 08/15/08 11:17 PM
All things considered, things are looking preety good for the Oklahoma City area. While the total number of transactions is down from last July and the number of listings is up, average and median prices are up from July, 2007. Here are the figures provided by the Oklahoma Metropolitan Association of Realtors......
                                                         July-08               June-08                  July-07
TOTAL CLOSED                                                 1653                    1628                        1918
TOTAL $ VOLUME                              $265,200,302       $268,175,747        $296,046,237
AVERAGE PRICE                                      $160,573               $164,727                $154,351
MEDIAN PRICE                                         $134,900               $135,000                $129,900
LIST PRICE                                                          … (3 comments)

oklahoma city: Stop the bleeding! - 08/15/08 01:52 AM
A few days ago, we had a training class in our office on adjusting to a down market. As you probably have heard things are still pretty good in the Oklahoma City market area but no place is immune to tighter credit qualification and higher interest rates.
One subject that always seems to rear it's head in a discussion like this is how to deal with sellers who won't lower their price. Somebody mentioned the phrase "stop the bleeding." What they meant by that was this:
(For this example we will say that Mr. Seller bought his house 2 yrs ago … (1 comments)

oklahoma city: Going green and saving money! - 08/13/08 11:02 AM
I like saving money, don't you? And helping take care of our planet isn't so bad either. Here are some easy ways to do both:
You can save big money by making sure you don't have any air leaks around doors and windows. It's a lot easier to detect these in the winter and they can be easily fixed with caulking and weatherstripping. You can also call your local utilities for an energy audit although not all utilities provide them. I was suprised to learn that our Oklahoma City utilities stopped offering this service a couple of years ago. You can … (0 comments)

oklahoma city: Playin' in the Rain - 08/09/08 11:36 PM
Just over 2 months ago I attended a seminar here in Oklahoma City by Michael Tritthart (thank you, Michael). As a result of that seminar I joined AR and now guess what? I'm a FEATURED MEMBER! I am truly honored.
I have "met" some really great people on here and have picked up some great ideas, but I think the best thing is AR keeps me thinking about the business and how to do it better. I'm still pretty new in the business, so all of the experience and knowledge I get from fellow rainers just soaks in--ok, some of it … (4 comments)

oklahoma city: Mo's husband - 08/06/08 11:10 PM
Mo Anderson's husband, Richard, is in an Oklahoma City hospital with a subdural hematoma. The email I got said the prognosis is good but he was going to have emergency surgery. Please remember to pray for a complete and speedy recovery for Richard and of course Mo needs our prayers too. The email does not say which hospital he is in.

oklahoma city: OMG! 106 degrees! - 08/03/08 07:53 PM
Can you believe it? The temp here in Oklahoma City reached 106 today and now, at 7:40pm it is still 103! This isn't like Phoenix or Las Vegas where the humidity is low, believe me it feels every bit as hot as the thermometer says. Makes you wonder how people survived the heat in the days before air conditioning.
This also makes me appreciate even more what our soldiers have to endure--in Iraq it's "only" supposed to be 112. All of a sudden, as I sit here in air conditioned comfort, the 103 here in OKC doesn't seem so bad.

oklahoma city: $3.48 per gallon--this is good?! and other money issues. - 07/31/08 08:01 PM
WOW! Here we are at the end of July and gas in Oklahoma City is averaging $3.48 per gallon! That's down $0.32 from the end of June, but it's $0.80 higher than 1 year ago.
Nationally, the average price is $3.90 per gallon which is down $0.19 from the end of June, but $1.05 higher than this time last year. 
What really gets me though, is most people say $3.48---that's cheap! Cheap compared to what? Yes, it is cheap compared to a month ago and I am thankful for that. But compared to a year ago we're paying out the nose. … (15 comments)

oklahoma city: Vacation ramblings--KW vs ReMax, open houses, auctions - 07/22/08 12:55 AM
As I get ready to go on vacation tomorrow I thought I'd share these thoughts....
I keep seeing posts from agents trying to convince each other and anyone else crazy enough to read it, that ReMax is better than Keller Wlliams and vice versa. This is going to go on and on and on with no one winning. This is like the Lakers vs Celtics, Tiger vs Phil, and OU/Texas---same difference. As Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"
Are open houses soon to be a thing of the past? After Sunday's open house  I held where no one … (7 comments)

oklahoma city: Oklahoma City Market Report - 07/18/08 05:33 PM
The Oklahoma City metropolitan housing stats for June are out and the results are a mixed bag. On the plus side, our average selling price was $164,727 up from May's avg of $157, 971 and June 07's average price of $155,367. That's really great news considering current market conditions. Median prices were also up--$135,000 for June, compared to $132,000 for May '08 and $130,000 for June of last year.
On the down side we closed 1628 units in June compared to 1685 in May and 2031 that were closed in June of last year. That's a drop of 19.85% from last June. It should … (3 comments)

oklahoma city: What are these FSBO's thinking? - 07/17/08 09:22 AM
Good morning everyone. This has happened to me twice this past week. I was putting out open house signs in my neighborhood when a lady stopped to put our her signs for her open house. She told me she was selling it herself and in the course of our conversation she said, "If you bring me a buyer I'll pay you cash--$500! Like I should be excited about that, and here's the topper---she tell's me she's an inactive agent! I really wanted to laugh, but I replied "it would take a lot more than that." She looked at me and muttered, … (10 comments)

oklahoma city: If you like Italian food.... - 07/02/08 12:43 PM
I like Italian food, don't you? Pizza, spaghetti, lasagna...it's hard not to like it. I also like to support local restaurants. Almost all restaurants are having it tough these days and for the little guy facing higher costs and fewer customers, the problem is magnified.
Located in the NE corner of NW Expressway and Rockwell in Oklahoma City is Meiki's Italian/American restaurant. Meiki's is a family restaurant, casual and with one large dining room. The restaurant is not new to OKC, but they have only been in this location for about a year(give or take a few months).
The sauce is … (1 comments)

oklahoma city: Oklahoma City - 06/21/08 11:57 PM
Hello. I'm Steve Mangus with Keller Williams NorthPointe here in Oklahoma City. I work mostly in NW Oklahoma city, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, and Edmond as these are some of the OKC metro areas most desirable communities.
I welcome referrals and you can be sure I will give them the very best personal service. You can contact me at 405=550-6004(cell), or 405-748-8500(office). I can be reached by email at stevemangus@kw.com.

oklahoma city: Hello From Oklahoma City! - 06/08/08 07:35 PM
Welcome. I'm Steve from Oklahoma City, one of the nation's best kept secrets. I am excited to be a part of this community. I know I will learn a lot but I also hope to be able to open some eyes regarding our city.
When I moved here in 1991 there really wasn't much for OKC to brag about. But thanks to some visionary leaders a remarkable transformation has taken place in the last 15 or so years. It used to be this town relied totally on oil but now we are much more diversified. Energy is still a very big … (5 comments)


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