open house: Top 10 Reasons sellers should love their realtor - 09/03/08 11:32 PM
Acouple of days ago in one of my posts, I lamented the fact that some people don't like us very well. In response to that, here are 10 reasons sellers should show us some us some love.
10.  You don't buy the sign, we provide it.
9.   We take the phone calls.
8.   We work with pre-qualified clients--sometimes we may already know of a buyer for your home.
7.   We help your buyers get their loan.
6.   We help bring the buyer and seller to a meeting of the minds.
5.   You get to do something fun while we hold your … (5 comments)

open house: Open House shuttles? - 07/14/08 08:48 AM
Good Monday morning everyone. I was talking to my son yesterday who lives in Arizona. He was telling me that in the Phoenix area, there are open house shuttles. With the high price of gas the idea intrigues me but I have some questions regarding how it works. If you have had any experience with this I'd like to hear how it works and if it's been successful for you. I think now more than ever we have to be willing to think outside the box and be willing to at least consider new ideas.

open house: TGIF - 07/11/08 09:00 AM
It's Friday again and for most "normal" people the work week is almost over. For most realtors, however, especially at this time of year, we're gearing up for 2 really busy days. What kind of strange creatures are we that we choose a profession where we almost always work weekends? We are not alone--I used to be in the furniture business and we worked weekends there too, the difference being that it was required by our employer to be there on Saturday and Sunday. We choose to work on the weekend. No one makes us do it, and that's a BIG difference.
Even … (5 comments)


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