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 CyberProfessionals ConferencePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaApril 28, 2008Some 30 CyberProfessional Realtors are gathered in Pittsburgh, spread out along tables set in a large U-shape with lots of cords as well as wifi connections. Each of us have 15 minutes to speak to the group on what's new, what's ...
So often we only have time to see an airport, taxi and hotel in different cities, so Tami and I took an extra day and came to Pittsburgh yesterday.  Meetings will be held at the Sheraton Station Square, just across the river from downtown. This was the view from our window this morning.The day wa...
Property flyers - in my opinion - should be primarily for property information. Naturally they should have the agent's name, company and contact information, but isn't it going too far when there is more information about the agent/company than about the property? When pages talk about how wonder...
It's so nice to travel and not be gouged. Tampa International Airport has consistently been awarded one of the top US airports. We enjoy traveling in and out of Tampa.Wifi access is free. Yes, free. Whether you use it for a few minutes to check e-mail, a few hours while waiting for a flight, or i...
 The Signature Place sales office was our destination this morning as a client and I walked there from my office.It was a beautiful Florida day, pleasantly warm, and sunny.Our first stop was Starbucks - and there was a long line. Most of those in line were participants in the St. Anthony's Triath...
Despite the proliferation of luxury condos along  Beach Drive in downtown St. Petersburg, only 25% of the downtown condos for sale are over $1,000,000 - the majority are actually under $500,000. There are currently 185 on the market, ranging from $95,000 to $5,500,000. In downtown St Pete, $95,00...
             Since I can't be Tomato -should I be Orange, because I'm in Florida (and should I be whole or sliced?)or should I be a Carambola, better known as a StarFruit, which grows in our yards here in Florida (and again - should I be whole or sliced?)or should I stick with my sunset? 
There are the cold calls we get at home from sellers of cemetery plots, travel deals, vitamins, etc and then there are the cold calls we get at work from sellers of ads, leads, and multi-level marketing plans.Scenario 1:  Several times a day we get, "We have buyers for (insert city)". Do you want...
Short sales are so prevalent that there are now not only courses on Short Sales, but a designation! Most of these deal with how to properly represent sellers - but what about properly representing buyers? I blogged about short sales in our area, and quoted a great piece from a Wall Street Journal...
  Spring and fall are the perfect times to enjoy St. Petersburg - you can have your windows open and feel the breezes, you can enjoy walking through your neighborhood or along the waterfront. Many people enjoy Florida in the winter - but when you live here, you start to feel a bit cold in the win...

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