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Anyone who spends any in depth time delving into the social media world will tell you that one of the ongoing, never ending debates is whether to schedule posts, or have them be all organic. I suppose a bit of background is in order here. In the social media world there are (or were, as you will ...
In today's Internet, social media driven marketing and information world it seems that tools and practices are coming at us a break neck pace. Every day brings a new latest and greatest site or tool that we are urged to utilize. Even the way we go about promoting ourselves, or our business has c...
As many of you know, I rarely reblog posts, but this piece from Jason Crouch is just so right on the money that could not reblog it. Who do you REALLY influence...well said my friend.It seems as though I hear more and more these days about the notion of "influence", both from sites like Klout and...
  Image by The Next Web via Flickr     Too often I hear real estate agents, business people, and people in general make the statement that they don't understand why anyone would use Twitter. There is always some type of comment about the 140 characters not being enough to say what you want to say...
Good afternoon all, I have been getting a lot of questions from my clients regarding blog appearance. I thought I would share some basic things that I do using my text editor of choice Nvu. Some of the shots are a bit out of focus due to the camera having to be in and out, but the audio explains ...
Spirits Of Gettysburg Gerry The Virtual Pub    This week we made a trek over to York, Pa to check out Mudhook Brewing Co. Mudhook is a new brew pub that offers craft beers and pub fare. Before we get to the beers let me give you a little background on Mudhook Brewing Co. A mudhook is an anchor, a...
Image by the Italian voice via Flickr Okay so you decided to start that blogging campaign, you've done a great job gathering pictures, researching your information, making your blog look it's best. Dang it you got some quality content sitting there on your blog site, you are as proud as you can ...
  Image by lululemon athletica via Flickr       Goal Setting Tips for 2012 Success   It is that time of year again, and businesses and individuals (sometimes they are one in the same) are gearing up for the coming year. Lots of re-evaluating and of course “goal setting”. In the last week I have b...
Image by francescopozzi via Flickr   Do You have Clear Blogging Plan I get calls regularly from Realtors, business owners etc that know they need to start a blog campaign, but have no idea where to start. Unfortunately, people usually approach blogging having done little background work. There i...

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