getttysburggerry: Jersey Shore Meets Social Media (Just my Take) - 10/13/11 05:36 AM
Jersey Shore Meets Social Media (Just my Take) Okay so Google + is public, and the it seems that some people just love it, and then some people don't. That is completely understandable, what I am puzzled by is the sheer hate I am seeing in some posts. What is causing that? Honestly it does remind me of bad episode of Jersey Shore. Why all this commotion about a which social media platform is the ONE! Maybe I over simplify things but the way I see it, if you don't like Google +, don't engage on it, stick with what you … (5 comments)

getttysburggerry: Your Account Has Been SUSPENDED !!! - 09/13/11 03:19 AM
Your Account Has Been SUSPENDED !!! If you use Twitter (and you definitely should be) you need to be aware should you receive this email, this has been going around and it is a scam/spam email.  There are some things you can do to safeguard yourself. First check out the email, (posted below) doesn't seem likely that Twitter would have you "complete some offers" in order to do anything with your account. Also be sure to hover your mouse over the links to see where they will be leading you. Just hover over the "click here...." link and you will see … (7 comments)

getttysburggerry: Thank You Once Again Gettysburg Pa - 08/01/11 09:41 AM
Thank You Once Again Gettysburg   Once again Gettysburg Pa comes through as the place that I know it can be. This past Saturday evening my wife & I saw Gettysburg Pa in action as the outstanding commuinty it truley is. Of course I know that most think Gettysburg National Miltary Park and Civil War when they think about Gettysburg, but I have been lucky enough to get to know the deep down community that is Gettysburg. I have emersed myself these last months in getting to know Gettysburg on a more intimate level, and I have enjoyed every bit of … (8 comments)

getttysburggerry: Gettysburg Gerry Offers a Special Extra for Relocation Clients - 05/03/11 11:34 AM
Gettysburg Gerry Offers a Special Extra for Relocation Clients

As I have spoken about before, Gettysburg Pa has a fair amount of single family home buyers that choose to make a relocation to the Gettysburg Adams County Southern Pa area. Whether you are looking for a Gettysburg Historic Home, a Gettysburg single family home, or a Gettysburg new construction home, Gettysburg Gerry has some cool tools to make the relocation transition just that much smoother.

Gettysburg Gerry and the staff at Area Pro Southern Pa use high tech tools to help you tour and visit homes from the … (4 comments)

getttysburggerry: Boy Oh Boy Do I Need a RainCamp - 03/21/11 05:39 AM
Boy Oh Boy Do I Need a RainCamp Wow, it isn't very often that I have a set of weeks like that. I have just been through the ringer, ridden hard and put away wet as they in the horse world. I have to be honest and say that these past two weeks could very well have been the worst of my life. But the good news, (at least for me) is that I made it through. While I did not face anything the likes of Japan, or anything catastrophic, it was an avalanche of things that really put my attitude … (10 comments)

getttysburggerry: April is Restaurant Week in Gettysburg Pa - 03/10/11 07:17 AM
April is Restaurant Week in Gettysburg PaGood things are happening in Gettysburg Pa the week of April 4 - 11. During that week restaurants around the Gettyburg area will be showing off their talents during it's first annual Gettysburg Restaurant Week. This is a wonderful opportunity for all you foodies out there to tqke advantage of some of Gettysburg's best restaurants. Here is a list of participating restaurants thus far, be sure to check back often to get the updated list. 1863 RestaurantBlue Parrot BistroCenturies on the SquareDobbin HouseGarribaldi'sGreat American Grill (in the Hilton Garden Inn)Inn at Herr TavernJ's at the … (5 comments)

getttysburggerry: Harvest of Death - The Wheatfield on Gettysburg Battlefield - 03/08/11 06:29 AM
Harvest of Death - The Wheatfield on Gettysburg Battlefield
Harvest of Death is the name of a famous photograph by Civil War photographer Timothy H. O'Sullivan showing dead Union soldiers at the Wheatfield on the Gettysburg Battlefield during the second day of the battle.  The fighting that took place at the Wheatfield consisted of eleven different brigades attacking and counter attacking for over two hours. Over 20,000 soldiers, (6 Confederate brigades & 13 Union brigades) participated in the action that transpired at the Wheatfield. Of those that engaged over 6,000 were killed, wounded, or captured. 20,000 men engaged in battle on an … (1 comments)

getttysburggerry: Deficiency Laws State by State Agents Need to Know - 03/03/11 01:47 AM
Deficiency Laws State by State Agents Need to KnowWith so many foreclosures happening across the country I have not heard any information being given out regarding deficiency laws. Deficinecy laws are a very important piece of the foreclosure process and if your state allows banks to pursue legal avenues to be compensated for the breach of the mortgage contract, it could be a game changer. First lets define deficiency.     Deficiency: a judgement for an amount not covered by the value of security put up for a loan or installment payments.Okay now lets explain it in english. Quite simply here how … (11 comments)

getttysburggerry: Paperless Challenge - Only the Start - Can You Take it Further - 02/20/11 06:38 AM
Paperless Challenge - Only the Start - Can You Take it Further

So Bob Stewart threw down the challenge,  go paperless. It is great to see so many people here in the Rain sharing their ways of going running an Eco Smart office. It got me thinking about the whole concept, is paperless where we can stop, is paperless all we need to be thinking about? As I stated in my post related to the challenge I believe that simply getting people to recognize the amount of energy, paper, etc waste. I would really like to take that next step. … (8 comments)

getttysburggerry: Springs Ave - A Gettysburg Pa Neighborhood - 02/19/11 02:49 AM
Springs Ave - A Gettysburg Pa NeighborhoodSprings Ave is a popular neighborhood in the Gettysburg borough. It is filled with large mostly, Victorian style single family homes. At the top of Springs Ave sits the Lutheran Theological Seminary, The Seminary overlooks the rest of the street as you head into the heart of Gettysburg Borough. There are approximately 25 single family homes of Springs Ave. Of those 35 there are currently 3 single family homes for sale on Springs Ave. Prices range from $349,900 - $499,000. 97 Springs Ave 108 Springs Ave144 Springs AveThe avenue is tree lined and a quiet … (5 comments)

getttysburggerry: Living in Southern Pa Offers a Variety of Lifestyle Choices - 02/09/11 09:20 AM
 Living in Southern Pa Offers a Variety of  Lifestyle ChoicesLiving in the southern part of Pennsylvania offers residents a variety of home lifestyle choices.  The three main metropolitan area's that southern central Pa are Lancaster, York, & Gettysburg.  Lancaster ( pronounced Lank-iss-ter)  and  York being cities, while Gettysburg is a boro. Compared to  other area's of the state southern Pa is relatively rural. However all three area's do offer a certain amount of urban feel. Lancaster being the largest with a city population of approximately 55,351 and a metropolitan area population of around 494,486 makes Lancaster the eighth largest city in … (11 comments)

getttysburggerry: Facebook, We have to Talk, I've Fallen for Another Network - 02/07/11 03:30 AM
Facebook, We have to Talk, I've Fallen for Another NetworkBack in November I did the unthinkable, to the horror of my social media guru's and mentors I turned off my Facebook account. I was told that the end of my social media career was imminent, I would soon be crawling back asking for forgiveness and my Facebook account back. Well here it is February and I am doing well, great in fact, stupendous even. Frankly I believe I made a good decision, I am not the only one who saw the Facebook writing on the proverbial monitor. Since making my rash … (7 comments)

getttysburggerry: Gettysburg Single Family Homes, What are my Choices - 02/06/11 02:56 AM
Gettysburg Single Family Homes, What are my Choices

Question: I am thinking of living in the Gettysburg Pa area, and am looking for a single family home.  I have no idea what I am looking for and I need some advice on what is available in the area.

Answer: The Gettysburg Pa area offers a variety of home options. A lot depends on what type of single family home you are looking for, and in what environment are you looking to live. Some questions need to be answered before an informed choice can be made. Are you a … (2 comments)

getttysburggerry: What is a Gettysburg Historic Home - 01/31/11 02:46 AM
What is a Gettysburg Historic HomeBeing a  Gettysburg Realtor and specializing Gettysburg historic homes I am often asked "What do specifically consider a Gettysburg historic home?"  The answer depends on really on how old a house you are looking for. Many of the homes here in Gettysburg are pre Civil War homes, however there are full neighborhoods such as Colt Park that were built in the 1950's. You may not consider a home built in the 1950's to be historic but many of todays young home buyers do, those my age may choose the term "nostalgic" home "historic" home. Either way … (3 comments)

getttysburggerry: Gettysburg Battlefield Little Round Top - 01/30/11 04:41 AM
Gettysburg Battlefield Little Round TopLittle Round Top Is probably the most strategic geographical area on the entire Gettysburg Battlefield. Luckily for Union forces Col. Strong Vincent saw the strategic value of the hill top and made sure that the ground came into and remained in Union hands. Not that the Confederate forces did not try to take the Little Round Top. Two brigades in Maj. Gen. John Bell Hoods division, one under command of Brig. Gen. E.M. Law and another under command of Brig. Gen. J.B. Robertson attacked the western slope of Little Round Top. It is there that the 20th … (4 comments)

getttysburggerry: From the Plate of GettysburgGerry - Dining Choices in Gettysburg Pa - 01/14/11 05:25 AM
From the Plate of GettysburgGerry - Dining Choices in Gettysburg Pa It amazes me how often I get contact from people out of the area inquiring about dining choices for their upcoming visit to Gettysburg Pa. Most often I hear from people that have read a blog about a Gettysburg historic home or Gettysburg Battlefieldstory, sometimes one of my blogs, sometimes not, but somehow I have become the Internet food critic for the area. A title I happily accept. One great thing about Gettysburg is that there are some wonderful choices here. Everything from fine dining to take out, all are … (8 comments)

getttysburggerry: Buying a Gettysburg Pa Historic Home and HARB - 01/07/11 03:47 AM
Buying a Gettysburg Pa Historic Home and HARBWhat is a HARB and why do I need one...HARB stands for Historical Architectural Review Board, and if you are buying a home within the Gettysburg Borough Historic District you need to know what HARB is. Whether you are buying a historic Gettysburg home or not, if the home is in the Gettysburg historic district you will have to comply with HARB. A historic district is designated through the U.S. Department of Interior. However, most of the decisions surrounding a historic district came at the local level. Levels of restrictions vary from state to … (5 comments)

getttysburggerry: Gettysburg Historic Structures Churches in Gettysburg Borough - 12/30/10 07:27 AM
Gettysburg Historic Structures  Churches in Gettysburg BoroughBeing a Realtor here in historic Gettysburg Borough Pa, it is hard not to look in any direction and NOT see a historic structure. Be it a historic home, church, or factory building it is there right in front of you. Many continuing to serve a useful purpose in the community. Being one who loves the historical structures, the Gettysburg Adams County Pa area offers a wide variety to choose from for study. Many of the Churches here in Gettysburg Borough were here during the Battle of Gettysburg, and many served as hospitals for the … (8 comments)

getttysburggerry: Brigantine Beach House Getaway - 12/01/10 10:58 PM
Brigantine Beach House GetawayRecently I had the privilege of staying at a wonderful little beach house in Brigantine, NJ. The house is for rent as a vacation rental and the accommodations are warm and cozy. The Brigantine Beach House is located just 5 doors down from the beach. Brigantine is just a few minutes from Atlantic City, but worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the gambling mecca. Brigantine is a sleepy little beach town that comes alive during the summer months offering everything that beach communities offer. Brigantine is an island with Reeds, Grassy, Little, and Absecon Bays on … (6 comments)

getttysburggerry: Designing a Home Office - 11/26/10 12:39 AM
                Designing a Home OfficeI have been doing a few posts lately addressing the home office, how to stay focused etc. This time around lets take a look at choosing where that home office space is going to be, and how are you going to utilize it. The space that you designate as your home office doesn't necessarily need to be an elaborate room with dark paneling and gold accents. The only real requirement is that it be a separate space with which to work, uninterrupted. While living in California I had a wonderful home office that I … (8 comments)

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