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What's the craziest injury you've ever had? A broken arm? (ouch) A tooth knocked out of your mouth? (ouch ouch) Stepping on glass in your bare feet? (ouch ouch OUCH) The craziest injury I've ever had? Well, there are a number I could choose from. Like the time when I got a nail stuck in my head....
This blog post is the next in a continuing monthly series where I'll pass on some information of interest that you may not get the opportunity to see otherwise. It won't take long for you to check out the following four articles covering real estate and technology. Will my Home sell? by Teresa B...
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Do you think for yourself? Oh really. You do? I'd like to suggest that many of us don't (who think we do). Many of us don't think for ourselves. We've adopted "group think." (Another way of saying it is "herd mentality.") What I mean is we've really just embraced (like a lover) the thoughts of o...
So how do YOU deal with bad news? I guess the way you answer that question really depends on what the bad news is. Right? I mean, if the bad news is your favorite baseball team lost in the playoffs, then you'll deal with that in a certain way. (It's not such a big deal unless you're a fanatic.) ...
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With Father's Day coming up later this week, I wanted to pop out another quick post just to celebrate fathers in general in relation to their kids. I did something similar the last 2 years. (For "10 Things Kids Say to Their Dads," click here; For "12 Questions Kids Ask Their Dads," click here.) ...
Lightning fast post meant to make you think... 10 Mistakes People Make with Twitter: (what might you add to the list?) 1. Think it's supposed to make them money. 2. Demand that it makes them money. 3. Measure it's worth on whether it makes them money. 4. Forget there are social media "seasons." ...
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I've got the latest Mother Lode market numbers for you to look at today. To begin with, you'll notice the overall sales picture including all sales classes. CLICK HERE to view May 2011 compared to May 2010. CLICK HERE to view January-May 2011 compared to January-May 2010. You'll also want to not...

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