buying a house: America’s 5 Most Stressful Cities - 04/07/12 10:07 PM
You might pull your hair out in New York. ‘The city that never sleeps’ lives up to its name, with the highest cost of living and highest population.
And you’d probably scream your way to work in Washington or Chicago; both cities will have you in traffic jams for 70 hours each year.
But this list of most stressful cities is less obvious – although each of them drive their residents to between 8.7 and 14 drinks per month. And they’re also robbed of 6.9 to 8.2 healthy nights sleep each month. It all begins with…
Livonia Dearborn, Detroit, Michigan
15.7% … (3 comments)

buying a house: 5 Tips When Shopping for Mortgage Rates - 04/04/12 10:52 PM
Remember that with a new house usually comes a new mortgage.  Make sure you spend a little time doing the same due diligence on your new mortgage as you do on your new house.  Here are 5 things you should keep an eye out for when shopping for mortgage rates.
1.  Know What You Can Afford
How much you can afford depends on two factors:  how much you can borrow, and how large your down payment is.  A general rule of thumb is this:  Your annual mortgage payment + taxes + homeowner’s insurance = 28% or less of your gross income.  And … (3 comments)

buying a house: Buying an Older Home – Hidden Problems to Look For - 04/03/12 12:13 AM
When it comes to buying a house, you’ve got a big decision to make. Do you buy a brand new house in a new development or an existing home in an established neighborhood? There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to each purchase.
In a new home, you have the advantage of modern appeal and design, but face years of landscaping and adding all those amenities you may want but will have to save up for before you put in that hot tub or finish the basement.
In an older home, many of those add-on items are already there so if you … (0 comments)

buying a house: Use Your Computer to Find Real Estate - 04/03/12 12:07 AM
There’s no doubt that the Internet has changed a lot of the ways people do things.
You can book your vacation, visit the bank, and take a tour of a foreign city, all without ever leaving your home.
When it comes to searching for property the real estate industry has taken full advantage of this technology and is a leading source for online information.
In fact, over 90 percent of people looking to buy a home now start their search without ever leaving the driveway.
Gone are the days of driving through neighborhoods and searching out ‘for sale’ signs or first meeting … (0 comments)

buying a house: The ‘Must Have’ List – What Do New Homebuyers Want? - 03/29/12 12:27 AM
When searching for a new house, most homebuyers have a mental image of their ideal abode.
Since few homes will already have every ideal amenity or luxury a buyer wants, most people break down their wish list into two categories.
a) A ‘nice to have’ list for luxury items or conveniences that may or may not be available but won’t be a deal-breaker on a suitable home.
b) A ‘must have’ list that includes those features that a buyer is actively seeking when purchasing a house.
A recent survey of new homebuyers across the United States gives an insight of what people are looking for … (1 comments)

buying a house: Will Real Estate Values Increase in 2012? - 03/19/12 01:24 AM
Ten or fifteen years ago a steady real estate market would have been considered boring and uneventful.
After six years of escalating craziness followed by three years of a downturn that has terrorized a good part of the nation, boring is starting to look pretty good.
If you are hoping to see an increase in home values in 2012 there is good news and bad news.
The good news is housing prices are definitely closer to the bottom than the top meaning they have nowhere to go but up.
While analysts struggle to read the market based on past trends, no … (1 comments)

buying a house: Top 5 Tips For First-time Homebuyers: Furnishing Your Home - 03/12/12 02:08 AM
As first-time homebuyers, buying your first home is one of the most exciting times in your life.  Unfortunately, your first dream home may not come with a dream budget for decorating.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to make the home beautiful, welcoming, and uniquely your own.
1.  Space out your purchases
While it’s tempting to furnish your entire house right at the beginning, it’s more budget-friendly to space out your large purchases over several months.  Give yourself some time to see what rooms you use most, and then spread your budget out accordingly.
2.  It doesn’t … (0 comments)

buying a house: Want To Buy A Home That’s A Foreclosure Property? Here Are 5 Things To Consider - 03/07/12 10:12 PM
Buying a foreclosure property can be a financial windfall. But there are a few things to be mindful of to make sure that your windfall doesn’t turn into a downfall.
Want to Buy a Home That’s in Foreclosure? Do a Home Inspection
A reputable home inspection will cost you anywhere from $250-$400. It seems like a lot of money to lay down before you even buy the home, but it is especially important for a home in foreclosure. You’ll want to know what repairs are needed to make an informed decision on whether the home is really worth it or not.
Plumbing … (0 comments)

buying a house: Looking To Buy A House? What’s The Ideal Neighborhood For Raising Kids? - 03/01/12 09:27 PM
Your living requirements suddenly change with children don’t they? Now when you decide to buy a house, instead of flashy, vibrant places, you now need good public schools, affordable living and (more than ever) low crime rates.
But we can’t all live in sleepy mountain towns. Feeding your children might mean working in LA or New York, where crime rates and cost of living are generally above the national average. Picking the right neighborhood has never been more important.
But how do you find hidden gems when the choices are so vast?
A good start is to visit Wherever you buy … (1 comments)

buying a house: What Incentives Are There For First Time Homebuyers In 2012? - 03/01/12 08:04 AM
For first time homebuyers, it’s worth finding out if you qualify for any tax credits.
Many believe they’ve missed great gains, with an important tax credit that ended 2010. However, your first home can still mean a huge break of up to $8000, by itemizing all your deductions on your tax return.
Watch Harbor Financial’s video telling you more this subject. Their website, has more information on this tax break, and also a tax estimator calculator to help work out your savings.
In Canada, after buying your first home, you can claim tax credits that reduce your income tax. This is a 15% credit, … (0 comments)

buying a house: Protecting your biggest asset – things you should know about homeowner’s insurance - 02/25/12 09:47 PM
Having an insurance policy is one of those things you know you should have – but hope you never use.
Since your home will most likely be the single largest purchase you make in your lifetime, protecting your most valuable asset is just good common sense.
Your home is vulnerable to all sorts of disasters, both natural and man-made. Severe weather, flooding, and a worst-case scenario of a full-blown fire can damage or destroy your dream home in minutes.
Your best defense against suddenly finding yourself living with relatives or worse yet, homeless, is a good homeowner’s insurance policy to protect you and your family. … (0 comments)

buying a house: The Wish list – How it can work against you - 02/24/12 10:46 PM
When buying a house, most people have some kind of idea of what they would like to have in their new place.
Maybe a two car garage, a patio with swimming pool, or maybe a fully updated kitchen with new appliances and cabinets.
Of course all homebuyers are different in what they want.
Real estate experts say you should put together a ‘wish list’ of what you are looking for when buying a house, in order to give a real estate agent an idea of properties that they feel you might be interested in.
But that ‘wish list’ can also work against … (0 comments)

buying a house: Is It The Right Time To Buy A Second Home? - 02/21/12 10:27 PM
One thing you can be sure of now is low interest rates. On average, a 15-year mortgage is just 3.78 %.
Also, RE/MAX chairman Dave Liniger predicts 2012 prices will stabilize, then rise again. Are you lucky enough to have some extra money?
Well remember, just because the market’s down, doesn’t mean you can pick a house and know it’s a good deal. Before you buy a home, think for a moment, ‘why on earth would anybody want to sell?’ Finding a motivated seller is a huge step to getting your dream deal.
Does the seller know of an oil rich area, … (1 comments)

buying a house: Buying A House? 5 Things To Do When You First Move In - 02/17/12 01:08 AM
Buying a house is an exciting experience and moving into it a busy time – boxes to unpack, friends to notify, and finding your coffee maker. But in all that excitement, there are a few important items to take care of. When you move into a new home, make sure you do these things first.
1. First thing to do after buying a house is change the locks
The truth is you can’t be certain that the keys you have in hand are the only ones there are. Who knows how many copies are floating around? Be safe, and have the locks changed … (1 comments)

buying a house: A Small Independent Real Estate Company or A Big Brokerage Firm – Who Would You Rather Work With? - 02/15/12 02:20 AM
You’ve decided the time has come to sell your home, so now the question is who do you work with, a small independent real estate company or one of those big national firms who have offices all over the country?
Well, what it basically boils down to is one thing: the real estate agent who you’re going to directly dealing with.
There are many people out there who advocate going with a small real estate company on basis that you’ll probably get better and a more personalized service. On the other hand, others will tell you that a big, nationally recognized real estate … (4 comments)

buying a house: Is An Offer The Same Thing As A Contract? - 02/14/12 01:27 AM
In real estate, there are so many terms and so much industry lingo, that it is easy to get lost in it all. But there are a few terms that should be clearly understood by both a buyer and seller during the negotiation when buying a house. Two of those are “offer” and “contract”. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same, and it is important to understand the difference.
How an offer becomes a contract
An offer is a sales contract prepared by the potential buyer who is seriously considering buying a house they have seen. … (2 comments)

buying a house: What Is The Difference Between A Buying Real Estate Agent And A Selling Real Estate Agent? - 02/12/12 05:48 AM
Buying and selling a house are two of the largest financial transactions you will make in your lifetime.  Doing a little research, and making sure you have the right representation, can mean a difference of thousands of dollars at the end of the deal.  The real estate agent you choose will play a big part in the final transaction, so it is important to understand your options.
In today’s real estate market, there is a buying real estate agent and a selling real estate agent. Buying agents represent the interests of the buyer, and will usually get paid from the total commission paid to … (0 comments)

buying a house: Will 2012 Be A Good Year For Real Estate? - 02/11/12 12:53 AM
It’s no secret that the last few years have seen some wild swings in the real estate market. For the most part, the recession has brought dropping home prices and a large number offoreclosures.
On that note, here are a few things to look forward to in real estate in 2012.
1. Increasing mortgage rates for real estate
Yes, that’s a good thing! Mortgage rates have hit historic lows in the last few years, which was directly related to the sluggish economy. As the economy continues it’s slow but steady turnaround, mortgage rates may slightly rise as a result.  So a … (7 comments)

buying a house: 5 Things you should know about real estate disclosures - 02/09/12 01:26 AM
Fixing up a deck or adding a new coat of paint is common practice for those putting a house on the market, but every once in a while these new adjustments are intended to cover up something the seller doesn’t want buyers to know. That is why it is always important to look closely at the real estate disclosure documents before completing the sale.
1. What is a real estate disclosure?
It is the seller’s legal obligation to disclose certain information about the property to a buyer before the completion of a sale. This allows the buyer an opportunity to learn … (0 comments)

buying a house: Looking to Buy a Home? Here Are 4 Real Estate Deal Killers - 02/08/12 01:09 AM
It’s hard for buyers to feel confident with a sale until they actually have the keys in their hand, and for good reason. Many real estate deals fall through unexpectedly, but there are ways to avoid the headache and hassle. Here are a few tips on how to avoid some of the more common real estate deal killers when you decide to buy a home.
1. You Want To Buy A Home But There Are Financial Complications
Among the most common real estate deal breakers occurs when financing falls through, which is understandable, considering the complicated nature of such major transactions. Many buyers … (3 comments)

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