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Many home buyers and even some professionals question whether a new home should be inspected.  Why pay for a new home inspection when:  The house is new...there shouldn't be any major issues. The construction was overseen by the local building inspector... he would have found any big issues with ...
  After a storm you should always check your roof for missing shingles, missing rain caps on furnace and water heater vent stacks, and natural gas appliances that require vents. You don't necessarily have to climb on your roof to check these out, using binoculars works just as well and is much sa...
This is something that will make you smile. I just got a new phone the other day and was activating it online. As it was activating they showed a litte movie from "you tube" about a skateboarding dog. That's right! A real bulldog named "Tillman" who skateboards in Venice Beach, CA. You have to se...
I just want to encourage all of you out there to give back to your community. Two years ago our daughter was deathly ill and was hospitalized for seven long weeks at Brackenridge in Austin. As a result we "lived" at the Ronald McDonald House right next to the hospital. This allowed us to be close...
Home owners and home buyers are often concerned about visible cracks in sheet rock, in the foundation slab, in the brick veneer etc., and possibly with good reason but it is important to consider all possible indications of foundation movement as a group and as they relate to one another. An insp...
So you are buying a new home? No one has ever lived in the home. Paint is fresh, carpets are clean. You expect that if a home is new there is nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Some problems with new homes that I have seen as a home inspector are as follows: The fire blocking was missing in th...
TIP:Serious damage can be caused by tree limbs rubbing against a roof. The overhanging branches should be kept trimmed to prevent insect infestation and to avoid the branches rubbing against the roof in high winds. You should inspect the trees twice a year at minimum. You can best prevent oak wil...
Depending on state requirements, additional licensing and/or certifications may be required in order to fully inspect septic systems. While home inspectors should operate plumbing inside the house and note potential drainage issues, they may only do a superficial inspection of the area around the...

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