electronic signature: DocuSign's Hawaiian Getaway Giveaway - 10/22/13 09:08 AM
What do DocuSign, real estate, and Hawaii have in common?  You!  For a limited time, DocuSign is giving away a free getaway to sunny Hawaii!
Imagine yourself relaxing on the luxurious beaches of Hawaii.  Feel your toes dig into the warm sand and the soft breeze brush your hair.  Listen to the sound of the waves gently lap up against the shore.  Maybe you’re chilling in the shade, or you’re lying out in the sun soaking up some rays and sipping a fruity cocktail.  Whatever your fantasy, you can make it a reality.  You work hard … you deserve this.  Your … (5 comments)

electronic signature: The “Must-Have” Tool for Real Estate Professionals in 2011 - 02/23/11 11:16 AM
If you are looking for a solution that will save you time, money and help you close your deals faster, then look no further. I have the tool for you.
This is the deal you have been waiting for! For a limited time, get a 30-day truly free trial of DocuSign for REALTORS®, Professional Edition. Built exclusively for REALTORS®, this complete solution provides you with unlimited access to DocuSign's best and most complete suite of tools that have ever been available in one plan—all for as little as $14.99 per month average based on the annual prepaid payment plan. And with … (36 comments)

electronic signature: Winning is everything and technology can help you do it - 12/01/10 05:35 AM
Implementing electronic signature into your business processes can help you take your business to the next level and reduce, if not eliminate, the piles of paper generated from faxing, printing and copying documents. 
Save Time
One of the reasons so many real estate agents love electronic signature is the time they can save.  The usual process for document creation and signing process can take hours, if not days. This traditionally slow “print-ship-sign-copy-return-scan-fax” cycle takes significant time. However, with electronic signature services, such as DocuSign, real estate agents can create and upload the documents and get it signed within … (65 comments)

electronic signature: Make Your Business "Green" - 07/20/10 01:04 PM
As companies adopt changes to become more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly, one often used tool is e-signature technology for document routing and signing online. Real estate companies, such as brokerages, associations and other real estate professionals, are taking advantage of the ten-year-old ESIGN Act that confirms the validity of e-signatures on contracts and documents. If it has been a while since you have looked at electronic signature technology, it may be worthwhile to take another look. Electronic signature platform providers, like DocuSign, have taken strides to address benefits and concerns related to ease of use and security.
The e-signature platform … (61 comments)

electronic signature: Get the tools to take your business to the next level - 06/16/10 11:46 PM
How are you taking your business to the next level?  Are you able to negotiate your deals online?
The industry is changing and you need to change with it to stay competitive.  Now you can negotiate your contracts online, no more printing, faxing, scanning and driving.
At DocuSign, we've been listening to you, our customers, and have added more great new product features that will create an even more powerful eSign experience for you and will certainly put you ahead of the competition.
DocuSign Spring 2010 Product Release updates
New Advanced Collaboration (Negotiation) Tools. Now, you can easily collaborate online to … (37 comments)

electronic signature: Are you on top of the news and technology to take your business to the next level? - 05/05/10 06:01 AM
News and Updates - taking your business to the next level
In April, some big game changers have affected eSignature with regards to real estate in particular. From the release of the iPad to the release of the FHA mortgagee letter approving the use of DocuSign electronic signature services for real estate documents, DocuSign continues its leadership role in the eSign market to help you save time and safely send, sign and store your documents with confidence!
To learn more about DocuSign, you can visit us online for special deals for members of the National Assocition of REALTORS®.
DocuSign Founder, Tom … (22 comments)

electronic signature: It’s Earth Day! How are you helping to save 837 Tons of Paper? - 04/21/10 12:12 PM
From the first Earth Day in 1970, going green has become a serious issue with businesses and consumers creating positive change by making simple changes such as paying bills online, using public transportation, recycling and other conservation initiatives. For businesses around the globe, DocuSign Electronic Signature Service is a key factor in successful green initiatives.
Where can you go to find a green solution for your business? 
It's easy.  DocuSign Electronic Signature service.  To commemorate Earth Day, DocuSign calculated that users of DocuSign have created a more eco-friendly environment by reducing consumption of approximately 837 tons of paper or nearly 14,230 … (8 comments)

electronic signature: Today's topic: FHA Makes Game-Changing Announcement - 04/08/10 09:10 AM
This is a great time for eCommerce and real estate in particular. 
Today, April 8, 2010, the FHA released a mortagee letter stating its position regarding electronic signatures.  Below is a quick note from DocuSign, chief legal officer, Ken Moyle, who worked so hard to get the mortgagee letter published so you can better implement technology into your real estate business and streamline your processes to provide even better customer service.
"As the chief legal officer at DocuSign, I'd like to share my thoughts, as we applaud FHA's action today. Their decision to clarify their position on electronic signatures will help streamline … (25 comments)

electronic signature: 3 Common Questions About Electronic Signatures - 03/04/10 10:49 AM
As real estate professionals you have a lot of questions about electronic signature and how it may benefit your business.  I've put together answers to the most common questions.
1. How do I get DocuSign on my mobile phone?
DocuSign "Designed for Mobile" comes with your subscription to DocuSign - there are no apps to download! It works for Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Google Android. With electronic signature "Designed for Mobile," eSign is faster and easier for customers to complete transactions while on the go.
You and your clients can now view and e-sign documents on your handheld device … (73 comments)

electronic signature: Travel, Be Mobile, Stay Connected With ESIGN for Your Lifestyle - 02/14/10 06:50 PM

In today's busy lifestyle, as a society, we are relying more on mobile tools to help us transact our daily lives.  In particular with managing our lives on the go, while traveling or doing business with parties in multiple locations.
In a story on ExecutiveTravel.com from Niels Steenstrup, Vice President-Sales and Marketing for the in-flight Internet provider Aircell and two million mile flyer. Mr. Steestrup shares his perspective on George Clooney's "Up In The Air" and the frequent traveler lifestyle.
From "A Million-Mile Flyer's Point of View":
How do you stay connected during business travel?

Gogo® Inflight Internet obviously … (6 comments)

electronic signature: 10 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Love DocuSign - 02/03/10 05:04 AM
We understand the importance of great customer service. With electronic signature from DocuSign, our subscribers save time and provide their clients with top-notch service. Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Founder and Chief Visionary of REThinkRealEstate.com, shares why her clients LOVE DocuSign.
DocuSign blog post from An Bui, DocuSign Social Media

10 Reasons My Clients LOVE DocuSign
Tara-Nicholle Nelson
The real estate industry is a little schizophrenic when it comes to technology. It is partially cutting-edge, while stuck using decades-old technology (if you can call it that), in other areas. But real estate clients are decidedly un-stuck, technologically speaking.  They are mobile, they are busy, … (158 comments)

electronic signature: We need your help. Nominate DocuSign for a Shorty Award. - 01/14/10 10:42 AM
DocuSign is calling out to all DocuSign users on ActiveRain to nominate DocuSign for a Shorty Award in Innovation.
If DocuSign has made a difference in your business by saving you time, money and impressing your client's with how quickly and efficiently you execute contracts, then we need your help.
DocuSign has been nominated for a Shorty Award in "Innovation".  Please show your support and help
It's easy.  Just click this link http://shortyawards.com/docusign and complete the nomination form. Be sure to complete the "because..." portion as your vote will not be counted otherwise.
Must have a Twitter account to vote.
Thank … (0 comments)

electronic signature: Three tips to save you more time with electronic signature - 12/17/09 07:24 AM
One of the many reasons why DocuSign leads the market in electronic signature services is that DocuSign securely enables businesses to electronically send, sign and manage documents with confidence.

By including paperless processes in your business, you can reduce, if not eliminate, the piles of paper generated from faxing documents back and forth. This is green and more importantly, it saves you TIME.

DocuSign electronic signature also offers features designed to save you even more time:
DocuSign integrates with all of the major forms providers, meaning that you can continue to create your documents using the software you’re … (51 comments)

electronic signature: eSignatures: Your most asked questions - Answered! - 11/18/09 10:46 AM
As a representative for DocuSign I get a lot of questions about electronic signatures and how they can help improve the bottom line for real estate professional.  I've re-posted this blog post by An Bui, DocuSign's Social Media Manager, which addresses the most asked questions that will help you to understand the advantages of using a service like DocuSign for your business. 
1. What does DocuSign Electronic Signature do for me?
DocuSign enables you to electronically send, sign, and manage your real estate and broker forms with confidence. You can use your current form creation process and with DocuSign's ability to … (35 comments)

electronic signature: Going Paperless is easy - Or is it? - 10/13/09 05:51 PM
Today's world is trying to ‘Go Paperless', but it's a lot harder to do than it might seem.  When planning to go "paperless" it's important to do your research.  There are many companies out there that offer paperless solutions but are they realistic for your business?  That is the true question. 
As I mentioned, do your research.  Look for a company that provides a complete solution and not just one piece to the puzzle.  A big paper generator for real estate, we all know, are the sales contracts and offers floating back and forth. And depending on which state you live … (62 comments)

electronic signature: SF Bay Area Agents Needed for Focus Group - Earn $100! - 08/12/09 04:54 AM
I'm reaching out to this great network of real estate professionals to find a few who would be interested in making a difference.
Are you a Realtor, real estate agent, real estate consultant, mortgage broker, or otherwise associated with the real estate industry? We are seeking real estate professionals who are NOT using electronic signature or electronic contract execution in their business. Do you have an hour to discuss your thoughts on electronic signature, in exchange for $100 Visa gift card? ZOOM Marketing, a market research consultancy, is running a focus group in Sunnyvale, CA to learn more about those in … (0 comments)

electronic signature: Does an e-signature really help my business? Survey says....YES! - 07/27/09 10:06 AM
You may be wondering if it is "worth it" to add an electronic signature to your real estate business model.  If you mean "worth it" as in "will it save me time, money and will it impact my business in a positive way?' the answers is a very loud - YES!!
Don't take our word for it, DocuSign subscribers have spoken.  We surveyed our subscriber base and asked them a lot of questions.  We asked our subscribers how DocuSign has made an impact on them and their business.  Curious as to what they said?  Keep reading.....
Survey Results:
When we asked … (33 comments)

electronic signature: Are you keeping up with the Joneses, in a GREEN world? - 07/21/09 05:15 AM
Who are the Jones's? 
They are your current clients and your future clients.  Let's create a scenario of the "Joneses".  The Joneses are consumers who make conscious decisions to be green, they work online, do business by email and only use paper when necessary, and they carpool or ride the bus to save on natural resources and to reduce pollution.  The Joneses use computers, email, mobile/data phones, voice and text messaging on a daily basis. 
Are you keeping up with the Joneses? 
Let's see:
     •  Computer - Check!
     •  Mobile/data phone - Check!
     •  Email - Check!

electronic signature: How much time do you spend faxing or re-faxing your forms in a single transaction? Is there a better way? - 07/13/09 04:34 AM
Have you ever thought that maybe the fax machine was invented for real estate?  As an industry, it still seems extremely prevalent when all other industries have moved to online resources.  Is it feasible to NEVER send another fax?  Turns out it is highly feasible!  There is a new way of closing business and for those "in the know", they have been managing their real estate transactions online - even getting signatures for contract approval online.  Wow!
The secret is out - ESIGN technology!  ESIGN technology was federally approved in The 2000 Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.  … (65 comments)




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