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Why Homes Don't Sell   With so many homes on the market, and many not selling, I am often asked why some homes sell, while others do not.   Real estate agents and real estate schools often say the reason homes do not sell is price. Although there is always a price where any home will sell, saying...
Why Homes Don't Sell - Part II  In my last article I went into the three most common reasons homes do not sell. They are Price, Product (Condition of the Home) and Promotion (Marketing of the Home).  In this article I will go into some miscellaneous items that can prevent a home from selling. Thi...
Recently, our new Governor, Charlie Crist announced that Florida will be going green. He stated that although there are many that do not believe that global warming is real, he knows that it is.Governor Crist also states that he knows many in his party will not be happy that he is signing executi...