WATER and POWER - A CALIFORNIA HEIST Over the long weekend a friend of mine texted me the name of a great documentary on Netflix he said I must watch, and so I did watch this great movie.  I have been traveling back and forth from Las Vegas to San Jose now for around 4 years for work. On my long...
Unacknowledged Documentary on NetflixThe Unacknowledged Documentary on Netflix has to be one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time and came out in April 2017.It's right up my alley and for anyone interested in knowing the truth that has been covered up for 50+ years this great documen...
Clint Eastwood gives Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Hope At age 87 Clint Eastwood continues to produce and direct movies and his latest movie The 15:17 to Paris is full of action and suspense.Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has always dreamed of directing several of his own movies and Mr Eastwood helps give h...
Who's Ready For The Bubble To Pop?  Well there has been some awful strange things happening in the stock market and around the world. Word has it the market has been growing at a very fast rate and there will be a repercussion.So for most places across the nation it is a great time to sell becaus...
Happy Valentine's Day from Vegas Bob Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be spending a long 5 day weekend in Las Vegas with his wife and friends. Have a wonderful sweetheart day with hugs, kisses and more ;o)
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Bored with Social Media Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been bored with Social Media for the last couple years. Back in 2008 when I started experimenting with blogging, joining social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, etc, I thought wow this is fun. But after the many years ...
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz finds JADE on Beaches in California   Well I would have to say February 3rd 2018 was quite a lucky day for Vegas Bob walking along the beaches. I left the house at about 7:00am yesterday to beat the traffic and walk the beaches with the tide out in search of Jade.  I start...
 To all my Family and Friends I have out lived by Robert Swetz As a new year comes around and or our birthday rolls around we seem to always think about Family & Friends. For the last several years I have been thinking about all of my Family & Friends that I have out lived. Some were older and so...
 Vegas Bob has Tarot Cards read by Grace Cloyd in San Jose California January 25th 2018 Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz had his cards read by Grace Cloyd.Vegas Bob set up the appointment 4 days in advance and was very excited about the meeting for days. When Vegas Bob first met Grace before the readin...
 You Can Call Me VEGAS BOB by Robert Swetz Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz had his fortune read this evening by a card reader in San Jose California. The reading was wonderful and so much great information was brought to Vegas Bob's attention.  Where Vegas Bob will be living and working for the next 1...

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