myanmar burma: Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz - 04/23/17 12:13 PM

Sunday, April 23, 2017 Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz      Sunrise High Roller Ferris Wheel Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz 2014

Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz   How many people reading this post like viewing photographs of sunsets or sunrises? Robert Swetz has been taking photographs of sunsets & sunrises for around 40 years now, and is by far his favorite subject to photograph next to photographing clouds.       Pattaya Beach Thailand sunset by Robert Swetz 2012   Here are some sunsets from many different areas around the world along with one sunrise from Las Vegas … (11 comments)

myanmar burma: Who wants to sell REAL ESTATE by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 04/15/17 08:48 AM

Saturday, April 15, 2017 Who wants to sell REAL ESTATE by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz  
Who wants to sell REAL ESTATE by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz   How many REAL ESTATE Brokers and Agents would like to sell more REAL ESTATE? I think about every Realtor or persons connected with the REAL ESTATE industry would like to sell more REAL ESTATE.   Well Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob knows family & friends from all over the world. Family and friends that are interested in purchasing homes in different places around the world. People interested in purchasing homes in places like … (4 comments)

myanmar burma: Real Estate Worldwide and Nationwide by Robert Swetz - 04/06/17 05:22 PM

Thursday, April 6, 2017 Real Estate Worldwide and Nationwide by Robert Swetz     Real Estate Worldwide and Nationwide by Robert Swetz   Purchasing and selling Real Estate has been going on for thousands of years Worldwide. Some people purchase Real Estate for personal use, some for investments, some to flip and others for creating monthly income.   Robert Swetz has been intrigued with Real Estate since he was very young and continues to be fascinated by Real Estate to this day 30 years ago Robert Swetz started purchasing vacant land, lake lots and vacant commercial property strictly for investment. 15 … (6 comments)

myanmar burma: Robert Swetz feeling blessed on going to the Philippines - 12/26/16 10:25 AM

Myanmar (Burma) by Robert Swetz 2010
Robert Swetz feeling blessed on going to the Philippines
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been asked by his wife 5-6 times now about traveling to the Philippines with her 2 sons, and I have never said yes.
But this morning after heavy thought and a good night sleep, Vegas Bob has decided that he will be going to the Philippines in June of 2017.
Vegas Bob already has a updated passport and will not even need a visa if I stay less than 21 days.
Thailand by Robert Swetz 2010
Robert Swetz has traveled to Myanmar (Burma) 4 different times, Thailand, … (22 comments)

myanmar burma: LOVE Brings Change - 12/03/16 08:35 AM
Vegas Bob stumbled across this very touching post that had "Zero" comments, and I thought to myself why? 
The words in Jacki's post are very strong, moving and true ...
We as humans need to start showing our love with everyone around the world, not just our family and friends but even strangers.
There is not really much else I would like to add to Jacki's post, please read it and if you like Jacki's message then stop by and leave a comment.
Here is a photograph of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz in Bagan Myanmar (Burma) in 2010.
All of these Burmese in this photograph have never … (11 comments)

myanmar burma: Is there a beautiful heavenly place to find Peace of Mind? - 12/13/15 12:41 PM
I have traveled to some of the most beautiful places around the world and I know there will be new places of beauty.For the last five years I have been in search of more beautiful heavenly places to find Peace of Mind.A place where you can open your eyes in awe at the beauty that surrounds, a place where you can close your eyes and hear the sounds of the waves crashing, sounds of birds, etc, or the Sounds of Silence.The photo above was taken in the Redwoods in northern California by Eureka, approx 100 miles south of the Oregon Border.The … (15 comments)

myanmar burma: Water Festival (New Years) Celebration in Myanmar Burma - 12/01/15 04:56 AM

Who's getting ready for the Water Festival Celebration in Myanmar Burma in April or 2016.
Now is the time to start preparing for the event, because April will come faster than you think ;o/
  Here is a one great video of several that I took on my visit to Myanmar in 2010, and I also attended Water Festival in 2008. All I can say is these Burmese know how to have fun and celebrate.     And talk about getting wet ...
The Water Festival Celebration in Myanmar last for 5 long days, 5 long days of getting wet in extreme humid … (5 comments)

myanmar burma: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz shops for Food in Pattaya Thailand - 11/29/15 06:03 AM

Pattaya Thailand was by far one of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's favorite places in Thailand next to Phuket.
Pattaya Beach, great food on the streets and the Thai people are so friendly.
  At the top of the page is a great video showing the many foods for sale on the street of Pattaya Thailand. Straight above is Vegas Bob visiting a famous temple in Pattaya with the laying down Buddha Statue.     Above is a photo of Pattaya Beach and many tourists and locals watching the sunset.
The ocean water temperatures in Thailand are always war year round which makes for … (7 comments)

myanmar burma: Videos By Vegas Bob and Robert Swetz's Travels - 05/23/15 04:53 AM
              Mammoth Mountain at Mammoth Lakes in California 2012
Robert Swetz has been taking photographs since he was 16 years old and continues to this day taking photographs from around the world.
Around 10 years ago Robert starting getting into shooting videos from around the world.
In 2008 some friends and associates at the Activerain network gave Robert Swetz the nickname "Vegas Bob" and since then Robert has carried the Vegas Bob name within his blogging and networking.

           Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska 2014
And when Robert Swetz started taking videos from around the world he formed … (9 comments)

myanmar burma: Feeling Blessed with the Life I have - 05/10/15 02:37 AM

I have always felt blessed being born with all my body parts, my health, the loving people around me, a roof over my head, food to eat and so much more.
There are so many people and children in this world that take life for granted, complaining about all the things they don't have and want.
I have traveled to many countries in South East Asia, Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.
I have seen hundreds of thousands of poor children living in shacks with no doors, windows, etc, and so many without homes or food.
Lets please try to accept the things we have, our … (18 comments)

myanmar burma: Happy New Year "Water Festival" in Myanmar Burma ;o) - 04/11/15 10:50 AM
Water Festival Celebration April 11th 2015 Myanmar Burma by Robert Swetz    Water Festival Celebration April 11th 2015 Myanmar Burma by Robert Swetz   Water Festival in Myanmar falls on the 2nd week of April every year. Water Festival a New Year Celebration that last approx 5 days. All the cities and towns close all their businesses for 5 days and the whole country of Myanmar is full of music on stages, water sports and so much more.   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has had the opportunity to celebrate Water Festival in Myanmar 2 different years. Vegas Bob rode in the back of … (6 comments)

myanmar burma: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Planning a Vacation to Myanmar Burma Bagan 2015 - 02/07/15 01:23 AM
    Mandalay Myanmar 2010   Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Planning a Vacation to Myanmar Burma Bagan 2015   It's been almost 5 years since my last visit to Myanmar. I have been to Myanmar 4 different times, Rangoon, Mandalay, Bagan and other cities.       Bagan Myanmar 2008   When ever I look through my thousands of photograph & videos I really think about Myanmar and traveling there again in the near future. I am hoping of traveling to Myanmar towards the end of 2015.       Rangoon Myanmar 2010   The country of Myanmar which use to be called … (9 comments)

myanmar burma: Vegas Bob Expresses to be "Thankful" you are in America and stop complaining - 12/27/14 04:06 AM

Vegas Bob Expresses to be "Thankful" you are in America and stop complaining   After spending several days with family & friends around the Christmas holiday, Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob was very disappointed ;o(   Robert watched children as they opened presents, 50% of the presents the children were opening up were thrown aside because they didn't like the present.   And then when going out to eat, Robert noticed all the food being wasted by children and some adults. So Robert would do his best to help children and others eat their left over food, explaining to the children … (16 comments)

myanmar burma: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz YouTube Accounts Swetz777 & VideosByVegasBob - 11/22/14 04:59 AM

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz YouTube Accounts Swetz777 & VideosByVegasBob     Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz has been taking videos for 4-5 years now. Vegas Bob has approx. (840) videos at 2 - YouTube account that he has taken from all over the world.   Here are Vegas Bob's 2 YouTube accounts:   ROBERT SWETZ - YouTube Cached Similar   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz takes videos of places around the World when he travels, and also helps promote a variety of Businesses from Music, Artists, Actors,...
Robert Swetz - YouTube Cached Similar   Apr 2, 2014 - Queens Ridge Summerlin by … (5 comments)

myanmar burma: Traveling with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz to Myanmar Burma - 11/14/14 04:29 AM

Traveling with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz to Myanmar Burma     For any of you that have never been to Myanmar or South East Asia, Robert Vegas Bob Swetz can help you travel. Robert Swetz has been to Myanmar that is also called Burma 4 different times in his life.         Here are several of the thousands of photographs Robert Swetz has taken while he traveled to Myanmar. And for readers and viewers that would like to view more photos of Myanmar because they don't have the time to money to travel there, please join one of … (5 comments)

myanmar burma: Famous Burmese singer "Rzrani" captured by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz in Las Vegas Nevada 8-23-2011 - 08/24/11 04:00 PM
Videos by Vegas Bob  -  9:32 PM  -  Public Robert Vegas Bob Swetz captures Famous Burmese singer Rzarni in Las Vegas Nevada singing one of his songs LIVE with (The Lazy Club) from Myanmar/ Burma ... Myanmar Videos: Rzarni Tu Tu Connie Las Vegas Nevada Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 8-23-2011 – Vegas Bob meets very Famous Burmese singer (R Zarni) in Las ... ...9 hours ago...     -  Comment  -  Share … (6 comments)

myanmar burma: Do you believe in "Spirits?" Look and decide for yourself ... - 07/23/11 07:15 PM

 This photograph above was taken of a temple placed on a huge rock on a beach in Myanmar South East Asia. There are around 5-6 main lights hanging around this temple piece, where the other lights came from I have no idea, where the color blue came from I have no idea because the lights were clear.
 Every once and a while VB runs into very strange photographs like this with orbs, prisms and very strange entities showing up on the photos. This photo above is just one of around 15 others I captured of this temple at night.

myanmar burma: Here is your chance to visit Beautiful Exotic places you have never seen (Please Bookmark) - 07/23/11 05:35 AM
 Well Vegas Bob has found a way for all of your that love to travel and view different Beautiful Exotic places around the World.
 VB started several years ago posting photographs of places he has traveling for everyone to view. Well VB has a mini video camcorder he brought with him to Myanmar/ Burma and Thailand. There are over 600 short videos of very Beautiful Beaches, people and so much more.
 Most of these videos have never been posted for others to view, well now is your chance to view them!
 VB started posting videos several days ago and of these … (10 comments)

myanmar burma: These Burmese cousins will be reunited soon ... ;o) - 07/10/11 04:18 PM

 This photo above was taken in Myanmar/ Burma 2 years ago. Our daughter Sherry on the right joined us in May of 2010 and one of her cousins above will be joining us in America soon. Sherry's cousin above on the left is a twin, her twin sister is metal retarded from birth, she lost oxygen at birth which created brain damage.
 Here is another one of Sherry's cousins that will also be joining us soon, and I posted some photos and a little story about her before this post. All of these girls are very precious to out … (11 comments)

myanmar burma: Why am I so adorable and "Where's my Daddy?" - 07/10/11 06:10 AM

 These photographs was taken last year on our visit to Myanmar/ Burma of my brother-in-laws youngest daughter he has not seen in three years.
 My brother-in-law Thar Thar came to America three years ago leaving behind his wife & three daughters. Thar Thar's family should be coming to America within the next 6 months and it will be very exciting for this little one to see her father again.
 As you can see in the photo below this little girl was either scared of my beard or just knew I wasn't her father ... ;o)
 For more … (14 comments)

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