training: My best 5 ways to beat the recession blues Sylvia Perreault - 05/20/09 03:57 PM
A motivational video for Real Estate Agent and Broker! Enjoy! And please comments! PS: Hope you will understand my little French accent! … (3 comments)

training: Some more tip's for a successful showing - 05/09/09 01:52 AM
Paul S. Henderson, Realtor ask me to post here these extras tip that I share with him on is very good post How Structured are your showings?
So here my improved 4 favorite's showing guidelines!
 When I was visiting properties listing with pre-qualified buyers, I developed a method of simple rules and helpfully hint so they know How to have a nice experiment with me and to help me in the process.
Having a secret code with your client!  Often as we tour many home in one outing, I told my client that right away if they don't like something or the … (8 comments)

training: SKILLS - 05/05/09 02:39 AM
I sincerely believe that, as in any service driven business, our skills are based on a combination of knowledge, know-how and experience. I believe that the first two are learned and as such, one must refresh and build upon that knowledge base each year.
If you wish you to distinguish yourself by being professional and competent, you must continuously update your knowledge base and skill set and when necessary, take courses that will aid you in this essential endeavor. In doing this, you will be up to date with the laws and rules that govern your field of expertise and you … (3 comments)

training: Do you have what it takes to be a real estate agent? - 05/04/09 04:06 AM
After years of experience I have noticed that the passion needed to succeed in this wonderful field must inherently exist within oneself.  By passion I mean the desire to render a service, to sell oneself and to be regarded as an expert in real estate, and most importantly to love people and their properties!
Even after many years in this field, with every transaction I am so proud to be selected to accompany my customers through this important step in fulfilling a dream in their lifetime. Without having this essential pride, as time goes by we will likely become disillusioned and … (5 comments)

training: How you can beat the recession! - 05/02/09 01:56 AM
First, don't make it a personal recession! Make a little more personal effort, you know you can!
Convince yourself that there is no recession in your profession! Recession creates, as in any change, opportunities for the real estate agent who can see how to benefit.
You have a job! So, contrary to some of your less fortunate clients, you still have opportunities to make transactions. Help them and yourself!
What  do you do when buyers stop buying? You have to double your effort to sell. Do you have the expertise and training to do so? No? Then get help!!
Stop talking … (7 comments)

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