election 2008: One possible problem for Obama Campaign - 11/04/08 12:58 AM
Will Obama campaign be audited by Feds? From the Foundry:According to federal election law, any presidential campaign that participates in public financing is automatically audited after an election. When Barack Obama broke his promise to the American people, by forgoing the public financing system, his campaign became the first since public financing became law to have a chance of not being audited. Federal election law does still allow the FEC to audit a presidential campaign that does not participate public financing, but at least four of the six FEC Commissioners must first vote to pursue an investigation ‘for cause.‘ There is … (6 comments)

election 2008: A powerful endorsement of John McCain - 10/30/08 02:12 PM
From the Ornery American and science fiction writer Orson Scott Card the powerful words of his most recent article: What Really Matters as we Vote. The highlights, since now that I know who's writing these I find it unimaginable to copy the whole thing:
The air is now so full of floating feathers that it's hard to see the furniture, and the media isn't helping, as they blow the fluff around. But he goes on to say there are solid issues important enough to ponder.
Without ensuring safety for America and its allies, nothing else a president does matters at … (7 comments)

election 2008: John McCain "Comeback Surge" - 10/26/08 01:19 AM
From Zogby:UTICA, New York – Republican John McCain continues to gain on Democrat Barack Obama, reducing Obama’s lead to 5.3 points with just over a week to go before Election Day, the latest Reuters/C–SPAN/Zogby national daily tracking poll shows.The race now stands at 49.4% to 44.1% in favor of Obama. Obama led McCain by 9.5 points in yesterday’s report.“There is no question that this race continues to tighten and that McCain is finding his message again,” said Pollster John Zogby. “It is after all about the economy and that is how McCain tightened it up the last time. I have said … (7 comments)

election 2008: Obama isn't paying his female staffers equal pay - 10/21/08 11:17 AM
Senator Obama underpaying female staff Obama hypocritical on pay for women The two charts will say it all (from Carpe Diem)Senator Obama pays his own female staff quite a bit less than his male staff. No spin, just the facts.Oh, by the way, and I'll let you go to the original post, John McCain pays almost the same to his staff ... actually just a little bit more to his female staffers.Thanks to Doctor Perry for this very visual example of Senator Obama's hypocrisy

election 2008: Voters - Use your heads, you're being tricked - 10/15/08 12:46 AM
Disgusted with vapid voting trends Are voters so easily manipulated? Are the voters of the United States of America going to allow themselves to be manipulated by netroots trolls, Obama-mania, the major media and "prevailing opinion?"First the facts:
The race for President is actually too close to call Millions of new registrations have been submitted to vote, but they are untested voters who may or may not even show up at the polls. When polling registered voters Obama tends to lead by a larger amount than when polling "likely" voters. No one won the debates, I can't even say the debates … (17 comments)

election 2008: Are you engaging on Facebook - great debates - 10/04/08 01:48 AM
Engage on facebook for great conversations  
If you aren't even a member of facebook, this post may seem foreign.  So join today so you can get in on the conversations.  OK, now to those of you who've joined, there are some great conversations going on online that you're missing.  I'm going to challenge you to spend the couple minutes a day it takes to engage conservative thinkers.  Here's an example from some of my AR contacts, having a debate about the relative merits of the bailout bill, the one supposedly written to help our industry.
Mike Mueller uploaded … (6 comments)

election 2008: Indiana Congressional Delegation Votes "No" on bailout - 10/03/08 01:21 PM
Indiana Congressional Votes on Bailout  
House Bailout Vote Part II - Hoosier Congressmen Vote 5-4 Against From Hoosier Access: The President and Congressional Democrats finally got what they wanted in handing out a $700 billion dollar bailout (including some pork) after today's House vote guaranteed its passage.
So how did Indiana's congressmen vote this time?  Interestingly enough, only Andre Carson changed his tune on the bailout bill.
Voting Yes
Carson (D) Donnelly (D) Ellsworth (D) Souder (R)
Voting No
Burton (R) Buyer (R) Pence (R) Hill (D) Visclosky (D)
Read Entire Article on Hoosier Access: Hoosier Congressmen Vote 5-4 … (3 comments)

election 2008: Who won the Presidential Debate? - 09/27/08 02:22 AM
Total Votes: 360,785

election 2008: Elected Democrats Shunning Obama - 06/15/08 03:56 AM
Elected Democrats shunning Obama An elected Democrat, delegate to the convention no less, has endorsed John McCain!
I'm scrambling to keep up with breaking events on other fronts today, so thought I'd shoot this link up so some of you in the group can get all the details.
As the actual positions of this man become more public, he's losing his moderate support.  This is the perfect storm needed to get American hero John McCain elected to the Presidency.
Cross Posted at Hoosiers for Mccain

election 2008: John McCain Links Roundup May 30, 2008 - 05/29/08 11:40 PM
Obama Sought Endorsement of Marxist Third Party in 1996
from eyeon08.com by Warner Todd Huston
We're only just scratching the surface of Obama's Chicago connections. People will be shocked to hear the things you need to do to run for office in a big city. -Patrick
Here is some interesting as well as character confirming info about one of Barack Obama's former runs for office. Apparently, Obama actively sought and received the stamp of approval of a Marxist third party that operated briefly in Chicago between 1992 and 1998. The group was called the "New Party" and was started in 1992 … (10 comments)

election 2008: Places to find great John Mccain team posts - 05/25/08 12:07 AM
First, to the members of our Real Estate Professionals for John McCain group, sorry I've been absent the last couple weeks.  We are engaged in a pretty tight political fight for the Attorney General slot in Indiana, taking a bunch of my time recently.
A couple quick places to add to your fishing for great McCain posts and information:
Twitter has been much talked about here on Active Rain, and I love it too.  There is a John McCain2008 twitter profile, mostly links to posts, but quite often ones that haven't gained a ton of interest yet.  Go ahead and follow.  … (0 comments)

election 2008: John McCain Today April 17 - 04/16/08 11:11 PM
Join Real Estate Professionals for John McCain
Also for you twitterers follow @JohnMcCain2008 for links all day
Video of John McCain speaking to VFWSuspend the Gas Tax - McCain for Families - My own Hoosiers for McCain siteBrand new McCain platform for grassroots efforts - in Alpha right now - McCain NowMcCain's View from the High Road - on John McCain 2008 social network on ningVisit Moms for McCain - now in 33 States!!From Blogs for McCain Victory:  What is objectionable and frankly offensive is Sen. Obama's belief that small-town Americans simply "cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like … (8 comments)

election 2008: Veterans for McCain - 04/13/08 01:10 AM
Quick post on the way out the door to church:
 Hat Tip New Jersey for McCain: for identifying Veterans For McCain. The site is operated by Col O.P. Ditch, Retired USAF. He also has a growing Veterans For McCain FaceBook Group.
It's amazing the number of great McCain sites and social networks popping up, and in each one there is a different group of people who are excited about John McCain as our next President.

election 2008: Response Letter by Pennsylvania Resident to Obama - 04/12/08 07:23 AM
Dear Mr. Obama:
I listened very carefully this morning to your response to all the flack you have been receiving regarding 'bitter small town Pennsylvanians.'  Nice try.  But man, you're wearing me out!  How encouraging for Pennsylvania residents that you expanded your remarks to all small towns across America.  I must say, however, that the nation's small towns will not receive your remarks any less provocative. 
You mentioned that the remark could have been made more eloquently the first time.  But your second attempt didn't cut the mustard at eloquence either.  What we seem to have here is a strong misinterpretation on your part … (11 comments)

election 2008: John McCain Social Network on Ning - 04/07/08 02:47 PM
I know we just got 16 people moved over to join this group Real Estate Professionals for John McCain
And now, I'm suggesting yet another social network for Mccain Supporters.  But, many of my fellow heavy duty political bloggers for McCain have joined just today at John McCain on Ning.  Join us, pick up links every day to great posts and pull them back here to our real estate group.
Real Estate Professionals for John McCain

election 2008: John McCain Posts April 4 - 04/04/08 07:30 AM
Some posts that I thought some of you would find interesting - Please join the John Mccain Group
By Joe Heller from the Green Bay Post-Gazette, posted on Daryl Cagle's Caroonist Index
Responsibility and Republican Economics Part II
from Blogs For John McCain's Victory by KMorrison
"I noted in Republicans Economics 101 that the McCain campaign needs to do a better job at explaining why Republican economics work.   Personal responsibility is the key element that needs to be addressed.  There has been much talk about how the candidates would fix the mortgage crisis, and for the Democrats this consists of bailouts.  However, actions have … (19 comments)

election 2008: John McCain Update April 2 - 04/02/08 03:51 PM
First off it's important that you join us over at our Supporters of John McCain Group right here on AR.
Headlines and interesting reads:
As part of his "Service to America" tour, Sen. McCain addressed the United States Naval Academy earlier today.  Here is a transcript of his remarks.John McCain Ad: Ready  Latest Video!  from YouTube :: Videos by johnmccaindotcom If you haven't already you need to check out John McCain's Service to America Tour.
Also make sure and answer the quiz correctly and you could get a free bumper sticker.
McCain Compiling VP List
from Blogs For John McCain's Victory by NJ McCain On the day … (9 comments)

election 2008: March 31 John McCain for President - 03/31/08 03:46 PM
Well first off we formed a group for those of us that support John McCain for President on Active Rain.   Please join the supporters and the debates.
Real Estate Professionals for John McCain
Now some great stories from the blogosphere:
McCain's Newest Web Ad
from McCainVictory08 by Brad Marston
"Biography as Character Witness" From http://www.johnmccain.com/ "Service" From http://www.johnmccain.com/
Character Forged By Family
from McCain Blogs by Beth C.
Follow JOHN McCAIN's "Service To America Tour"!
McCain Visits Airfield - By SHELIA BYRD

election 2008: Active Rain Group for John McCain supporters - 03/31/08 01:55 PM
Has Dalton lost his mind?  An Active Rain group for John McCain supporters?
Yes and I'd like to ask you to join and participate and debate:
Real Estate Professionals for John McCain
Now, I haven't been featured in a long long time, so if you are the feature decision maker tonite, let me grab one freebie so we can get a bunch of people signed up for this group.  I think we'll have a bunch to talk about for the rest of the year.

election 2008: 100 Great Places to find John McCain online - 03/30/08 12:45 AM
Last week I posted John McCain on the mortgage market and was greeted with some fun emails and comments that led me to this list post.   Update:  New Group right here on Active Rain Real Estate Professionals for John McCain
There are great bloggers, over 100 actually, in the country today who are writing every single day about John McCain as their chosen candidate for President.  Here is my list of sites, if you know of others feel free to list in the comments section:
Top 100 Places to find John McCain Supporters and Bloggers Online
Digg This Post
John McCain for President - Official … (9 comments)

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