When you are 8 years you are the "coolest" kid based on how much candy you rake in on Halloween night!  I am going to let you in on a little Incline Village Secret...Shhhh...don't tell anyone....MILLCREEK.  What's that mean?  Millcreek is a neighborhood here in Incline Village long known as the ...
I had a client ask me today what the tax rate was for Washoe County Nevada - specifically Incline Village.  When folks ask simple questions I like to be able to give simple answers  - as figuring out our property tax rate here in Incline Village is a two step process I told them I would send them...
I am giddy with anticipation - tomorrow at 9:00am I will stride into the Incline Village Recreation Center and join my fellow community members as we punish our bodies in anticipation of the upcoming ski season.  Tomorrow starts the now famous Winter Conditioning Class.  I know I will wake up Tue...
Looking to find that real down home pumpkin patch close to look no further than the Corley Ranchin Gardnerville Nevada.  Start yourday in the Corn Maze- answer some basic questions about Nevada and manage to find your way back out and you are rewarded with a prize - no cheating leave the iphone a...
  I had an interesting experience this weekend.  I was driving a same sex couple around to look at high end homes this weekend.  We got to the first house and it was a possibility, we entered the bedroom where there was this beautiful built in bookshelf - so of course we wandered over and perused...
Greeting s from REBarCamp 2008.  I met Mike(I like to think of him as my camp counselor) today at our beginning blogging session that he moderated. Silly me I verbalized that my goal for this conference was to post at least one blog while I was here - sillier Mike said "just make sure you mention...
Every time I hear this comment I wonder if the person (usually a real estate agent) thought I was just stupid or thought the comment would be motivating.  I have been a professional sales person for a little over 20 years now and if there is one thing I have learned it is that the ONLY way to be ...

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