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June has brought Tucson some erratic weather - from high heat - to monsoons and flooding rains - to hail. This all in a week!  One thing I can always count on though - is being able to be outside early in the morning - whether it is to exercise, go to the grocery store - do yard work - the best t...
It is that time of year again - celebrating America's Independence.  A Mountain —  just about the best place in Tucson - which means - it's crowded so plan ahead! Fireworks start at 9:15 p.m. - pre firework events tarts at 7pm at 7 p.m at the Tucson Community Center. Marana Star Spangled Celebrat...
It happens once a year - in order to register your car - you have to pass the mandatory vehicle emissions inspections before you can! For the most part, most cars will pass - there are some vehicles exempt from emissions tests, for example, I have a 1965 Ford Truck, it is exempt from the annual t...
Here it is - 4am in Tucson - and it only cooled down to 81 degrees (the clock in my car has the wrong time!) - that said, all most Tucson folks can think of is cool drinks, ice cream - and water - getting in a big pool of it kind of water - because by 9am it will be 100 degrees!Here are the top 5...
Tucson doesn't have a lot of high paying jobs - according to a study released by Cronkite News - especially for individuals between the ages of 25 to 44 years old.    I have been watching the trend for higher end, luxury apartments being built - especially in downtown Tucson - but as a property m...
Temps are up - yesterday in Tucson - 109. Ways to stay cool are on the minds of everyone! My top way of cooling off, besides jumping in the pool, is ice cream! So after a quick jump in the pool -  here are my top 5 places in Tucson to enjoy a frosty milkshake or ice cream:Frost.  On Tanque Verde ...
Whew.  Let's just get the visual for the weather this week in Tucson: (Photo from TV4 Tucson.)Yikes.  Let's take it easy out there - and here are some funny things that only people in Arizona understand about the heat: It is why we wear coats when it's 70 degrees outside. No one questions why the...
It happens.  In the heat of the moment - you fall in love with a home - have to have it - and shout "let's write the offer"!   The offer is accepted and you shout for joy!A few days later - it's hit you - the price, the location, moving, stress, anxiety ... cold feet - you want out.Cold feet, als...
Recently, Tucson has made a lot of news for many reasons - it's in the Top 10 of Forbes list as a place to retire, we are defiantely a Top 10 of places to cycle, and of course, we have a lot of days of sunshine and great weather (not counting the summer!) to be outside and do things.But even in t...
Half.  That's the summary in a one word - barely half of the rentals on market were rented last month in Tucson according to the Tucson Association of Realtors information on rental market statistics.Central and NW Tucson had the most amount of active rentals - for example, central Tucson has 241...

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