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Diversity is what is going on in Tucson this weekend!  We've got warriors, mariachi's and golfers! Let's start with an event I am doing -- not sure why or how I got talked into it - but it sounded like something different!  The first event of it's kind in Arizona - on Saturday April 20 and Sunday...
I have the funniest phone calls with a friend of mine- she definitely does crazy things and nothing much bothers her.  We were talking this morning about a home inspection I have coming up and she says, "OMG if you need a plumber - my plumber is hot - hire him!"  Scratching my head, I asked, "I k...
For many landlords, there will come a day when the only word left to say to a tenant is "eviction".  As a private landlord, you probably think you have the "right" to do whatever you want to get rid of a tenant.  But the truth is - you don't.  And worse, if it has gotten to a point of eviction - ...
My friend Kristine is an excellent home stager and has written another article filled with great tips for home owners and their agents!  So glad that I could share this information! Morris County Stager: Selling Tips For Sellers and Agents Match your home's inside style with the outside style: I...
This is simply amazing to me - every time I hear these words: "I read your post on ....."  Since I only blog on the Active Rain platform - I know these clients are finding me here! What's been amazing this past week - is even though the the Rain is having issues and those ugly error messages were...
Everyone loves options!  Back in the day,the only way to collect rent was for tenants to write a check and mail it to you.  These days, there are more options available that a property management company can utilize to make rent payment easy not only for the tenant but for the landlord! Here are ...
Every once in a while it seems that as much fun as Facebook is (and often easier) to keep up with friends, see photos, network from time to time, send short messages, etc., I end up feeling a little lonely by the whole experience because that "human contact" aspect is missing! One day, I ran into...
Many do-it-yourself landlords don't do background checks on prospective tenants for many reasons.  The two common reasons I hear are:   it's costs money, and my favorite - "I can tell just by looking at someone if they would be a good renter." I wonder how that crystal ball is working out for tho...
A couple years ago, I was renting my own property.  I charge pet fees.  One potential tenant took issue, stating I could not charge a fee for a service animal.  Ok.  But I still questioned his service animal.   A snake.  A snake that did not have "papers" indicating it was trained to be a service...
This weekend in Tucson there are several things to do - and one special event - National Park Day! Free Week Into National Parks ends over the weekend!  Starting today, Saguaro National Park East will have a presentation called "50 States - 50 Parks" at 7pm.  Rincon Station, tomorrow, will have a...

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