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     Many people are unaware that an empty space can often look and feel smaller than it actually is.  Rather than "opening up" the room, that lack of furnishings leaves the room without distinction, and often, without purpose.  It actually forces the eye to the corners of the room in the brain's...
Now that the "holiday slowdown" is upon us, it is once again time to kick the inspiration into overdrive!  I'm just about to mail out a whole new batch of mailers to REA's, with the incentive of a discounted Consultation through the holidays, and I began thinking of other promotions...   but I'm ...
I posted earlier on what I should do about a tough bathroom with an even tougher urine smell.  Many of you responded with some wonderful advice, and I thought I'd let you know what I did do!  The bathroom started out like this:                                       and ended up like this:     In ...
I was recently at a networking event when a REA/real estate investor asked me what I recommended doing with a garage that had been converted into living space.  That's actually very common here in San Antonio, Texas, where we have neither basements nor attics, and plenty of good weather.  Normall...
I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it's always such a feeling of happy satisfaction when you know the staging you did was the key to moving that difficult property!  I just got a phone call from one of my favorite REAs who told me the property I had staged for her client had just SOLD!  ...
I recently had the rather unpleasant experience of coming back to a home I was staging to find that the painter my client had decided to go with (a friend of his- he thought my painters were too expensive) had disregarded my color instructions and talked my client into using different colors!  Th...
Recently, Tori Lynn Ross posted a blog titled, "Grout Recolorant To The Rescue!" and it got me thinking about some of the things I have done to update.  Get rid of dated wallpaper, of course: Before                               After                     and paint over dark, dated wood with somet...
In this business, it is important to let our work speak for itself.        This............................to this!             But it shouldn't always speak for us.  Especially for newbies, and those still trying to get their work seen.  That's where networking comes in.  Meeting those contacts ...
Thank you all so much for your helpful responses to my previous post.  It went off well,but with some unforeseen snags:  it was storming that morning, so we only had 30 REAs instead of 50, and the large-screened TV on which I was going to give my presentation went to college with the neighbor's k...
The title is a bit cumbersome, but so is the predicament I've found myself in.  I'm preparing to stage an extremely nice, pricey home in a very upscale neighborhood.  It's vacant, so it's like having this wonderful blank canvas.  Unfortunately, not one rental store (we have basically Cort and Aar...

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