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We were extremely surprised when Joanna Krupa went home last week, as she and Derek had done so well in the past few weeks. Tonight the three remaining couples are Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin, and  Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel.  Hopefully Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon O...
TAMPA, Fla. - Nov. 17, 2009 - Real estate agent Ken Brownlee's phone stopped ringing last month once clients figured they would be unable to close before an $8,000 federal tax credit expired.Most of his buyers were first-timers looking for a sweet deal on a short sale or foreclosed home."They all...
When my husband and I were seriously dating we had visited a home where the mother had a regular school room set up in her home, I got very excited. I always wanted to have children and the thought of home schooling them really excited me. My husband agreed. We were married.When our daughter was ...
President Obama signs into law -- Current homeowner tax credit:An existing homeowner who purchases a home may now claim a tax credit of up to $6,500. To qualify, that owner must have owned and used the same residence as a principal residence for any consecutive five-year period in the previous ei...
First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of 2009 has been extended into 2010. Most details for first-time homebuyers mirror the rules currently in existence. The maximum tax credit remains $8,000 ($4,000 for married individuals filing separately), and anyone who has not owned a home within three years is ...
Real estate investors are moving back into the market, according to a recent survey -- 12.1 percent of home buyers today plan to buy a home as an investment property, compared to 5.6 percent in March 2009. The survey found that 15.8 percent of those interested in investment property were men and ...
Your options: Keep paying or try to change your loan's terms.But some people wonder, what if I just stop paying the mortgage? It may be a tempting idea, but it quickly leads to trouble.Here's what could happen if you don't pay the mortgage.Credit bureauIf your payment does not arrive, your lender...
Here is some interesting information - Borrowers prefer short sales because Fannie Mae requires them to wait only two years to own another home or even less than that if they were not delinquent. By contrast, those who lost their homes to foreclosure have to wait five years.Call me about Selling ...
It is a very good idea to have things in order before making an offer. That includes having the financing firmed up and writing a clean offer - for example, asking for new oven racks as part of the deal could make you seem like a demanding buyer who will be annoying to deal with. The bank would m...
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is giving struggling borrowers an opportunity to deed their property over to the lender in exchange for up to $2,000. Under the Cash for Keys program, borrowers with FHA-backed loans who agree to a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure do not have to repay the mortg...

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