tulsa real estate: How to Make the Tulsa Home Buying Process Easier - 02/07/18 02:10 PM
Whether it's your first Tulsa home or your 21st, buying a house can be stressful. Paperwork, deadlines, touring properties. There's a lot of work involved! And that's on top of your already busy life. What if we told you that there was a way to make the Tulsa home buying process easier. It's true. Just follow our helpful tips below.
How to Make the Tulsa Home Buying Process EasierGet Financed Now Now, we're going to assume you already hired a Tulsa REALTOR@. If not, start interviewing agents right away. The right agent definitely makes the Tulsa home buying process easier. Then, talk … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Tulsa Home - 12/21/17 10:13 AM
Becoming a homeowner for the first time is always exciting. Instead of paying someone else's mortgage, you invest in your own future. After the excitement wears down, you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed. Stop. Take a breath. Then, follow these helpful tips for buying your first Tulsa home. They're meant to help ease your stress during the entire process.
Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Tulsa HomeFinances FirstThe very first thing you should do when buying your first (or fifth) Tulsa home is to get your finances in order. Visit AnnualCreditReport.com to order your free credit report from TransUnion, Experian, … (1 comments)

tulsa real estate: Tulsa Pet Adoption Day: Help Clear the Shelters - 08/16/17 11:31 AM
Homelessness affects more than humans.  The pet population sees an alarming amount of abandoned animals every year.  According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats enter US shelters annually.  Of those, 1.5 million will be euthanized.  Let's reduce that number.  Attend Tulsa Pet Adoption Day this Saturday,.  Add a furry friend to your family.
What: Tulsa Pet Adoption Day Clear the Shelters Event
Where: Tulsa Area Animal Shelters
When: Saturday, August 19th, hours vary per shelter
Tulsa Pet Adoption Day - Clear the SheltersNBC Universal, Telemundo and Petco teamed up with local animal shelters to create the nationwide "Clear the Shelters" … (3 comments)

tulsa real estate: Tulsa Storm Shelter Registration - 08/16/17 10:28 AM
An F2 tornado touched down in midtown Tulsa last Sunday, August 6th.  The tornado managed to damage 173 businesses and 25 Tulsa area homes.  One home was completely destroyed while 10 businesses were condemned due to the destruction inflicted upon them.  While some people were injured, no one died from the tornado.  With the news of this latest tornado, it prompted us to remind residents about our city's Tulsa Storm Shelter registration.
Tulsa Storm Shelter RegistrationWhen you live in "tornado alley", you expect that, at some point, you'll find yourself in or near a tornado.  Many Tulsa homes include their own storm … (1 comments)

tulsa real estate: How to Find Your Dream Neighborhood in Tulsa, OK - 02/19/14 06:07 AM

Searching for the best place to call home in Tulsa can be made easier with the right real estate professional. After you’ve been pre-qualified for a loan, you can begin searching the Tulsa area at full speed. The area in which you live will dictate your whole way of life, like walking to a nearby park with your children, knowing the other children your kids will attend school with and being close to restaurants and shopping for convenience. These are all pluses to knowing you will appreciate your new home and neighborhood at a healthy rate.
One way to help … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Add Moving to Tulsa OK to Your New Year Resolutions - 01/01/14 11:59 PM

New Year Resolutions can be more than diet and exercise, you can also add real estate to your list.  Moving to a community in or near Tulsa can be a great move in 2014. The local real estate economy is doing better each month.  Below is a list of communities and a little information about each one to help you make a sound decision when it comes to choosing the right Oklahoma community for your family.
Oklahoma Communities
Tulsa OK Real Estate - The City of Tulsa is located in the County of Tulsa in thenortheastern section of Oklahoma.  … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: All about Midtown Tulsa, OK - 07/16/13 10:30 PM

When we talk about Midtown Tulsa, OK many people don’t realize that we are talking about much more than a community within Tulsa. Midtown Tulsa is a cultural community made up of historical neighborhoods, public parks, lots of retail stores and many restaurants.
You can walk most anywhere in Midtown Tulsa with no problem. It’s actually the best way to get around while enjoying the community itself. There are several public parks for families that include Creek Council Oak Tree, Veterans Park, Creek Stickball Park, and River Parks. They are all historic places that are listed on the National Registry … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Top Home Peak Prices in Major Markets – Including Tulsa, OK - 07/10/13 09:52 AM

The top home peak prices in major markets across the US includes Tulsa, OK. New studies show that the housing recovery has pushed 14 major markets to peak the prices that were reached during the best housing market in America. One of them, we are proud to say is Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Homes.com has recently come out with a new rebound report that shows a price performance summary on property sales across the US using data from several resources. In April, the Local Market Index showed a gain in single-family properties in all of the top 100 real estate markets, which … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: A Look into the Community of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - 02/22/12 04:50 AM
It was not that long ago when you would find land, farms and ranches all over Broken Arrow, but today you’ll find a thriving city that is one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing communities. Money Magazine even named it as one of real estate’s “Best Places to Live” in the United States.’ This beautiful city has been ranked as one of the safest cities in Oklahoma. Now it’s ranked number 16 in our Nation as the safest place to live and raise a family. Broken Arrow, OK is such a wonderful community because of the quality of life you can find here. … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: The Closet – It Can Sell a Home - 02/15/12 07:41 AM
You may think that something as insignificant and unassuming as a closet would make a difference in the selling power in your home, but it has more power than you know. Homes need storage for anything from food, clothing, and cleaning supplies. The closet is one of the most important rooms in the home.
So, to get your closets in selling order, you should tackle cleaning out the clutter to determine what the real use of each particular closet. We all like to hold on to things that no longer have a need, but may be used in the future, so … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Dunkin’ Donuts Coming to Tulsa - 01/11/12 09:05 AM
Recent news says the delicious Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant will be coming to Tulsa, OK very soon. Last week, company officials publicized the popular coffee shop and donut chain would be opening 10 restaurants in Tulsa and surrounding areas.
This is good news for Tulsa as the company doubles their number of locations across the country in years to come. The biggest cities in the expansion plans include Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Now, the company is in the process of finding franchisees in the communities they are expanding to. So far, Oklahoma City and Del City are the only communities in Oklahoma … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: City Hall Coming to Tulsa’s Neighborhoods - 12/28/11 06:10 AM
Tulsa’s City Counselors and Mayor Dewey Bartlett are helping to bring City Hall to Tulsa neighborhoods. In January, city council members and the Mayor will host “City Hall in Your Neighborhood” from January 10, 2012 through May 14, 2012. Events will be held in each of the nine council districts in Tulsa, OK. This will be a great opportunity for residents of Tulsa to get up-close and personal with their City government representatives to help work on problem solving for their neighborhoods.
Each event will also address the many comments from the citizen survey that was given earlier in the year. … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Trapper’s Camp in Tulsa Offering Youth Training - 12/14/11 02:58 PM
There was once a time when you would find a trap-line at every farm house across the nation in rural areas. They were setup for catching raccoon and other small animals that cause big damage to homes and livestock. However, times have changed and you won’t find that a common practice now. But, with the growth of the raccoon population, they are becoming troublesome once again. Therefore, the Oklahoma Furbearers Alliance Trapper’s are going to hold a camp in Tulsa, OK to teach youth how to set up trap-lines themselves.
Fur trapping started in the US many years ago to support … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Course Correct your Too Long House Hunt - 11/23/11 09:51 AM
It’s very typical today for buyers to house-hunt for a year before finally getting what they want.  Multiple offers will have you pulling your hair out trying to work with the lenders these days, too.  Therefore, if you’ve been looking for what seems to be a very long time, there are some strategies that will help course correct your too long house hunt.  How long is too long - If you’ve been working on your credit score and saving like crazy for your dream house for maybe 5 years then looking at properties for three weeks, this may seem to be … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar - 11/02/11 11:56 AM
Every homeowner who places their home on the market wants top dollar for it.  This is true in every housing economy; therefore, we have some tips that will help you sell your home for top dollar.  And, keep-in-mind that despite the current housing market, many homeowners are successfully selling their homes for top dollar.   Price your home aggressively   The most important decision about selling your home is setting the right price for it when you decide to sell.  Pricing too high will price yourself out of the market. Go too low and you leave money on the table.  One powerful technique … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Servicer Ratings for First Half of 2011 by Fannie Mae - 10/19/11 12:14 PM
Fannie Mae recently announced the results of their servicer ratings for the first half of 2011 in the Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards (STAR) Program.  The STAR Program is designed to focus on areas of critical importance to Fannie Mae, this includes customer Service and foreclosure prevention for homeowners by rating servicers on their performance in these areas.  The STAR Program provides clear expectations and specific measurements to ensure help for Fanny Mae servicers.   Fannie Mae wants to help prevent foreclosure, if possible, and they want to help stabilize the housing market.  Through the STAR Program, Fannie Mae can evaluate … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Make Moving Easier - 06/23/11 06:15 AM
You've sold your old Tulsa home and are excited about your transition to the new one.  But here comes the part nobody enjoys...the actual moving.  Somehow, you have to pack up the entire contents of your life in several boxes, secure them so the breakables don't break, put the boxes in the moving van, travel to your new Tulsa property, unload all the boxes, unpack them and put everything away.  And, many times, you're doing this in a matter of a couple of days.  Here are some tips to make moving easier:
Start Packing Early - As soon as you know … (1 comments)

tulsa real estate: Property Values Soar While Others Sink in Tulsa Neighborhoods - 06/02/11 01:58 PM
Many property values soar while other sink in Tulsa neighborhoods.  The Tulsa County Assessor’s Office used their records to determine the average percentage change in value for single family residential subdivisions in Tulsa.  Only single family-sized homes built before 2005 were used in the gathering of information to be analyzed.
The 2010 market in the Tulsa metro area experienced the worst home sales in the past decade throughout the state.  Some neighborhood market values within the city have increased 20-30%, while the analysis indicates other areas have felt the pinch like most of the nation.  Since 2006, the World’s analysis shows … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: National Arts Program Has Chosen a Home in Tulsa - 05/04/11 10:24 AM
Tulsa has been chosen as the fifth city for the “Any Given Child” program.  The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts provides arts education for students up to the 8th grade in their “Any Given Child” program.  Tulsa Public schools, the Kennedy Center and Arts Humanities Council of Tulsa will be collaborating this effort.  Tuesday, it was announced at a news conference that the “Any Given Child” program has similarities to the recently passed “Project Schoolhouse” efficiency initiative.  Therefore, 14 school buildings will be closed to save the school system $5 million a year
Both programs seek to erase the inequalities that … (0 comments)

tulsa real estate: Wow! Pink Ambulances in Tulsa, OK - 04/29/11 07:08 AM
Wow! You will now see pink ambulances rushing to emergencies around Tulsa, OK.  The EMSA has joined Tulsa’s emergency responder ranks to help raise cancer awareness efforts.  They have unveiled their very own pink vehicle to help the police departments pink cruiser and the fire department’s pink truck.
Turn Tulsa Pink and the EMSA have partnered with Meeks Lithography to install and manufacture the pink wrap on the trucks and other marketing vehicles that you’ll see around Tulsa.  We are now the first city in the nation and the international Care Enough to Wear Pink movement to have all three emergency … (1 comments)

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