de: Good Deal? ... That is what buyers want... highlighter was a good deal! - 04/25/10 03:46 PM
I went to Wal-mart the other day and found a steal on highlighters... $3.49 for 12 Sharpie Accent Highlighters... normally $6.97 and it was the only set what does this have to do with real estate... well It was a GOOD DEAL and I actually told a couple people about it and I got to thinking... that is what we do for buyers everyday... we help them find the "GOOD DEAL" out there and then they brag to all their friends!
I work in my buyers best interest and help them find that "Good Deal" in real estate!
So cheers … (0 comments)

de: Open House Went Great Today! - 04/25/10 03:23 PM
I was happy to see everyone who came to my open house today!  My poor fingers were a bit sore after filling and tying up 30 helium balloons but other than that it was a real blast!
Quails Landing has some great potential growth in the area and with the prices down to $299K range , I believe this will be picking up soon!
I don't expect those homes to last long at those prices! 
If anyone wants more information on Quails Landing here in Magnolia, Delaware ... please call me!  You will not be disappointed!
Thanks Again to everyone who … (1 comments)

de: Magnolia Delaware Double Open Houses Today From 1-4 PM - 04/25/10 01:13 AM
Double Open Houses Today From 1-4 PM
5 Days Left for Tax Credit!
The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Ends April 30th!
Existing Homeowners Can Get A $6,500 Tax Credit!
First-Time Buyers Can Get A $8,000 Tax Credit!
Only Military Have Extended Benefits ! Please Come Join Me Today From 1-4 PM
2 Homes On the same street right next to each other!

Come Out To See Me At Quail Landing In Magnolia!

de: OPEN HOUSE TODAY IN Dover Delaware Bicentennial Village - 04/18/10 01:55 AM
LAST CHANCE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TAX CREDITS! See me and your tax accountant! $8,000 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit and $6,500 Existing Homeowner Tax Credit Available! Come Out To See Me, REALTOR ® Tom Davis Today , Sunday April 18th from 1-4 PM right in Bicentennial Village! Also feel free to tune in to "Talking House" by stopping by the property and tuning in to the AM Radio frequency 1670 AM for more information about the Open House and the property. If you take RT. 8 , we are right behind the Super Fresh so Tune In If You Get … (0 comments)

de: Why buyers actually prefer agents - 03/14/10 04:50 PM
Why buyers actually prefer agents
Most buyers feel uncomfortable dealing directly with the seller of the home because of the different confrontations involved, not to mention the buyer feeling anxiety from the seller hovering over them while they shop for a home.  Another reason why buyers prefer real estate agents vs.  Dealing directly with the seller is because they're afraid that they will offend you...  They might not like the way a certain thing looks in your house but will not tell you because they don't want to offend you.  Buyers don't mind telling their real estate agent things that … (11 comments)

de: Number one reason why for sale by owners don't sell - 03/14/10 04:49 PM
What is the number one reason why for sale by owners don't sell?  Yes it is a good lesson near to go to the corner of the room and repeat yourself....  Price, price, price, and yes say it again to yourself...  Price!  If you want to sell, vertically in today's market you have to have a realistic price.
So let's explore why most for sale by owners set their price too high to track perspective buyers.  The reason often is because the seller is focusing on the wrong goal.  The number one goal should be to sell your property.  What … (6 comments)

de: Your best return on investment is paint - 03/14/10 04:44 PM
Your best return on investment is paint!
Paint paint and paint!  I tour so many homes on the market and notice so many Sellers make this mistake, they do not paint their home!  Paint neutral colors like white would be my recommendation.  You could try to talk a dog off a meat wagon, but until it's painted, the buyers simply won't be as motivated and excited about your home.
Sometimes, I feel like I could be a painter, and offer my services to all the Sellers out there but that's not my job.  I really wish I was a professional … (5 comments)

de: Do not hide defects in your property or it could come back at you - 03/14/10 04:41 PM
Do not hide defects in your property or it could come back at you.
When you meet with your real estate agent at the time you list your home for sale, it is extremely important to be very truthful and honest with your agent.  The home inspection that will be done on your home is an important step of the home buying process.  I always recommend to Sellers to get a home inspection done before listing their home for sale, this way, you may discover everything that is wrong with your home in advance, so you may fix it before … (2 comments)

de: Hot water heater and homes in Delaware - 02/21/10 10:01 AM
I recently read an important post about the hot water heater.  It should have an 18 inch platform to avoid fire hazards.  Every home needs one of these and you want to be sure that yours is large enough to supply your needs.  The system should be able to handle running let's say your dishwasher and take a shower at the same time. 
Oil-fired and gas-fired water heaters are quite efficient and will reheat more quickly.  An electric water heater takes longer to reheat so that is why you usually find them with a 60 gallon tank. 
If you … (5 comments)

de: Repairs a home needs in Delaware - 02/21/10 09:59 AM
The Repairs a home needs can often throw a buyer though a loop so that's why I always address the repair thing right up front before we begin any tour. 
It should be expected that all homes have something wrong.  Really , none of them are perfect and even the brand new homes have been known to have inspection problems.
Don't worry too much as I will ensure you get a home inspection that will tell us exactly what issues the home has. 
If the home has any structural issues the seller will be required to fix those … (0 comments)

de: Roof Problems on the home you buy here in Delaware - 02/21/10 09:57 AM
Roof problems are a common thing when buying a home.  It is one thing I study for my buyers as they tour the home.  I want to address any problems I notice.  It can me among one of the most disturbing things you will encounter when you search for a house to buy.  Roofs can be a little more than pocket change, they can add up as a big expense.  It is important to know that the rood repair is not necessarily a deal breaker as some sellers are willing to negotiate.
In a matter like this it is important … (0 comments)

de: Growing Vegetables on your Delaware property - 02/21/10 09:55 AM
Growing Vegetables on your property can be a great way to save money. With the Spring and Summer Approaching us soon this is something to think about when you purchase a home.  I know many folks like to have their own personal gardens.
Take a look at the quality of the soil and see if it is rocky, sandy, or does it seem to be just and fertile?  Also take note at the sunlight direction. 
If you have kids, is the yard large enough for you and a garden? 
Speak to your REALTOR ® if you have … (0 comments)

de: Realtor®, Dover offers advice for Dover - 02/06/10 08:06 AM
Realtor®, Dover at Harrington ERA Realty.  Tom Davis is a Realtor® in Dover and today's weather in Dover is a real blizzard.  I just measured the snow outside and we are at 23 inches and still have 5 more hours to go until 10pm tonight!  I care about your safety. 
Please read some tips about cold blizzard snow safety.
I recently posted 3 posts that cover the topics I think you should look at this weekend. 
Trench Foot:
You may also wish to read my post about cold weather conditions: 
Also information on … (0 comments)

de: Delaware Blizzard Warning & Hazardous Weather Outlook - 02/05/10 11:01 AM

Well That Open House this weekend has been cancelled due to 29 Inches Of Snow Possible Here In Delaware!  Whew What a Blizzard Warning this will be!        THAT'S RIGHT !   29 INCHES POSSIBLE.... State Of Emergency Will Be Declared At 8 PM . . . All Vehicles are to be OFF THE ROAD so the crews can do their job!
Tonight: Snow and widespread blowing snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 28. Windy, with a east wind 13 to 16 mph increasing to between 25 and 28 mph. Winds could gust as high as 40 … (4 comments)

de: Sold Homes In Delaware at Harrington ERA Realty - 01/30/10 01:13 PM
 10 Delaware Homes Just Sold!  Yours Could Be Next at Harrington ERA Realty!  REALTOR Tom Davis is here to help you!  Take A Look At The Homes That Just Sold!
 12 Cannon Mill Dr. Dover, Delaware. Sold For $225,000.00
 26 Briar Ln. Dover, Delaware. Sold For $113,000.00
 52 Cool Breeze Dr. Clayton, Delaware. Sold For $284,000.00
 125 W. Mispillion St. Harrington, Delaware. Sold For $133,000.00
 177 Dorian St. Dover, Delaware. Sold For $230,000.00
 201 E. Sewell St. Felton, Delaware. Sold For $149,000.00
 426 Whitetail Run. Clayton, Delaware. Sold For $192,350.00
 Lot 45 Winesap Ln. Dover, Delaware Sold For … (0 comments)

de: Open House In Delaware so Come On Out At Todays Open House as I welcome All First Time Home Buyers In Delaware and Sellers are welcome too - 01/24/10 01:57 AM
Open House Time!  This Open House Is From 1-4PM at 244 Kesselring Ave. Dover, DE 19901.  Please come out to see me!  We will have food and drinks!  A Lender On Hand To Help You Answer Financing Questions and A Great Chance To Tour A Great Home! 
If your In The Market To Buy Or Sell Here in Delaware, You need to meet me today!  1-4 PM in the Mayfair Subdivision here in Dover, DE.  Their will be helpful directional signs to point you in the right place!
Also You Can Tune Into Dovers 1640 AM as I will have a … (0 comments)

de: Listing Presentation Tour - 01/16/10 02:06 AM
One of the first things you will find is some agents tour your home before the presentation and some tour the home after the presentation.  Their really is no set of rules for this but it is going to happen so be ready to talk about your home with the REALTOR ® that you invited over to your home.
Once the REALTOR ® is touring the home, he or she will be looking for things that affect the saleability of the home and will be jotting down notes so be prepared to discuss everything with that agent.  Leave out no secrets … (6 comments)

de: I can't believe it but I think OREGANO helped me lose weight and 10 lbs this month. - 01/15/10 03:13 PM
Okay, OREGANO did all that for me?  Yes!  I know real estate agents can use extra energy and I think I found something to help!  I told my Mom and she said you sure you didn't eat something else?  Lol.... I told her that I was up for like 2 days straight full of energy!  Well I am pretty sure that it is OREGANO that I've added to my eating!  It all started when I made pasta one night a couple weeks ago.
I loaded it with more OREGANO than ever...I know this sounds really funny... but I did.... well I … (5 comments)

de: Spotting the Overpriced Turkey - 01/10/10 04:47 PM
Yes I know I caught your attention with that headline!  Yes buying a home is a careful, planned out process.
A Good REALTOR ® will help you spot an Overpriced "Turkey" as they call it... yes an overpriced home.
One way to do this is through reviewing homes that have Sold.  Since a "Sold" home is market value.
I play a game called "Guess What That Home Sold For" as I drive by it.... what they say... Well Lol I honestly let them guess a few times until they start getting the price right!
This is the easiest way a buyer … (2 comments)

de: Dover Realtor Is Now Even More Focused To Helping You Here In Dover - 01/07/10 11:43 AM
Dover Realtor is switching gears into Overdrive.  Tom Davis a Dover, DE Realtor has pledged to make 2010 even better for his customers.  Additional hours at work will be crucial to ensure more gets done in less time.  More than ever a customer needs a service from a licensed professional Realtor like Tom Davis.  Tom Says... "The Contracts are changing, the sellers need more guidance on selling their home" and the buyer "Needs more" to understand the pros and cons of buying different homes.  Just because it is bank owned does not neccessarily mean your always "getting a good deal!"  Buyers … (0 comments)

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