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Hi  Everone!  Yesterday Quotes were from England's late Cosmobiologist Physicist Stephen Hawking.  Today I have chosen quotes from American Scientist/Physicist  Machio Kaku... Author: "Physics of the Future" and "The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the...
Hi  Everyone!  For some years I have followed Stephen Hawking -  considered one of the greatest scientific, theoretical physicists of the 21st century.  He was born in Oxford, England on January 8, 1942 and died last week on March 14, 2018 in Cambridge, UK.  He was 76 years old.  Amazing life as ...
Hi  Everyone!  Continuing on with my thoughts/quotes on Integrity and Character.    Something in our current culture seems quite amiss.        Jane                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Definition of Character:               Moral & Mental q...
Hi Everyone.  Friday and I am thinking much more of the qualities - Integrity and Character.  Wonder why?!!?                                                             Jane                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Definition of Integrity:       ...
Hi Everyone!   Happy Thursday to everyone - hope you are having a wonderful and magical day.                                                     Jane                                                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Remember that sometimes not getting what yo...
Hi  Everyone!   Yesterday I chose quotes from the Greek Philosophers from the Classical and Golden Age of Athens...most from BCE....  Today, let us travel to Rome and surroundings  for some ancient quotes and see if  Roman philosphers' quotes apply to our life as we live.   And it's  Tuesday...ha...
Hi Everyone!  I got to thinking about people who shared their quotes through the years - especially in ancient times.  I am curious if there is similarity to our current quotes of the day and their meaning and noteworthy wisdom.  Today I go back to ancient Greece  (BCE) and in particular,  Greek ...
Hi  Everyone!   How 'bout some LAUGHTER  Quotes for this happy Sunday -Wishing everyone a very wonderful Day!                                     Jane                                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Always laugh when you can.  It is cheap medicine."             ~Lord...
Hi  Everyone!   Having a busy - overload - Saturday and I was looking for quotes to motivate me.  I find quotes are similar to taking a vitamin pill.  Hope you like my choices for the day.  Have a wonderful Saturday!                                                                                 ...
Hi Everyone!  Hey, I had a very busy week and will admit that today is Saturday;  sooooo glad!!   I am hoping to play 'catchup' today and tomorrow.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  It is always so great to know that you are aways just 'out there.'                                                ...

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