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  I thought this was a great synopsis of the 2nd qtr...   Well, this report was released a few weeks ago, I thought I'd post it, it is still pretty interesting.  I've included the ENTIRE 21-page report here, and the 2-page synopsis here.  The report is prepared by George Mason University, and con...
Organic food is no better for you than chemically farmed food...really? Check out the results of a recent British study that somehow concludes that farming practices that rely heavily on pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are somehow just as healthy as organic farms that rely on cent...
Easily one of the best Restaurants in Mechanicsville, VA is Riverbound Cafe at 8005 Creighton Parkway just off Mechanicsville Turnpike in the Kroger Shopping Center. Owned by Michael Cohan, Riverbound Cafe in Mechanicsville, Va is a locally owned cafe that is a refreshing break from the chain res...
If you've watched Planet Green lately and especially Renovation Nation- you cant help but hear about reclaiming products for use in building. Basically its all about re-using existing resources so we're saving the energy, resources, etc that goes into the manufacture of new goods.'s ...
A Day in the Life of a Recycled Plastic Bottle.... Ever since the 80's when officials became increasingly aware of quickly filling landfills, recycling of plastic bottles has become as normal as throwing the trash out. In fact...nearly 80% of all households now have access to curbside or site rec...
According to nearly 75% of Americans are now doing some sort of recycling. That's a pretty amazing number. Thanks to the efforts of environmental groups, local governments and opportunistic entrepreneurs... the recycling movement has gained a solid foothold in American households....
I say YES...shrinkage can be a good thing. I was recently reading this article in Fast Company magazine about Flint, Michigan's plan to bulldoze neighborhoods and shrink the locality's footprint. The city is considering bulldozing several blighted and near-vacant neighborhoods...shrinking the cit...
I was going through some my backlog of RSS feeds this week and came across an interesting article from Chris Palmeri at The Hot Property.  This was the first time I've come across this issue and I'm wondering if anyone else has hear of this issue. It appears that some buyers of REO properties are...
I was sitting around recently drinking a Maverick Merlot from The Organic Wine Works...and I got to thinking...what exactly is an organic wine. I mean seriously...all grapes are from the earth...shouldn't that be reason enough to consider it organic? Certified Organic vs. Certified Org...
"Green" cant go anywhere without hearing the term these days....and with good reason. But is being green or eco-friendly really something that we as investors should really care about? Afterall- green usually means expensive also. But the combination of green and rentals could be a winner f...

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