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Sorry -- been away lately selling......... TRY THIS PR STRATEGY TO POSITION YOURSELF AS AN AUTHORITY Just wanted to tag you guys out there with this little gem. Here is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the real estate game. Getting PR now on the web is as easy as paying for it. T...
To the untrained eye - this looks like the best option to promote your goods. But Craigslist has become a weird cesspool of unsavory characters recently including crimes, murder, scams, and ... most recently prank phone calls. This is not the best place to conduct business lately.... but some goo...
Hey everyone....I know a lot of you were asking for this and I finally loaded it up to one of my web sites. Napoleon Hill wrote the classic, Think and Grow Rich.... and the elusive hard to find -- Laws of Success. This is the book where Hill interviewed the best minds of his generation like Henry...
A couple of associates of mine lost thier businesses recently. The mortgage on both of their buildings went "underwater" and they had to get out of that situation. This is becoming more common these days. Both of these properties were commercial.The thing was they could have gotten out of this si...
Here are some things to look out for in 2011. I hate to say this but the newYellow Pages is the Internet and if you are lost somewhere on page 567 insteadof page 1, you are going to have considerable problems, both financially and professionally.Here are some of the things coming up in our world....
Today I want to address EGO, (YES... I know... Everybodys Got One)....I coached a prominent business owner two years ago, back in the winter months of 2010 and showed him what to do on his website. Our combined intention was to bring in more customers....Sadly, he didn't implement a single strate...
SWISH..... Yes, you can still buy a Swish template out there. I know they are somewhat dated. But these website templates are not a good choice for the website owner. These have the tendency to remain non- visible on the search engines...... Now, this is totally up to you. But for the most part I...
I got off the phone today with a client. They were gung ho on Flash websites. I had to explain that the core content is really not readable by search engine bots. I am not sure how effective I was when I described the situation because their eyes glazed over..... Apparently they had dropped a sma...
WHOO... how often is this done on the web? My colleague just sent me a website for review. It was just loaded with problems. I had to put all of these into a big checklist..... * ASP pages -- these are hard to index, even though they are necessary * MLS plug-in, without optimization of the major ...
ALERT -- AVOID WWW.LIVEVIDEO.COM When you post your videos online keep in mind that they will get picked up by other video web sites. This is the exciting part of "VIRAL MARKETING". This was something that did not exist even a few years ago. Now that itsĀ  a real thing you have no real control of ...

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