As Americans, we have so much for which to be grateful. As I think about the sacrifices made to free our country from England, how many men and women died and suffered, I am so aware of how fortunate I am to live where I can shop, I can drive, I can worship how I may, and I can feel safe. Thank y...
This writing is designed to try to better educate and inform buyers and sellers in our Phoenix, Arizona valley home buying and selling market. Purchasing or selling a home on your own can sometimes turn your world upside down. Listed below are basic tips on educating yourself as a buyer or seller...
Wellllllllll, this will be my second attempt at putting together this blog post. I completely finished it, and went to save it at the bottom, and it went kaputt.... offline...grrrrrr..... Here are some of my favorites of the remaining photos I promised I would share. After yesterday's post about...
I just had to share some photos of the snow in Show Low. My husband and I have a cute little place in the White Mountains - about 2.5 hours from Mesa, Arizona. On Sunday it was over 100 degrees, and Monday and Tuesday over 109. We came up on Sunday and it was warm until Wednesday, and today, it s...
As a buyer, have you ever wandered into a new home community to "look" at their models? Did you happen to notice the sign on the door that read something like this: "If you come into this community without a Realtor, you will not be able to have Realtor representation," "Or if you don't bring yo...
Okay, sorry, but I wanted to share some photos - other than those contained in a post of my area and surrounding areas. I noted awhile back that due to gaming for the points, no more points were given for those photos - duh! - I didn't even know about it, but regardless, I would love to post some...

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