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Much of our time here at Texas Homeland Title is spent in what we like to call "consultation" with our clients on their real estate title issues. While we love the deals that come into the office that open and close without a hitch, the real estate title business, at least ours here at Texas Home...
A common source of confusion in the title business in Texas is the Escrow Fee. Upon presenting the settlement statement, we often hear a buyer ask a question like, “I’m not escrowing, so why am I paying an Escrow Fee?” The buyer has recognized the word “escrow” as it applies to mortgage lending, ...
  It is always nice when a customer thinks enough of you to go out and shout your name from the rooftops.  We are happy that to have real estate agent clients like Mari Montgomery of www.ConroeHuntsvilleHomes.com!  In her blog below, she let her readers know about Texas Homeland Title, and the "T...
At Texas Homeland Title, we have "Customers" -- buyers, sellers, and refinancing homeowners -- and "Clients" - business referral sources like Realtors and loan officers.  Our Customers pay our fees and trust that in return we will do a good job in closing their real estate transaction.  While we ...
When a homeowner refinances a purchase money loan using a home equity loan, and the purchase money loan is going to be paid off in its entirety upon closing the home equity loan, the title company closing the new loan is supposed to see to it that a Release of Lien is filed of record. The Release...
Its Sunday, December 12th.  You were hoping to buy a new home in 2010, but you got too busy and couldn’t make it happen. So you’ll wait until next year. But why wait?  Buying a home doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. In fact at my title company, Texas Homeland Title, we routinely cl...
Realtors are used to taking every contract into their favorite title company, opening title, and, in a few weeks, coming to the closing table and collecting a nice commission check. This is the process, and its a good one. But on occasion, this process is halted, there is no trip to the closing t...
Title insurance is among the least understood portions of the real estate transaction process. And the underwriting process is probably the least understood portion of the title business. What makes it so confusing is that the words “underwriting” and “underwriter” can be used in so many differen...
Friday at InHouse Title Company we had the buyers of a condo in Houston come in to sign docs. They brought their money, which we depositited in our escrow account. We also received the loan funds by wire transfer into escrow. Title had only been opened approximately two weeks prior, so it was a b...

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