Hey Folks! Looking at expenses and use I was going over telephone bills the other day. Now I'm old enough to appriciate a toll-free number. Hours and hours of countless hours spent on the telephone didn't seem as bad when someone else was picking up the dime (yes, remember when payphones wer...
    Hey Folks! Well it is super Sunday. The last day (unless you count the Pro Bowl) of the season. So before you sit back and watch the largest view event in the world it is time for one more survey: Have a Great Day!Tony Grego, Regional Sales Director with AmerisaveThe Place with Great Rates!
      Hey Folks! Well it has been said that people will bet on just about anything. Now with Sunday's big game of course you have the point spread and the over under but get a load of these other odds: How long will it take Jennifer Hudson to sing the National Anthem - Over/under 1:54 How many t...
    Hey Folks! While catching up on some emails I have the TV on in the background. Not paying much attention buy one thing leads to another and all of a sudden Saturday Night Live is playing. This is a show I grew up with. Some good seasons and some not so good. Tonight Steve Martin is the gues...
    Hey Folks! As we end the first month of 2009 I am looking back on all of the things I have set out and happy with most. Now I am down to Twitter. While I have had the account for a while I have done nothing with it. After a month of me following them (almost 1,000) and them following me (abo...
    Hey Folks! If you were like me earlier today you might have thought you broke the Internet. I figured I posted one to many videos but what happened is that Google placed the Internet on a blacklist. Yes, A mistake caused every site in Google's result pages to be marked as potentially harmful...
      Hey Folks! Well the big game is around the corner. While some will be talking about the game most will be talking about the commericials. Here is last years top ten. When you done watching and need to get back to figure out what your mortgage needs are just click on the widget below to fin...
      Hey Folks! Hope all is everyone on this Fantastic Friday? Well today I found a video for a new security system that is starting to pick up some steam. Since most of us are in the market to help new home owners this new system will be a must for some. Feel free to share. Now when you have f...
      Hey Folks! Well a little crazy around central Indiana yesterday. We had the second largest one-day snow fall in history. Now this was great for the boys. Snow angels and today a Snow man. While my day was spent shoveling and snow blowing when I was taking breaks I would have the TV on. Loc...
      Hey Folks! Welcome to Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend? It has been busy on my end. I spent the weekend spending some time with the boys and had an above average amount of folks contact me with mortgage questions. Remember you can see live rates anytime with me and Amerisave by us...

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