3214 radiance: Flip on 3214 Radiance is Finally Finished! - 07/12/12 10:41 AM
We have finally finished 3214 Radiance in Highgate Springs and have it sold.  We have completed the repair requests and our own personal punch list. The appraisal came back with a glowing report on the work that we had performed.  It helped that we were able to supply a 2-page document detailing the work performed from start to finish.  We have cleaned the interior and will only need to mow the grass until the closing.
 We are really happy with the way that this project has turned out.  The living room is a shining example of what new wood floors, new windows … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: Countertops installed at 3214 Radiance - 06/02/12 08:44 AM
 This week at 3214 Radiance in Louisville, we had a custom wrought iron railing installed on our new front porch.  This was a little complicated as we had to have a representative of the company come out and precisely measure our porch.  The concrete porch had been poured about a month and was sufficiently cured to allow for drilling and setting the new handrails.  We were quite pleased and impressed with the results.
 Another one of our hang-ups has been the countertops. We needed to get the cabinets installed before we could take measurements.  When countertops are measured, the most critical measurement … (1 comments)

3214 radiance: Kitchen is installed at 3214 Radiance - 05/29/12 11:30 AM
 This week at 3214 Radiance in Louisville saw the start of the new kitchen.  Our cabinets were special ordered from Home Depot.  Abel and Cavanaugh started installing these and we hit our first snafu; we did not have a corner base cabinet.  The Home Depot design person laid it out for us with pictures and pricing.  It turns out that she designed a front only for the corner cabinet.  We are to make the floor and sides of the cabinet.  This has added expense and time to finish.  It would have been nice to know weeks ago that we were going … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: Electrical panel installed at 3214 Radiance in Louisville KY - 05/20/12 08:33 AM
 This week at 3214 Radiance in Louisville, we saw a new furnace installed.  As part of the furnace installation, we had a new A-coil installed as well.  The existing outside air compressor is relatively new and will remain.  We added 8 new air ducts in the basement area that can all be controlled depending on the season.  We want the next owners to have the best in creature comfort.  We would like to credit Ron Moseley with Ram Air Heating and Cooling for a great job.
 “Bill the Electrician” has been working in the past few weeks doing a lot of electrical … (3 comments)

3214 radiance: Sixth in a series on 3214 Radiance in Louisville KY - 05/07/12 12:17 PM
 The biggest news this week at 3214 Radiance, Louisville KY were the wood floors. The plan was to replace the oak hardwood floors in the living room and to refinish the hardwood floors in the bedrooms. We were a little concerned about matching the new wood and old wood. Ron Burrell assured us that this would not be a problem.  Sure enough, the floors are finished and look great. There were three coats of polyurethane finish applied. The last coat needed 48 hours to cure and Ron Burrell guarded this like an old mother hen. The results are impressive.
 The shrubbery in … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: 3214 Radiance in Louisville gets New Windows - 05/01/12 12:29 PM
 The big news at 3214 Radiance, Louisville KY this week was the installation of new windows throughout the house including the basement.  The windows have made a marked improvement from both inside and outside the house. They look modern, open and close easily, and are double paned with Argon gas inside.
 This is a picture from one of the bedrooms looking out.  You can see the two new windows that were just installed.  The new ceiling fans are up and operational in all of the bedrooms.  And, we have a fresh coat of “Ponytail” on the walls.
 In the basement of 3214 Radiance, … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: 3214 Radiance, Louisville KY fourth blog - 04/27/12 11:16 AM
 Our next door neighbor at 3214 Radiance Road is a very nice woman.  When we first met, she asked if we were going to cut down the tree in the back yard.  She had tried to work with the previous owners and had not succeeded.  At that point, we had taken possession of the house, but not even thought about any tree removal.  She then started lobbying our friend Ron Burrell. She would like to see the cherry tree come down and offered to pay half the cost.  Ron made a phone call, and the tree disappeared.
  The kitchen has now … (2 comments)

3214 radiance: 3214 Radiance third blog in the series - 04/25/12 07:50 AM
 The basement at 3214 Radiance, Louisville KY is a blank canvass.  Steve Dobbs and his wife let their imagination go to work held in check somewhat by their pocketbook.  We had seen the next door neighbor’s basement in Highgate Springs and received a couple of good ideas.  The first was to add a full bathroom using ceramic tile on the shower and ceramic tile on the walls around the bathtub.  The basement bathroom is actually going to be larger than the main floor bathroom. Here is a shot of the full bathroom that we are adding.  The 6” vertical pipe to the … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: 3214 Radiance flip by Steve Dobbs - 04/24/12 02:29 PM
Steve Dobbs' venture with flipping a house at 3214 Radiance in Louisville is well under way.  Highgate Springs is a pretty nice area of town with most of the homes in very good shape and yards that are well kept.
 The first order of business was ordering a dumpster to start the demolition process. The damaged floor in the living room was among the first things to go as the odor of dog urine was pretty strong in the house. There was tarpaper between the hardwood and the subfloor and this protected the subfloor from any smells. This saved us a little effort … (0 comments)

3214 radiance: Flipping a house in Louisville KY - 04/01/12 08:35 AM
Steve Dobbs is on a new venture and has purchased a house with the intention of flipping.No, not upside down; a complete remodel and future sale.We have worked on houses in the past while we lived in them, but never with the express purposes to just make money.
 I had one of my friends in the construction business give me a call on a property in Highgate Springs that needed a lot of work.Jo and I went over to meet the owners and check it out.
 The sellers had owned the house since 1965 and raising their children.  Relocation forced them to move and … (0 comments)

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