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Come along with us and laugh through life's lessons; spread the healthy muscle-training found in a smile. It is our goal to encourage, inform, inspire, & lift up all those we meet. If we cannot service them, we will find someone who will do a super job for them.



Now that Thanksgiving if over and all of us are excited about the season to come:...however you Whom ever you send your prayers...where ever you spend time in organized ceremonyALL of us have something, someone for whom we give thanks:Michiganders do indeed have:... reasons to chee...
Monday...the entire world is ready for YOU....have you 'chosen' your your list close at hand...will you do it on the JOB ...will you use a Personal PC ...will you open your Laptop                                                                                  ...will you succeed ...
This "Jive Turkey" is probably not a good choice ass the entre' as you set yourThanksgiving table this year.Sal & I have noticed, over the last many years, that not only are we not going to any 'family-type', weare not Invited! ? ...could it be because of the get-togethers that we sponsored in th...
No joke!  In fact when "googled", more than 25 articles were referenced on Page 1two such caught my attention; they seemed to 'cut to the chase'Though they are credited here in this post; neither one is lauded, nor discredited by me.that is for you to do on your own; just 2 items in a plethora of...
As Sal is meeting with a client...not a client...maybe a loan Mod. process>>>I have the fun position of listing some silly, interesting, & cautious items for you.A.  we have, here in our place in Macomb County, MI, some D.C.G. over head:   DCG = directionally challenged Geese.   we l...
In Michigan there is no shortage in governmental stimulus fund awards--to SOMEagencies / seen in the first Section 1512 reports due on October 10, 2009we discover that stimulus funds saved of created 19,500 jobs through the end of September.Just WHERE was the money spent:...74%...
The Tracks --of Life--previously established;  The train is ready to leave the station:The title is a total borrowing, copying, enjoying, & using of a line from a show  recently on Cable TVIt truly hit home!  It pointed it's clever finger toward me!It is a LOL description of the speaking, thinkin...
With THANKS to:  Bob Merrill [ author] & Patti Page [performer], this fun Song of 1952 will be the basis for one section of this blog:  " How much is that Household on the corner:..the One where I'd soon get my Mail;                                               ..How Much is that Household on th...
FACTS: ...fabulous...facetious...feverish...fictive...FUNFABULOUS......the fantastic story of the Black Lab, bomb sniffing Warrior who wentmissing in Afghanistan for 14 Months, FOUND by US troops.  She's been re-unitedwith her Military group members; is being monitored by Medics; is slated to rec...
 The Homework is complete The Numbers are calculated The Outlook is improving The Extension AND Expansion of Tax Credit is signed The  TIME  is here....yet, you still wait....yet, you seem unsure....yet, you haven't established financial prioritiesToday, while at a local restaurant, a patron at a...

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