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What will Monday bring for The Lori Bowers Group in Old Town La Quinta? The weekend was busy with showings and open houses. It is fun for all the agents of The Lori Bowers Group to come together on Monday morning for sharing the past week and weekend activity and results. We then do a tour of pro...
I have not been able to reblog for several weeks. Can you reblog? Is this an issue with me or with the Active Rain system? I really gain alot from active rain and also like the reblogs from people of items I may have missed. Please help - how can I reblog again?
Please stop by 79815 Sandia in the Citrus today and meet me - Lori Bowers. This is a beautiful home in a prime golf clourse community- part of La Quinta Resort and Club with amazing panaoramic south mountain and fairway views. The home feautures over 3700 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths. O...
Our local newspaper the Desert Sun had the headlines today that the local real estate market continues to decline and there is more decline to come. It blew me away. They said the prices had gone down 10% from January of 2010. This is because the interest rates had gone up and mostly low end home...
I arrive at the office nearly everyday around 7AM. My assistant arrives at 8 AM so I have an hour to do my emails, any personal business, check on paperwork and issues from the day before. One of top agents Leanna Petitt is there alot of times when I arrive in the morning at 7 Am working away. Is...
It is important to have a 'high touch' approach to stay in touch with your clients. Here are some examples of information to collect: * Where did you meet? * What are your children's names? * Where do they go to school? * Birthdays? *Email addresses? * What other real estate do they own? * Where ...
I feel many buyers now are thinking of why they do not want to buy a home rather than why to buy a home. It is funny some of the reasons buyers use for not buying a home. Here are a few reasons we have been getting: 1. Prices are going down more 2. Interest rates are going down more. 3. The econo...
I am a real estate broker in La Quinta, California. This market SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Now with this said, we love being realtors. We love each other. We love where we live. Also, we are grateful to all be alive, healthy, and full of energy. In just the past few days we have had the following occur- 1....
Do you owe more than your home is worth?  Have you tried a loan modification with no luck?  Do you have a legitimate hardship - divorce, loss of income, unemployment, health issues? You may qualify for a short sale which will affect your credit but not as much as a foreclosure. We do many short s...
There are 4 items that really sell a house. Each one counts for 25% of what motivates buyers. The seller needs a total score of 95 or higher to get the home sold. How do your listings score? Marketing Exposure Condition Price We also know most of all is the price. Exposure and availability to sho...

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