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I feel this is well said and well aritten. Most of the time, it is better to take the high road and not say a thing. What is right and how we think and feel will not change most people or situations. Many times, a situation can get worse byt telling someone off, particularly in real estate.But wh...
Trilogy La Quinta is a country club in La Quinta, California that is in the country. It has all the amenities of a 55+ gated community -golf, tennis, fitness, pool, and social activities. The area is lush, quiet, safe. It is only 5 miles from the town center of La Quinta. On the other had, where ...
1. Have a comparative market analysis with the flyer in your home 2. Have your home in the MLS 3. Allow the agent to do open houses 4. Allow agent caravans and tours 5. Be sure your agent advertises in specialty publications and other media 6. Use signage and flyers 7. Expose your home through lo...
Each Monday morning, my team and I meet for a meeting and then we tour 5-7 homes. We take turns picking the area to view and the homes to view. These tours help us in many ways: 1. Knowing the inventory helps to take buyers right to the perfect home for them 2. We know the home values in differen...
For June 2012 there were 156 homes sales in La Quinta, Ca. This is a 2.5% drop in number of sales from June 2011, but the median price rose 11% to $303,000. The highest priced home sold was $3,340,000. The median price per square foot roose 13% to $152 per square foot. Inventory for homes sale is...
I sure hope we all some time this weekend for reflection. Like more real estate agents and brokers, the weekends are our busiest time with showings and open houses too. Maybe at the open houses, a time for reflection will bring some anxious buyers and a fast sale for the sellers too.Week End, Tim...
Trim up bushes and tress. Do not leave keys under the door mat Always have your locks rekeyed when moving into a new house or apartment Install an alarm system Use timers on lamps, tv, radios when you are away Use circular padlocks on gates as they are harder to cut and break into Exterior doorwa...
We all want our home to look its best and be the talk of the neighborhood. Here are some tips to make your home extra special with little money. 1. Make a good first impression - Update outdoor lighting. Spray paint outdated or rusty outdoor lanterns and add solar pathway lights. 2. Quick color -...
1. Paint the cabinets 2. Update fixtures 3. Clean the appliances 4. Create shelving - remove some cabinet doors. Fill the holes and paint a nice color for a new look and more room too 5. Introduce now fabric to cushions. Frame the space with new curtains 6. Find your green thumb -Plant fresh herb...
To get a sense of peace - Uncluttered rooms make breathing easier. You will feel lighter and more comfortable. To manage finances - If you are in a state of financial overwhelm and your environment creates the same energy. clear up your clutter to help you gain financial flow and control. To enha...

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