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Trying to think of a clever name for a blog/ newsletter can be a daunting project. So, I turned to some websites that had listed slang terms from the Wild West in order to stay with The Stage Coach theme. I came across many interesting slang words, but these two stuck out the most: Roughly translated, Diggings is the place you live or sleep and Plunder are your personal belongings so, Diggin's & Plunder" is where you live and your personal belongings - the two things Home Staging focuses on!



The Stage Coach is proud to announce an article published by The Show Case for the Austin Area's October 6th Edition. The Show Case sends out a monthly newpaper to to builders, REALTORs, and other related industries.  While the paper copy is en route to local Real Estate Professionals, you can vi...
At The Stage Coach, one of our premium services is the Written Consultation provided for home owners. The principle behind the written consult is simply, "A picture is worth 1,000 words." Home Owners are likely to become overwhelmed by the rapidly expanding list of things to do around their house...
I was reading last week where some Stagers had their online photos stolen.  It disgusts me that someone would be so unprofessional, but then again I have heard stories of Stagers' advertising materials being replaced in their Staged Homes.  Who'd a thunk it?  Some people have no bounds. After a q...
"What are your hours?" - I never really thought about it until I was asked... Almost every storefront business has work hours posted, so why shouldn't I?  It is important to me to set some guidelines for my business because at my previous job, I came in early and worked late every day.  Rarely ev...
I hate contracts - if it were up to me, I would do all of my business on a handshake.  Personally, if I say I am going to do something, I am bound personal duty to do it.  But back here in the real world, contracts are a business necessity.  And the more people I work with, the more stuff that ge...

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