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Trying to think of a clever name for a blog/ newsletter can be a daunting project. So, I turned to some websites that had listed slang terms from the Wild West in order to stay with The Stage Coach theme. I came across many interesting slang words, but these two stuck out the most: Roughly translated, Diggings is the place you live or sleep and Plunder are your personal belongings so, Diggin's & Plunder" is where you live and your personal belongings - the two things Home Staging focuses on!



I was visiting a house in Round Rock last week for a Basic Stage Coaching and as I approached the front door, I scribbled on my notepad, "Too many pots... not enough flowers..." One of The Stage Coach's Greatest Hits: "Pots are OK - but they must have a live plant or flower." It's an easy rule: e...
I don't usually use A/R as a place to get on my soapbox, but I read a story last night that contained a quote that made me sick with anger, and I wanted to sound off. So, excuse me while I get up on my soapbox... Here's the article: Wall Street Journal From Sept 7th - Gates Foundation Acknowledge...

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