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3 bedroom 2 bath home in Scottsdale This 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Scottsdale has been upgraded and is perfect for you! 3 Bedroom 2 bath home in scottsdale with a pool, LOTS of storage, RV gate, garage, fire pit, granite countertops! Don't miss this 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Scottsdale!   7258 OAK ...
Do you need a Scottsdale short sale specialist?  Did you know that although everyone talks about "negotiating" a short sale, that there is very little actual negotiation involved?  The only way a real negotiation can take place is if you or someone duly authorized to negotiate on your behalf, can...
If you read the news, you have heard about QE1 and QE2. But what are they, really, and what effect have they had? The short answer is that it is when the Fed prints money like crazy. In these computer driven times, when all things are on a computer somewhere, the Federal Reserve can literally cha...
I am the moderator for a meetup group called the Phoenix Power Team. We just got through reading Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, an epic of how to think for success. The last chapter has a great list of excuses we often have for why we are not successful. Thought I would share them with yo...
Last night one of my searches popped up a HUD home in Tempe, a college suburb which is always a great rental market due to Arizona State University. So I spend a few minutes running comps, and this home is listed at $50,000 below the market. Now I'm sure it needs some serious rehab, so I am meeti...
I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I like to work in the yard. Sunday is the day I reserve for messing around in the yard. I am an old pro at leaf blower service, and I often use a pressure washer to get stains off the concrete. But something fun happened today.  I was washing some stains off the...
Scottsdale Arizona restaurants – A lot of tastes to choose from If you are wondering about more reasons as to why to invest in a Scottsdale Arizona home besides the obvious ones, you should consider looking into Scottsdale Arizona restaurants. There are a lot of places here to go to and check ou...
The Charm of Old Town Scottsdale When people come down to Scottsdale Arizona, they have a lot of places that they could potentially visit. Depending on what kind of vacation this could be, you should definitely check out old town Scottsdale Arizona if you ever do come to the city. In fact, you m...
Golfing in Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale Arizona schools and parks are a big draw for families. However, one of the reasons why Scottsdale Arizona vacation homes are so popular is because they are ideal for a laidback and leisurely vacation. This is because there are plenty of golfing options. Golf ...
Scottsdale Arizona Vacation Homes Scottsdale Arizona vacation homes offer two interesting options. Firstly it is a wonderful place for families to spend a peaceful relaxing vacation without being left out of the buzz they would like. Secondly given the high value of real estate in Scottsdale, it ...

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