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Thomas invites you into his business, life and beloved city of San Diego, CA. He authentically (and transparently) shares about his life, San Diego living, business and more, while he enjoys living and working in UTC/La Jolla, a popular community near UCSD and one of San Diego's best Real Estate Markets. Enjoy, share and please comment on his pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold.
Photo editing is definitely a skill-set I'm self taught in as it became necessary to improve the quality of my listing photos, before I could afford a professional photographer. I used to take all my own photos and was very careful to edit them prior to posting them, because my clients were going...
Sitting Down At Over 2,000 Tables Facing often two opposite-personalities, yet both making a decision. I've been in sales for over 30 years. I've attended college courses, read hundreds of sales books, taken many years of sales trainings and continuing education and even worked with business coac...
A friend of mine that recently lost his wife and profoundly posed this question to me and (our group); he simply asked... "Why Do We Measure Our Lives In Years?" ~Bob W.  "It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years"~Abraham Lincoln We do not collect years. We collect moments. We...
I had the amazing pleasure of having lunch 3 days in a row with 10 Peak Producer Realtors from across the USA and Canada this past week at Buffini & Company 's Peak Experience.I thought I'd share some Soundbites and Bullet Points from my notes:   We can't confuse goals with tactics. (Losing 50lbs...
You get from life what you'll tolerate.Want more? Tolerate less...  "Success in the 21st Century comes down to FOCUS.Protect Your Focus -The man with focus wins."~ Darren Hardy Want to close more deals?Make more calls and tolerate less social media.Less Distractions  Want to accomplish more per w...
I passed my test, so I may continue to Serve Those Who Serve us!I'm proud to say that I've been getting residential real estate training for serving  our active duty and retired Military for almost 14 years now. Because of all the base closures in The Bay Area, I never got to work with many milit...
People Fear CHANGE! You Can Fear Change or Go Through Change, but if you fear it and do nothing, it eventually kills your business. People rarely see the death sentence, because it's not a sudden death,it's a slow decay of what used to work and no longer does.  Every so many years I return my bus...
The Sweet Nothing of Sundays Shhhh, I’m doing Sunday, My Silent Sunday. No Phone, No Text, No Emails, No Meetings...Silence. Sometimes we flop all day and relax, read books, garden, etc.- then go for an evening hike to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of La Jolla's golden sunsets on the coa...
I complain to my bride about the BLUE Faces when we're out to dinner or a show. Here on ActiveRain they are the anonymous and it's not much different in life. The "blu faces" are those people at dinner in a restaurant that are face-first in phone instead of conversation with thir table of family ...
In this episode we have one of the top rated San Diego based Property Management company's on our show: CEO Neil Fjellestad of FBS Property Management joins us to discuss how to decide on what the right property is for you to invest in, how to analyze it for cash flow and then properly manage it....

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