la jolla real estate: #500 Celebrated; It's About Engaging People, Not Posting Articles - 11/19/17 11:46 AM
My 500th came in 11/18/2017
Blogging is more than just posting articles; it's engagement with your audience, networking partners and local market.
What a difference 10 months makes! 
     November 2018                                          February 2018

Thank you
to my
my now
Active Rain followers!
#500 came in yesterday and
#501 just behind him.
So, thank you Jay Valento!
Jay is a Long Beach, CA real estate agent that  is the owner of the Red Wagon Team!
Based on Jay's profile, he looks to be a long-time
Active Rain member since 2008.
Talk to Jay Valento … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: PODCAST # 116: Reminder Media Marketing Gold! for Real Estate Agents - 10/14/17 09:41 AM
Jonathan Denwood 
Episode #116
iTunes link
We interview fellow Active Rain blogger Luke Acree who is the President of ReminderMedia, a dynamic personality and sales fanatic, a marketing “evangelist”, and an expert team builder. I really enjoyed Luke's personality and energy; a solid guy with great ideas for Realtors.
Luke publishes American Lifestyle Magazine, a customization publication for Real Estate Agents, is a fellow ActiveRain blogger and has an amazing series of training videos on
Luke has worked with tens of thousands of agents over the years, helping them understand how to connect with their client database in a way that generates leads, secures repeat clients, and … (0 comments)

la jolla real estate: PODCAST #113: The "Happy Turtle" Teaches Us How To Generate More Leads - 10/14/17 09:39 AM
Episode #113
 link to iTunes
We have a really great show here with Courtney Brophy of Happy Turtle who was a champ and answered all our questions in great detail with some great insights, about using Facebook and we had a load of questions. Basically We talked all things Facebook with Courtney and how it can help real estate agent get quality leads in 2017
 "Personally, I make my home in Chester County Pennsylvania with my husband, our daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats.. A few of my favorite things: making my daughter laugh, running & strength training, giving back to my community, swimming at the … (0 comments)

la jolla real estate: PODCAST # 112: New Generation of Investors' Approach To RE Investing - 10/14/17 09:38 AM
Episode #112
link to iTunes
We Interview Corey Thompson of GBT Investments. who changed career path from oil man to becoming a professional property investor and how he become the Texas king and owner with his business partner help of number of lease to own houses and other properties . Corey gives us some great insights on how he built the business up over the past couple of years.
 "Here at GBT investments we strive to provide people a way out! We know that sometimes life gets in the way and that owning a property can often be more of a burden than a blessing. That's where … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: Your Network Builds Your Net Worth... If You Invest Action Into It! - 07/29/17 10:17 PM
I have multiple Networks which are gathered in my CRM.
There is of course my natural network, all the businesses I do business with naturally to fulfill my monthly needs like stores, dry cleaning, fuel, car wash, restaurants, etc. I make sure they know what I do and how I have a Working By Referral business model, which survives on ...REFERRALS!
I have my 3 main Realtor Networks I belong to: Buffini & Company , Active Rain and CRS, all with their own internal referral networks across the USA and Canada.
I mostly refer and get referrals out of Buffini & ActiveRain, determined by what … (5 comments)

la jolla real estate: "I'll Wait For Prices To Drop" San Diego, CA - 07/02/17 09:48 AM
"I'll Wait For Prices To Drop...Before I Buy"
July 2017
It must make sense to the buyer saying this, it certainly is a logical explanation to an emotional decision. But, shall we break down this "logic"?
You're Still Paying A Mortgage: I plan to continue paying my landlord's mortgage, rather than investing in my own. There's No Savings: I plan to risk rates rising (as they have begun to do in 2017) so that even if there is a plateau in pricing, the money is more expensive to borrow, thus,there's no drop in monthly payment, even if prices level off. It's The Law: … (9 comments)

la jolla real estate: Podcast Episode #103: The 1031 Exchange Explained and Demystified! - 06/28/17 09:49 AM
Podcast Episode #103:
The 1031 Exchange Explained and Demystified
Listen: Stream or Download Here
Whenever I discuss strategies with investors, I know right away how adept they are as an investor by the response I get from dropping the 1031 Exchange into the conversation. They either jump right in on that or they look at me as if I suddenly started speaking Japanese to them. 
The 1031 Exchange is a wonderful tax deferred event investors take advantage of when they sell an investment property and "exchange" it for another, or several other income generating properties:
Houses Condos Commercial Buildings Industrial Facilities Hotels Oil Wells Billboards … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: Podcast Episode 102: Home Inspections- What to Expect When You Inspect - 06/28/17 09:30 AM
 LISTEN HERE: Episode #102
Home Inspections- What to Expect When You Inspect
In Episode #102, our special guest is San Diego Property Inspector Glenn Kleint. Glenn served in the U.S. Coast Guard before becoming a property inspector and he offers military and first responders a discount on his services. He also happens to be the trusted inspector for our shows co-host, Thomas J. Nelson.
"I met Glenn when he was fairly new in the industry and gave him a shot due to my inspector of over a decade planning to retire. Glenn caught my attention due to his involvement with his coaching through Buffini & Company , a professional … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: FAQ #7: What Is The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in San Diego, CA - 06/26/17 10:21 PM
Some of the best advice my trainers and coaches ever gave me is:
Never use in inside language on the outside world.
My friend Joe found that out when he assumed everybody knew what the MLS was and never mentioned it during a listing presentation, he assumed they knew.
He lost the listing!
He lost it because the other agent the couple interviewed told them about how he'd broadcast their home to every agent in the area and cooperating areas too. Joe was in shock, "all that the MLS?!?" Joe presumed they knew he'd "of course" be posting their home their, so he … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: Working By Referral and Running Our Business Like Business - 06/26/17 09:12 PM
Working By Referral
Why I Run My Business This Way
Why I Recommend It To Other Agents
There are two categories of agents in our industry: 
1. Relational: they value relationships as more important than transactions. They put the client's needs ahead of their own and think long-term.
2. Transactional: it's all about them and the commission. They find clients, close the escrow and move on, poof! they vanish-short sighted.
I believe our clients deserve better from us. They are making the largest purchase, sale or investment of their personal lives, we owe them what a family doctor or dentist owes their patients: Competence & Character and … (11 comments)

la jolla real estate: Hooray! The Seller Said Yes! Now, Tell The Buyer No, No , NO! - 06/24/17 07:33 PM
You just got your offer accepted, congratulations!
Now get ready for the No, No, No's of Escrows!
Here's what Buyer's should not do after an offer is accepted.
NO FINANCIAL SECRETS! Secrets kill deals, because what you do not tell me or your lender will be discovered by Underwriting or Title ie. alimony, liens, bankruptcy, previous foreclosures and short sales, child support, etc. PLEASE, no secrets: now is the time for full disclosure to your Realtor & Lender so we can help you and not be blindsided. In some cases you'll need to talk to your CPA or attorney. Disclose all debits: loans, HELOCs, … (12 comments)

la jolla real estate: FAQ #5: What Can I do To Make Sure My home Sells for "Top Dollar"? - 06/12/17 04:36 PM
I want top dollar for my home, how do I get it?
 Top Dollar is what the market is willing to pay; that varies from market to market and ultimately is up to the market, not the seller nor the agent. But, you do take steps necessary to ensure best results, leave nothing to chance.
So, what sells a home 99% of the time, more than ANYTHING else? You're going to hate my answer, because everything I share beyond this first tip, constitutes the remaining 1%. Which is to say, not much else matters:
The answer is simple: Be Properly Priced. That's it! It's price! All … (7 comments)

la jolla real estate: FAQ #3 Should I Inspect My Home Before I List It For Sale? - 06/09/17 03:00 PM
Should I Inspect My Home Before I List It For Sale?
I get asked this a lot and here's the pro and the con and the logic of both:
PRO: If you perform your physical inspection and termite inspection prior to the listing going live "For Sale" on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), you have the opportunity to make decisions that cost less pre-escrow.
repairs made with your choice of service providers plan to credit the buyer if the buyer asks in a buyer's request for repairs... at least you have your strategy set on how to handle them. defer them to the buyer, … (13 comments)

la jolla real estate: FAQ #1: Why Work With A Real Estate Agent? - 06/05/17 10:09 PM
I'm often asked why should I work with an agent, why not just buy the house from the listing agent? 
Why not just sell my house on  my own and save the commission?
I first of all recommend you work with a Realtor over an real estate agent and I'll share why in a future FAQ post.
I'll share with you my Top 5 answers to those questions:
Representation: the other agent's priority is the client they represent, not you. The listing agent is loyal to the seller, investor, bank (REO) or developer (new construction). The Guide: you have bought and sold homes in your lifetime as … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: Living/Owning in the Renaissance La Jolla Neighborhood San Diego, CA - 06/05/17 01:59 PM
Homes for Sale in and the Lifestyle of the Renaissance La Jolla Neighborhood; the UTC Subdivision of University City- San Diego, CA
Why Do People Live here?
Renaissance is a beautiful neighborhood of condos and townhomes  that is conveniently located just 15 miles (24 minutes) outside of Downtown San Diego. It's walking distance to two shopping malls, central to three major freeways and 10 minutes to La Jolla Shores, yes, the ocean! It's not uncommon to see neighborhood residents walking & jogging with their dogs or strollers through this quaint little oasis in the suburban-urban University Towne Centre subdivision of University City 92122 year round. It's far enough from the … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: They Don't Quit The Job, They Quit The Leader - 06/02/17 10:36 AM
  Your employees and team members do not quit their job, they quit your leadership or lack there of. I was listening to Darren Hardy speak on this topic in his Darren Daily this morning and it struck me as true. Then I began to wonder, what kind of leader am I? What kind of leader are you?   Darren gave 6 reasons why team members quit and it's a staggering 1/5 presently are looking for greener pastures. People do not leave jobs, they leave leaders. Why?       Here's the Top 6 Reasons Darren Hardy offered and my take … (47 comments)

la jolla real estate: Do You Know It or Do You Blow It? - 06/01/17 11:13 AM
Do You Know Your Purchase Contract or
Do You Blow Hot Air and Argue Your Opinion? 
I recently had to "educate" an agent and her Sales Manager on the black & white boiler plate text written within our RPA (Residential Purchase Agreement) and to the sales manager, her behavior. I'm always amused (and disappointed) when an agent "interprets" the contract for their own purposes; well, if it's done well, I applaud them for taking the shot-representing the interests of their client....but in this case it wasn't in the best interest of my seller. Unfortunately this agent did so and backed it up with a … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: The Real Estate Business is Going Out of Business - 03/29/17 07:39 AM
IS The Real Estate Business Going Out of Business?
We have so much technology available to use today. A person wanting to buy a home can go online, search homes, research schools, walk the neighborhood on Google Maps and even pre-qualify themselves with on an online mortgage calculator. Sellers have self-service opportunities too. There are Apps coming, if not already available, that will allow a homeowner to connect to a home buyer through the APP, strike a deal and close a sale of a home.
Problem: a great agent, makes Real estate look easy. The perspective is skewed.
HGTV shows make Real Estate look … (65 comments)

la jolla real estate: Live MLS - For Rent in The Golden Triangle: UTC - La Jolla, CA - 03/20/17 09:07 PM
Properties For Rent in University Towne Centre / La Jolla
92121 Sorrento Valley / Sorrento Mesa
92122 University City
92037 La Jolla Village, La Jolla Commons
La Jolla Colony, La Jolla Crossroads
Renaissance La Jolla and many more...
Here's a list of corporately rental communities in UTC:
San Diego Rental Communities:
University City-UTC/La Jolla


la jolla real estate: Live MLS - Homes For Sale Over $1 Million in La Jolla, CA - 03/19/17 10:05 AM
 Active Homes For Sale asking $1,000,000
or more in La Jolla, CA 
Direct Feed from San Diego's Live MLS!
With our hot market, there's still room to negotiate
in this price point!
Please click here for La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
 La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
La Jolla Homes Between $500K-$1,000,000
I have Lived in La Jolla and it's adjacent communities like Regents La Jolla, La Jolla Crossroads,
La Jolla Mesa Estates, etc. since 2003. Let me show you why I'm so passionate about
helping people live and own in this great towne centre & village!

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