la jolla real estate: Ini Mini Miny Mo: How To Hire A Realtor ® in San Diego, CA - 02/19/17 12:01 PM
Ini Mini Miny Mo: How To Hire A Realtor ® in San Diego, CA
We are not all the same. We have varied skills, training and experience
and personalities need to match-chemistry needs to be there.
You Realtor can end up being a great relationship in your life, like the family doctor; you may not always need us, but isn't nice to know that we're there when you do? And we know you and how best to serve you too!
First and foremost, this advice may possibly work in other parts of CA and the US & Canada too! 
I also emphasize hiring a Realtor®. There … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: Real Estate Is Easy! - 02/15/17 01:54 PM
When the market is hot, Real Estate looks easy.
Maybe real estate is easy and it's people that are hard?
The number of agents goes up too!
(50% of the licenses out there are not Realtors ie. not NAR members. So not all sales agents are Realtors).
Here's the stats:
2013- 1.04 M. NAR agents and 2.08 million total sales people with a license. 2014- 1.10 M.  NAR agents and  2,20 million total sales people with a license. 2015- 1.23 M. NAR agents and 2.46 million total sales people with a license. 2016- 1.70 M. NAR agents and 3.40 million total sales people with a license.
Some sellers think, … (46 comments)

la jolla real estate: La Jolla, CA: The Jewel of San Diego's Report Card for 2016 - 02/03/17 05:38 AM
Looking back on 2016, La Jolla, CA had a roller coaster rise to new heights. It didn't always feel like a climb, but climb we did and then ended the year with a natural December slow down. Below are the year end stats for 2016 and so far the first time buyer through luxury market La Jolla provides is off to a great start.
La Jolla's Single Family Home Market
La Jolla's Attached Home Market
La Jolla's Market At A Glance
San Diego County's Median Home Prices
San Diego County's "Discounts" range from 1.4% to 7.1% depending on the market you are hunting in.
San Diego County's Inventory shows … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: Podcast Episode #79: Real Estate Investing with the Big Boys!!! - 01/23/17 05:28 AM
Because I'm regularly…
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently 
and being a prepared guest on Episode #57.
Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode #79
I had a hard time containing myself, sharing this Podcast with fellow investor Mark Walker, who speaks my language! I was investing in real estate long before I was selling it. Mark is the founder of Luxmana Investments and is quite the savvy investor. Mark was able to go from … (2 comments)

la jolla real estate: Seller Questionaire - 01/21/17 06:43 AM
Listing Type: House-Condo-Townhome-Twinhome-Manufactured                 Orientation Date:
Current Address:
Listing Address (if different):
Is everyone on title available to meet? Is anyone not on title a decision maker?
Loan Amount still owed:
Monthly Payment: PITI
Mello Roos Tax?
Any Liens?
Loan Type:   VA   FHA   Conventional  Cash
Lender Info:________________________________________________________________________________
Why do you want to sell? Why now?
Where are you going? Buy or rent?
Do you need a Realtor Referral there?
Have you sold … (9 comments)

la jolla real estate: Navigation Tips for Today's Market - 01/20/17 09:12 PM
Many people are going to buy or sell real estate this year to take advantage of low rates before they rise and to lock in on a home before the pop up further in price due to the inventory crunch.
Here's a Few Tips for To Consider Before You Begin:
Timing; stop trying to time the market. I see so many people try to anticipate the market or come up with crazy theories on why they should wait.The right time to buy or sell is when you are ready; your life is calling you to do so. Better school district, living closer o that new … (1 comments)

la jolla real estate: Podcast Episode #71: Grilling The Realtor (Q&A from ActiveRain) - 11/30/16 08:35 AM
Blogging on ActiveRain,

lead  to  this  PODCAST  opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be
the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently and being a prepared guest on #57.
Checkout AR member jonathan Denwood   and myself on our latest episode!
Podcast Episode #71:
Grilling The Realtor
(Q&A from ActiveRain)
11/23/16 Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode we elect to forgo having a guest given the short week / long weekend and we dive into some of the most trending questions on in the last 90 days or so, amongst it's real estate industry members. … (0 comments)

la jolla real estate: They Don't Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It - 11/20/16 01:00 AM
This post was born of a comment an agent friend made to me this week about "here we go again, "everyone and their mother" is getting their real estate agent license again, just like 2002." We saw a similar "Gold Rush" mentality back in the early 2000's, and so it seems the "rush" is back the last 2 years.
They Don't Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It
What is your real estate agent story? Why are you a sales agent, a Realtor or a Broker?
What is your one thing? That passion that drives you to do what you do, how you … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: Golden Years (3): Retired, Not Relegated & Enjoying The Good Life! - 10/27/16 07:50 AM
Golden Years 3: Retired, Not Relegated And Enjoying The Good Life! 
If you didn’t read part 1 & 2 yet, please see The Patient Plan & Instant Inventory first.
One evening after one of our double dates with Michael & Janet, my bride Ailina’s shoes were bothering her feet so Michael and I went off to get the car rather than make her walk home. The place I sold Michael & Janet was just a few blocks from the heart of La Jolla Village and we always walk to dinner from their house to avoid the parking challenges.
Because I admire how … (2 comments)

la jolla real estate: Golden Years (2): Instant Inventory - 10/27/16 07:39 AM
Golden Years 2: Instant Inventory
If you didn’t read part 1 yet, please see The Patient Plan first.

The Plan-Instant Inventory: How do you find a seller when your client wants a particular property or unit within a certain HOA? I guess you can do like they do in the movies:
Knock, Knock, Knock…”Hi I want to buy your home. “
“But, my home isn’t for sale?!?”
“Sure it is…” (Open large suitcase of cash).
In short, I wrote personal notes to all the owners of every condo not already for sale, included a copy of an email from … (0 comments)

la jolla real estate: Golden Years (1): The Patient Plan - 10/27/16 07:28 AM
Golden Years 1: The Patient Plan (a 3 part series)
This is a story of goals achieved and dreams coming true. Patience, planning and purpose is how my buyer-couple, who became my clients in 2012, went from working and living in the SF Bay Area to retiring and living the good life, in La Jolla , CA. During the 3 year process, they also went from clients to neighbors & friends. This is the true story of Michael & Janet and how they truly inspired me in how they went about setting up a wonderful retirement plan to live … (0 comments)

la jolla real estate: ActiveRaining Down Opportunity! - 10/14/16 10:04 PM
ActiveRain Blog Posts & Activity, Lead To Opportunity!
I'm asked often, "why do you spend so much time on ActiveRain?" by some of my peers; they notice I mention AR a lot in conversations about my business and that I post many of my AR blog posts on my social media. Many of you reading this need read no further, because you know many of the benefits, but for the newer members or the infrequent posters, here's a taste of my experience the last 8 years, many of these this year!
Skills: I improve as an author and a networker, from posting daily.
Friendship: I've met … (11 comments)

la jolla real estate: Job Posting: No Day Off, No Vacation, Apply Within (part1) - 09/21/16 10:31 PM
Job Posting: No Day Off, No Vacations, Apply Within (part 1)
I wonder how many people would apply for that job?  Guess what? Several thousand do ever month in The Real Estate Industry. They jump into real estate for the “freedom” and the lack of a financial ceiling (did they know there’s no financial floor either)? They get to be their own boss, work flexible hours and oh by the way; they “love people & houses”! Ah, then reality hits like the mirror of an actor before hair & makeup. You’re at the whim of your clients’ behavior and schedules…or so it … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: It's A Process: Buying A Home - 09/17/16 12:24 AM
Buying A Home
Its a process to take with a trusted advisor: Your Realtor

You Need A Realtor: Get referrals from happy homeowners to a Realtor. (Did you know not all sales agents are Realtors)? Sales agents are paid by the seller when they close a deal, so buyers do not typically have many if any fees to pay their agent. Interview: Realtors and decide on the best fit for you. Key factors; TRUST! Are they competent? Can they negotiate? Do they know the neighborhoods you plan to hunt in? Do you gel with his or her personality? Do they seem to … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: 40 Reasons To Get Over It! - 08/20/16 01:17 AM
Do You Suffer From Call Reluctance? Here's 40 Reasons to Call Your Database!
The gold in your business is in your database. The sold clients, the active clients, the family, friends, coworkers, businesses you patron and networking partners all have referrals for you. But here's the cold, hard truth. They are not thinking about you, your business or your need for referrals!
So, what to do, what to do? Call them! Text them, Email them. Video Email or Text Them, Post to their social media. But, you have to consistently get in front of them because you never know when they are going to run … (31 comments)

la jolla real estate: HOT Weather HOT Real Estate What's on FIRE in My Market - 07/31/16 02:56 AM
HOT Weather
Weather in San Diego is always sunny & 70 degrees, however, lately it's been sunny and in the 80's & 90''s hot!!! We get invaded every summer by "Zoners", "Zonies" and bad drivers: yep I said that. Many AZ folks spend their summers in San Diego to escape their 116 degree summer heat.
I have lived in San Diego for almost 13 years now and I can share that Jan-Feb is cold (if you consider 50's & 60's cold). March-June is a mixed bag of Sunny days, Rainy days and Grey Marine Layer days known as May Grey & June Gloom. … (3 comments)

la jolla real estate: Crafty San Diego - 06/05/16 12:42 PM
Crafty San Diego
The Home of Local Craft Beers
Unfortunately, I discovered craft beers in my 40's and not my 20's when I could burn the calories easier. So, I can't enjoy the bounty of over 100 local San Diego beers as often as I'd like, but maybe that's a good thing for my waistline. (I just said that last part in case my wife reads this, but that's between us).
San Diego County literally has over 100 local brewers and thousands of craft beers, lagers, porters, ales, pilsners, IPA's, stouts, etc. This is not a complete list, but it lists many of our popular choices and … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: France Invades La Jolla, CA ( Ooh La La)! - 06/04/16 01:48 AM
La Jolla, CA recently was blessed with a new French Bistro:
Le Petite Bistrot located at 7863 Girard Ave.
I often break bread with my best clients who refer me a lot of good people like themselves. But I also love it when they refer me to a new restaurant or public house in their neighborhood. It seems, soon after I sell a client a home, they become a local expert in their neighborhood and love to see who knows more, their Realtor or "the local". (I love it).
It was the one year anniversary (to the day) of my clients Michael & Janet buying … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: Nelson Notes: (Do you have a ) Purple Cow? - 05/24/16 11:31 PM
Nelson Notes:
Welcome to my notebook, where I share the highlights from my books read and notes taken while in live trainings & on webinars. I feature a lot of the books I’ve read that I recommend as worth your while to read too. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way.
Purple Cow wisdom from Author Seth Godin.
What is the Purple Cow in your business? What is your USP?
I must be something very different, very specific; good customer service is a claim too many can make-why is your customer service the best or … (4 comments)

la jolla real estate: 10 Tips On How To Relax - 05/23/16 10:20 PM
Recently, I was fortunate to meet and be trained by Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of many books like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Focus & A Force For Good. He was explaining his book: Emotional Intelligence and it got me to reflect on what I'm consciuosly doing to grow and maintain my emotional intelligence. I, like many of you, work in an emotionally charged and emotionally draining & disappointing industry called "I love people and houses are great!", (ah yes, Real Estate). Now I know it isn't all bad, it's a good life or I wouldn't work so hard at it.  
Below are my Top 10 Tips to avoid … (6 comments)

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