real estate: Podcast #104: The Q&A from Active Rain Discussed part 3 - 07/29/17 10:27 PM

Once in a while my Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show co-host (and AR member) Jonathan Denwood and I, have a guest cancel last minute on our show. This never really throws us off to much, outside the disappointment of what we'd planned to discuss with that guest and share with our audience, because I always have a list of great questions at the ready, which I pull from Active Rain's top agents' in the AR Q&A section.
Rather than rush to re-book a guest and have a forced interview, we read out some of what I think are the best topical questions of the … (2 comments)

real estate: Podcast #105: Zen Realtors Working In The Clouds?!? - 07/21/17 02:59 PM
Zen Realtors Working In The Clouds?
Greetings dear friends, well maybe it's more like this:
Our wonderful guests on today's show are Brian Walker and Lynn Wheeler who co-manage a top-producing Indianapolis branch office for Indiana’s largest independent real estate firm,the F. C. Tucker Company. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn. They have a combined experience of 34 years in real estate, and have proven leadership records not only within their company, but in the industry at large. They have both served their local board in a variety of capacities, both graduated from the local Real Estate Academy of Leadership, and have both been named Realtor of the Year. Lynn is the … (4 comments)

real estate: It's Not Membership, It's Ownership If You Want The Good Life You Seek - 07/16/17 12:23 PM
I'm just thinking out loud again, brainstorming ideas on how to get more out of my time in ActiveRain, provoked by recent members posting about canceling their accounts ("because AR doesn't work") and or weighing their options on to remain a Free vs. Paid account holder.
I suppose I'm letting you in on the lecture I gave myself as I evaluated how I spend my time in The Rain. That's when it occurred to me, in order to get more from ActiveRain, I need to give more to ActiveRain first. It's the same advice I give my Business Alliance Group members owners; I can't show up wanting, … (36 comments)

real estate: If You Are Thinking "Bubble", Think Again! - 07/08/17 09:29 AM

We have under produced new housing units to match the demand of our population and immigration growth for over a decade now. The "build to need" ratio for over 15 years in CA, it's a legitimate shortage mathematically when we have more that need to buy than units on the market. I can only speak for major metropolitan areas of CA I'm familiar with, as other States and Providences may be experiencing, anything from similar markets to the complete opposite markets of CA; maybe even some unique variation of it.
It's a supply and demand driven market in San Diego and it's worse in … (15 comments)

real estate: "I'll Wait For Prices To Drop" San Diego, CA - 07/02/17 09:48 AM
"I'll Wait For Prices To Drop...Before I Buy"
July 2017
It must make sense to the buyer saying this, it certainly is a logical explanation to an emotional decision. But, shall we break down this "logic"?
You're Still Paying A Mortgage: I plan to continue paying my landlord's mortgage, rather than investing in my own. There's No Savings: I plan to risk rates rising (as they have begun to do in 2017) so that even if there is a plateau in pricing, the money is more expensive to borrow, thus,there's no drop in monthly payment, even if prices level off. It's The Law: … (9 comments)

real estate: Podcast Episode 102: Home Inspections- What to Expect When You Inspect - 06/28/17 09:30 AM
 LISTEN HERE: Episode #102
Home Inspections- What to Expect When You Inspect
In Episode #102, our special guest is San Diego Property Inspector Glenn Kleint. Glenn served in the U.S. Coast Guard before becoming a property inspector and he offers military and first responders a discount on his services. He also happens to be the trusted inspector for our shows co-host, Thomas J. Nelson.
"I met Glenn when he was fairly new in the industry and gave him a shot due to my inspector of over a decade planning to retire. Glenn caught my attention due to his involvement with his coaching through Buffini & Company , a professional … (1 comments)

real estate: FAQ #7: What Is The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in San Diego, CA - 06/26/17 10:21 PM
Some of the best advice my trainers and coaches ever gave me is:
Never use in inside language on the outside world.
My friend Joe found that out when he assumed everybody knew what the MLS was and never mentioned it during a listing presentation, he assumed they knew.
He lost the listing!
He lost it because the other agent the couple interviewed told them about how he'd broadcast their home to every agent in the area and cooperating areas too. Joe was in shock, "all that the MLS?!?" Joe presumed they knew he'd "of course" be posting their home their, so he … (1 comments)

real estate: TED Talked To Me and Asked: What Are You Seeking? - 06/25/17 08:45 PM
What are you seeking?
What is your untapped potential?
I'm just thinking out loud here, Ted Talks inspired me a bit today while hiking. 
Don't pass up the opportunity to do good for someone,
because you're too busy seeking the opportunity to be doing something great for you. Look for opportunities (those impulses you feel sometimes) to do random acts of kindness to full dedication to your cause, community or peeps.
 Don't wait to become a millionaire before you start helping other people; if you have something to give, give it now. It's not always money,  it's your time, your talent, or just a empathetic ear … (2 comments)

real estate: Hooray! The Seller Said Yes! Now, Tell The Buyer No, No , NO! - 06/24/17 07:33 PM
You just got your offer accepted, congratulations!
Now get ready for the No, No, No's of Escrows!
Here's what Buyer's should not do after an offer is accepted.
NO FINANCIAL SECRETS! Secrets kill deals, because what you do not tell me or your lender will be discovered by Underwriting or Title ie. alimony, liens, bankruptcy, previous foreclosures and short sales, child support, etc. PLEASE, no secrets: now is the time for full disclosure to your Realtor & Lender so we can help you and not be blindsided. In some cases you'll need to talk to your CPA or attorney. Disclose all debits: loans, HELOCs, … (12 comments)

real estate: Smart Tips For The San Diego, CA Home Sellers (part 1) - 06/24/17 07:31 AM
Smart Tips For The San Diego, CA  ANY Home Sellers
Many sellers have the impression that in order to sell a home, you just have to list it, especially since it's been a seller's market in most areas of CA since Q4 of 2011. While listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is certainly part of the process, there’s quite a bit of preparation to undertake before your home’s listing goes “live” on the MLS.
Here are the steps to take when you’re thinking of selling your home. Selling is an emotional process, whether you’ve lived in the home for two years or 20 years. In … (8 comments)

real estate: Neighborhoods of Renaissance La Jolla: Toscana Market Report - 06/18/17 06:31 AM
Neighborhoods of Renaissance La Jolla: Toscana Market Report                                Home Prices, Trends, Schools & More...                                           June 2017 Mid Year Report
San Diego County Map
the Central San Diego Neighborhoods
Real estate market data for
San Diego, CA provided by Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor
from Big Block Realty.
Reanaissance La Jolla is an upscale neighborhood of the larger University Towne Centre (UTC) area of University City in San Diego, CA 92122. Despite it's name, Renaissance La Jolla actually … (1 comments)

real estate: Neighborhoods of Renaissance La Jolla: Avanti Market Report - 06/17/17 03:33 PM
Neighborhoods of Renaissance La Jolla: Avanti Market Report                                Home Prices, Trends, Schools & More...                                           June 2017 Mid Year Report
 San Diego County Map
Central San Diego Neighborhoods
Real estate market data for San Diego, CA provided by Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor from Big Block Realty.
Reanaissance La Jolla is an upscale neighborhood of the larger University Towne Centre (UTC) area of University City in San Diego, CA 92122. Despite it's name, Renaissance La Jolla actually not … (2 comments)

real estate: FAQ #4: How Do I prepare To Buy A Home? - 06/11/17 09:02 PM
FAQ #4: How Do I prepare To Buy A Home?
Would it surprise you to learn that this is a question asked by repeat buyers almost as often as first time buyers? How Do I prepare To Buy A Home? Because it's been 5-14 years since they did or because this is in fact, their first time buying a home. The market is changing every 3-6 months, so whatever your experience last purchase, I guarantee you it will be quite different this go around; new buyers need not worry, they have no preconceived notions.
The average First Time Buyer is 31 years of age while the … (3 comments)

real estate: FAQ #3 Should I Inspect My Home Before I List It For Sale? - 06/09/17 03:00 PM
Should I Inspect My Home Before I List It For Sale?
I get asked this a lot and here's the pro and the con and the logic of both:
PRO: If you perform your physical inspection and termite inspection prior to the listing going live "For Sale" on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), you have the opportunity to make decisions that cost less pre-escrow.
repairs made with your choice of service providers plan to credit the buyer if the buyer asks in a buyer's request for repairs... at least you have your strategy set on how to handle them. defer them to the buyer, … (13 comments)

real estate: Podcast Episode #098: GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with The "IT Girl" - 06/08/17 04:24 PM
Episode #98 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast
GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with
The "IT Girl"
Australia's Jessica Nazarali
Listen: Episode #98
Jessica Nazarali is the Creator and Founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, a company dedicated to providing coaches and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a meaningful career, while living out their best life.
"I help women create profitable, sustainable and scaleable online businesses.
Having left my lucrative corporate career behind to establish several successful online business, it’s my passion to help female entrepreneurs do the same.
My team and I have helped countless women around the world build successful, meaningful and lucrative businesses designed to help as … (1 comments)

real estate: FAQ #2: Wire Fraud! - 06/06/17 02:33 PM
FAQ: Do you take checks?
FAQ: What is Wire Fraud?
Traditionally, when buyers makes an offer, they include an Earnest Money Deposit or "good faith" deposit to be held by Escrow until they either close escrow and apply it towards the purchase price or cancel and it's refunded (in some, but not all cases). Buyers also send monies at the closing of escrow to pay the balance due, loan or not.
Buyers often ask if they can give me a check to deliver to escrow. "No. We do not handle money at all anymore, where in years past we did." Today we expect all … (3 comments)

real estate: They Don't Quit The Job, They Quit The Leader - 06/02/17 10:36 AM
  Your employees and team members do not quit their job, they quit your leadership or lack there of. I was listening to Darren Hardy speak on this topic in his Darren Daily this morning and it struck me as true. Then I began to wonder, what kind of leader am I? What kind of leader are you?   Darren gave 6 reasons why team members quit and it's a staggering 1/5 presently are looking for greener pastures. People do not leave jobs, they leave leaders. Why?       Here's the Top 6 Reasons Darren Hardy offered and my take … (47 comments)

real estate: Podcast Episode#096: Seller Financing and No $ Down Investing - 05/30/17 07:44 AM
Episode #96 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
Seller Financing and No $ Down Investing???
Whitney Nicely is a fired up Millennial getting it done!
Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to selling 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 lots of land in less than three years, creating mailbox money and financial stability.
What many say can't be done these days or are too afraid to try; Whitney travels the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others.
Since 2016, Whitney has led and trained hundreds of future real … (2 comments)

real estate: Podcast Episode #095: Kim Snider-Reverse Your Funnel - 05/27/17 12:58 PM
Episode #95 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
Kim Snider has started 14 ventures, ranging from restaurants to a training video site for polo players. Some have been very, very successful. Others … not so much and she's very candid about this. She has made and lost millions and that my friends, is where true education and experience is developed. You can read about it in her book, How To Be The Family CFO. Kim has trained thousands to take control of their own financial future, in her Snider Investment Method workshops.
And, she had the top rated financial radio show in Dallas-Fort Worth for … (2 comments)

real estate: Podcast #094: Tom Cafarella is Investing In Distress! - 05/27/17 12:43 PM
Episode #94 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
Tom Cafarella 
Tom Cafarella really comes across like a relational guy and Ocean City Development LLC is the kind of company you’d want to partner with as a real estate agent. When you have a client who's situation just can't get resolved by traditional real estate re-sale, refer it to Tom, get a fair offer, make money on the sale and then list it for him when they bring it back to the market. It’s a great win-win-win-win! The seller gets a quick, clean deal that they may not get from the retail public, the agent gets 2 deals, Tom’s crew takes an … (1 comments)

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