realtor: Long After The Close Of Escrow, I'm Still Here To Help! - 02/23/17 08:23 PM
Discount and transactional brokers/agents will never be there for you 1 year after your sale.
But I Will! 100% By Referral and relational and...
I sold a condo to some NorCal folks for their UCSD student daughter to use as a dorm and for their family to enjoy as a summer home Summer 2016. This is a very common client type for me.
Parents of UCSD, USD & SDSU students buy a lot of property here!
I get a call today, "Thomas, it's Scott." (panicked voice)
"Scott what's wrong?"
"We shut off the electrical to do some work on the place with Norm, the contractor you referred us..."
(discount … (1 comments)

realtor: The Realtor Ripple Effect - 02/22/17 07:18 PM
Have you ever stopped to think about how many people we employ as Real Estate Agents?
We may not fill out all their w-2's but without a Realtor,
they'd have far less work coming through their business.
We are the splash, that starts the ripple effect of commerce and growth for many businesses!
I just answered Donna Foerster's Q&A question about "who is on my team?" 
I was stunned to realize all the folks that make money every time (most of them) I close an escrow.
I have my in house team, my virtual assistant and my go to support professionals...
My Coach My Mentor My Attorney My Buyers Agent … (5 comments)

realtor: Podcast Episode #80: Interviewing The Interviewer - 02/20/17 08:48 PM
Because I'm regularly
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently and being 
a prepared guest on  show #57.

Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode 80
In Episode #80, our guest flaked out last minute, so my co-host Jonathan Denwood decided to turn the tables on me and interview me on my market plan and overcoming challenges for his 2017 and discuss what other agents may consider doing to “up their game” this year. I also discuss, … (0 comments)

realtor: Conversations With My Son (1) - 02/20/17 08:14 PM
Yes, Wyatt?
What is a goal?
It's the ambitious, hopeful act of planning for a bigger future than your present. And it's a road map to that future. In fact it's a target you aim for.
A target?                                                                            
Yep, see my friend Joe Niego always says "Most Realtors aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy!" Which means without a goal, you have no destination, no … (4 comments)

realtor: Ini Mini Miny Mo: How To Hire A Realtor ® in San Diego, CA - 02/19/17 12:01 PM
Ini Mini Miny Mo: How To Hire A Realtor ® in San Diego, CA
We are not all the same. We have varied skills, training and experience
and personalities need to match-chemistry needs to be there.
You Realtor can end up being a great relationship in your life, like the family doctor; you may not always need us, but isn't nice to know that we're there when you do? And we know you and how best to serve you too!
First and foremost, this advice may possibly work in other parts of CA and the US & Canada too! 
I also emphasize hiring a Realtor®. There … (1 comments)

realtor: Why Be Good, When Great Is Available? San Diego, CA - 02/18/17 07:41 PM
Our friend Jeff Dowler shared the CRS Sellabration Highlights and so I'm sharing some
of the Buffini & Company  Success Tour Highlights from this past week.
Succes Tour 2017 in San Diego, CA
"Why Be Good, When Great Is Available? "
-J'aime Nowak Master Trainer
I have been attending Brian Buffini's events since 1999, so you may think, wow, Thomas is a slow learner?! Well, possibly, but what I know is true too, that I'm hearing this content as a different Realtor and different student than I was last year. I'm constantly connecting with different aspects of the training as needed at that point in time.
The Giver's Guide To Greatness
Loyalty … (4 comments)

realtor: Fool's Gold - 02/18/17 07:13 AM
An open letter to myself to stay focused on the fundamentals...
Dear TJ,
Sometimes you suffer from "shiny object syndrome". You just get bored and want to try something new. You are a Free Spirit and routines are boring and shiny objects and new tools are momentarily distracting and even inspires you to think, "if I could just buy this, I'd be able to accomplish that."  But, the truth is, where success begins, is with your habits and the choices you make, not the latest gizmo or paid leads. The man that can't manage $100.00 will never be given the chance to manage $1,000,000 as your Grandpa used to … (43 comments)

realtor: Real Estate Is Easy! - 02/15/17 01:54 PM
When the market is hot, Real Estate looks easy.
Maybe real estate is easy and it's people that are hard?
The number of agents goes up too!
(50% of the licenses out there are not Realtors ie. not NAR members. So not all sales agents are Realtors).
Here's the stats:
2013- 1.04 M. NAR agents and 2.08 million total sales people with a license. 2014- 1.10 M.  NAR agents and  2,20 million total sales people with a license. 2015- 1.23 M. NAR agents and 2.46 million total sales people with a license. 2016- 1.70 M. NAR agents and 3.40 million total sales people with a license.
Some sellers think, … (46 comments)

realtor: IL Dolce Far Niente Di Domenica (San Diego Style-1) - 02/12/17 11:20 AM
The Sweet Nothing of Sundays
Silent Sundays in UTC (Universty Towne Centre)
No Phone, No Text, No Emails, No Meetings: Ahhh....Silence.
The Sunday Office
The Sunday Commute
The value of a precious day off:  
Time away from clients; time with family & friends.
Showing up to work Monday with the best of you, not what's left of you.
Time to engage your goals, hobbies and interests.
Time to give back to others; causes and social outreach.
Time to do nothing at all!
The Joy of Doing Nothing, or as my Italian Grandma would say: "il dolce far niente"
The Sweet Nothing!
Whatever relaxing and recharging means to you, this all you need … (3 comments)

realtor: Podcast Episode #82: From Super Agents Live Podcast:Toby Salgado - 02/09/17 07:20 PM
Because I'm regularly…
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently 
and being a prepared guest on Episode #57.
Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode 82
In Episode 82 we hit the mother-lode (in our opinion) with our guest!

We were thrilled to have Toby Salgado, host of Super Agents Live (Podcast) on our show today! Toby made his first million in real estate, and as he shares, in his bank account, not in equity and did so … (0 comments)

realtor: "What I Love About My Job!" It's Not Job It's a Business - 02/07/17 03:29 PM
"What I Love About My Job!"  AR Contest
I love knowing: It's Not Job It's a Business!
Here's everything I'm grateful for and still love about this Business...we call Real Estate!
My only true loves are in these photos; perspective on the use of "love" when it comes to real estate. 
I love my bride, my son and my English Cream, Peroni, my family & friends first and foremost. But in the spirit of the title we were given... I love being an entrepreneur, the creativity, freedom, challenges and rewards. I love that I'm a Third Generastion Realtor; so much industry history in my family. … (9 comments)

realtor: Satisfactory Service? or Wow! - 02/04/17 02:48 AM
You can sell houses can create a home buying experience; you can create Wow!
That's not just a cute phrase, it's a belief, a mission and a purpose. It's an attitude actually something I learned from my bride's boss, Sir Richard Branson. My bride Ailina works for Virgin America and their whole mission and purpose is to "Wow!" you their guest. You are not a customer, you are a guest at Virgin. Simple mindset, big impact, residual results!
Any airline can board you in San Francisco, CA and land you in Boston, MA, but very few can make you fall in love with their service and culture. … (4 comments)

realtor: It Takes 4 To Score - 01/24/17 08:27 PM
Four Steps Before you Search for Your New Home
 Good Credit (or cash) Since your home loan will likely be your single largest debt, the best way to get the lowest rates and most favorable terms is to maintain your lines of credit, reduce debt, don't open new lines of consumer credit and (bonus tip; don't quit your job unless your new job is in the same industry for better pay, but a 2+ year job history is preferred).  Save for a Down Payment. The more you put down the lower your loan. VA loans are 0% down (but doesn't always work in competitive … (7 comments)

realtor: Serving Those Who Serve Us: VA Approved Properties - 01/23/17 05:35 PM
 Serving Those Who Serve Us: VA Approved Properties
Do you sort and qualify your VA properties for your VA buyers? I do and it's fairly easy if you know how and saves a lot of time and heartache when showing properties. I'm always surprised how many agents show them homes then call the lender to find out if the property is eligible. 
I live in a military town; San Diego, CA and I've been serving those that serve us for 13 years proudly. I have mad respect for our military including The Coast Guard and DOD and I'm happy to work harder for these folks … (2 comments)

realtor: Tap Into The Nelson Network; Good Service Flows From It! - 01/23/17 05:21 PM
Tap Into my Nelson Network!
La Jolla Realtor with an International Network!!!
Access Real Estate Professionals
Across North America
Friends don't let friends work with strangers! Did you know the average family moves every 5-7 years? Military families average every 2-3 years. You want to trust the professionals involved with your sale, your move and your relocation process. 
I'm part of 3 exclusive networks that cover The 50 United States, Canada & parts of Mexico. The professionals in my networks are as committed as I am to serving and providing excellence & value to our clients before, during and after the transaction & move.
I utilize the … (1 comments)

realtor: Seller Questionaire - 01/21/17 06:43 AM
Listing Type: House-Condo-Townhome-Twinhome-Manufactured                 Orientation Date:
Current Address:
Listing Address (if different):
Is everyone on title available to meet? Is anyone not on title a decision maker?
Loan Amount still owed:
Monthly Payment: PITI
Mello Roos Tax?
Any Liens?
Loan Type:   VA   FHA   Conventional  Cash
Lender Info:________________________________________________________________________________
Why do you want to sell? Why now?
Where are you going? Buy or rent?
Do you need a Realtor Referral there?
Have you sold … (9 comments)

realtor: Buyer Questionaire - 01/21/17 06:20 AM
Buyer Type: Relocation / Military / First Time / Move Up/ Retired                  Orientation Date:
Current Address:
here are you moving from? (Own / Rent?)
Need To Sell? / order of events if so:
Work ____________________Where & What Area of SD:_________________________ (commute).
Loan Type:   VA   FHA   Conventional  Cash
Lender Info:________________________________________________________________________________
Deposit & Down:   EMD: _______     Cash at close: _______         Financed Amount : … (5 comments)

realtor: Converting FSBOs; Giving Up Pennies to Make Big Dollars! - 01/18/17 09:33 PM
A client recently shared a lead to his neighbor he knew was planning to FSBO. I finagled an appointment with his help and sold the merits of myself and my services to a FSBO (For Sale By Owner). They initially asked me, “why would we need you, our neighbors want to buy it, they accepted our price and we’ve known them for 30 years?”
Warning; compromise ahead:
I explained about how friendly discussions give way to all-business offers. (And it sure did). I explained that my E&O insurance would protect them against liability. (They didn’t think about that). I explained I'm "paid" … (4 comments)

realtor: Nelson Notes: Are You A Go-Giver? - 01/12/17 05:56 AM
Nelson Notes: The Go-Giver (A little story about a BIG business idea).
Welcome to my notebook, where I share my highlights from the books I read and notes I take. I feature only the books I’ve actually read and that I recommend as worth your while to read and grow from. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way. These are all quotes and excerpts from the author except where *noted.
The Go Giver is a little story about a BIG business idea from a great man known as The Chairman. Give value to others...not … (8 comments)

realtor: Even Steven is a Nearsighted Man with a Selfish Plan - 01/08/17 02:23 PM
Thinking out loud; I propose this thought
that came to mind as I read
The Go-Giver by Burg & Mann this weekend:
Even Steven is a Nearsighted Man with an Selfish Plan...
Have you ever said any of these phrases or thought this way towards a spouse, friend or client?
"Now, We're Even Steven"
"You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours"
"Win / Win"
"50 / 50"
"Fair's Fair"
Amateurs act this way.         Scarcity thinks this way.
Instead of living the score keepers way, which is the subtle trap of win-win mentality, just give 100% to someone today! Truly put their needs ahead of your own and just give of … (13 comments)

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