california: HYBRIDS..or Thybrids?....A Website, Blog, and Forum..together? - 02/21/07 12:42 PM
"A recent survey conducted by Global Research Center states that 68% of real estate agents said they would be focusing on blogs as a marketing tool in 2007"
68%? Wow...that is amazing!"Real estate blogs are an excellent way for real estate professionals to establish or expand their internet presence," said Richard Nacht, CEO of Blogging Systems.Did anyone else get this email?Are these agents using stand alone Blogs, Activerain, P2A Blogs, or what?...Is this the start of a Hybrid Effect or maybe a..... Thybrid?.
Either way, we must remain innovative in our marketing efforts. Blog on!

california: Point 2 Agents and Global BLOG use? - 02/16/07 11:16 AM
I received an email that states 68% of REAL ESTATE AGENTS are beginning to use a "Blog" as a part of their marketing campaign.
Most agents I know tell me they don't GET IT!
They are unaware of how blogging can create a Web Presence.
If any agent has a doubt, look at
Why do i mention them? For the money silly. The money I expect from the leads generated from using their Website that has a BLOG already BUILT IN.....INDEED! ...BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES!
With so many potential clients on the web, it behooves us to find a Web host that works for REAL ESTATE AGENTS. … (1 comments)

california: Free Car with Home Purchase?...Nice! - 02/16/07 08:34 AM
So where is the market going? It may be going on the road again.
Recently I saw a promotion at where the Home builders will include a new lease on a Hummer WHEN you buy a new home. Yikes! A Hummer! That is soooo my style. If you visit you will see an offer of a REBATE, but I don't think it compares to a leased HUMMER.
If the market heats up here in Los Angeles like I think it will, I'll need that HUMMER to haul my SOLD and OPEN HOUSE signs. Maybe I should give away a Hybrid!

california: Face to Face with a NEW Prospect - 02/03/07 01:15 PM
In my most recent Door Knocking this week, I was amazed at the gracious and kind home owners that invited me in for a tour. Now of course, the moment I step inside I am faced with an internal struggle of how to proceed. My "go-to" from my years in Psychology is to wait for the "need response". It is always there. Just listen and watch. This paid off as I waited for "my turn". It came, and as a well coached and trained REALTOR, I gathered the pertinent info and as a RESULT gained 2 potential clients. One is downsizing, the other … (0 comments)

california: Buyer Rebates?...or Re-Think.... - 12/22/06 05:28 PM
Buyers love REBATES....This we know.
So, I did a quick survey of the agents in my sphere...and guess what?
Most agents don't return their hard earned commission money to their clients....What?
As some of you know, I started my first RE job at ZipRealty where Rebates were a keystone of this fledgling company. I used them and became very comfortable with how they work.
I still offer my Buyers a Rebate, however, now that my focus is more in the Luxury Homes market in Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, my rebate structure has changed.
Go to either of my WebSites L.A./exclusive/ or Westside-Homes under "Rebates" to get … (6 comments)

california: Boxing for Sellers?...Can taking the gloves off really SELL your home? - 11/27/06 12:04 PM
Lacing up the gloves could get your home sold, especially if your  "days on market"  is getting a little ko'ed. With the market in Los Angeles (and the nation) in a steep decline and DOM getting as lengthy as links in a polymer chain, the time may be ripe for a real sit-down...SANS agent.
This is the theory behind a new website inspired by 8Minute Dating and SitterCity, both of which bring supply and demand face to face.
Home/Fight attempts to place the wearisome Seller directly in front of a Pre-Approved (or Pre-Qualified) Buyer that sees a benefit in creating a … (0 comments)

california: WHO NEEDS a Sitter in this City?....hmmmmm? - 11/23/06 08:54 PM
I was fascinated in seeing the success of on the news. I have never been or needed a Baby Sitter, though I may have perused once or twice between girlfriends. So Sitter City is the same sort of concept....Speed dating for family's in need of a skilled and trusted Sitter. I looked at the website and searched for a SITTER in Pacific Palisades and found one girl with a posted hourly wage of $12-$30/hour!....YIKES!..I am not sitting you!

california: Technorati is calling me... - 11/23/06 02:56 PM
Technorati seems nice is the link:
Is there a way to add a LINK on ActiveRain?

california: She may PoP!!!!....Ranked #32 in the State of California! - 11/22/06 09:19 AM
She may....but I doubt it!...My site that is:
However, I am ALSO RANKED #32 out of 7,762 P2A Websites for the entire state of California. Can you believe? WoW!...I can't believe it!
RANKINGS=EXPOSURE=HAPPY CLIENTS....This is the only reason I care about my site on Google or elsewhere. I'll keep pushing.

california: My Website is #1...WoW - 11/21/06 04:51 PM
MySite: is a NUMBER 1 website!
Go here: to see how it RANKED!
Thank you all for the help getting it there. As you may know MyBlog: is just a small part of what I do to stay "LIVE" in Real Estate here in Santa Monica. I meet plenty of people every week (mostly through my DOOR KNOCKING) and I will begin to incorporate their R.E. comments in this blog.
I am also launching a NEW site very soon: MySite2: that will give me the ability to market my listings more effectively thereby expanding my business.
Happy Thanksgiving All

california: The essence of LA---for sure! - 11/19/06 09:10 AM
I had a bit of fun this week, and not at the REALTORS fun fest in New Orleans. No, this fun was closer to home, as a matter of fact right down the street here in Santa Monica at the World Cafe (hey Mandy!--the GM)
In a conversation regarding the NEW! "just about" city wide SMOKING BAN, I was caught off guard by how many people appaul it (some applaud--most did not). The conversation was timely as this ban goes into effect the day after Thanksgiving (2006) and does not hold the establishment responsible for enforcement.
Some how the conversation turned … (2 comments)

california: Real Estate Market coming back in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades? - 11/16/06 05:46 PM
Based on a number of recent phone calls from old clients, it seems the market here is bringing some buyers back. This apparently is due to stable interest rates and the fear the bottom may be coming around the end of Spring 2007. I've had many buyers that have waited for this very market condition.


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