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Johnston County biased blog dedicated to providing information about FHA, VA mortgages, USDA home loan and conventional mortgage loan information for Smithfield, Clayton, Benson, Wilson Mills, Dunn, and other parts of Johnston County. Highly experienced mortgage loan officers with some of Today's Best priced mortgage loans!
he New HomeReady™ Conventional Mortgage in NC offers some exciting options for NC Home Buyers.  It really is one of the first Innovative Mortgage Programs we’ve seen designed since the Great Recession.  The program is thankfully vetted and is low risk for Lenders and Home Owners.  The best news i...
If you are ready to move out on your own, and Kiss Your Landlord Good-bye…  CONGRATULATIONS!  Earlier this year the newest part of the Government’s program to help people buy a house went into place!  NC First Time Home Buyers definitely have an advantage, and we offer all of the First Time Home ...
  Private Mortgage Insurance has long been a source of eye rolls for many home buyers. However, once you look at PMI for what it is-- a tool to reduce the risk of a mortgage loan-- you may look at it in a different light.   Similar to most insurance we use everyday, mortgage insurance is there t...
If you’re a first home buyer you probably know that you could be eligible for government assistance in buying a home, commonly known as first home buyer grants.  The home buyer grants are also available to those who have owned a home before, as long as you meet the maximum income limits, don’t bu...
October 15, 2015 By Eleanor Thorne We talk to folks everyday who have student loan debt and are looking at houses.  Some of these folks have in excess of $50,000 in student loans.  Many of them have IBR, PAYE (Pay as your earn) student loans that are in deferment, or forbearance.  In the not so ...
Many people we talk to who had credit problems – have gone to an all “Cash” economy – meaning they don’t use credit at all any longer.  We totally understand that theory, but we feel that the better program involves having SOME credit active.  And today, that generally means that you need some re...
Veterans who are interested in buying a new home in 2014 are in luck!  The mortgage interest rates are still very low, and the price of housing in North Carolina is very affordable.  There are predictions that VA Loan Rates 2014 will go as high as 5% before the end of the year!  Because of Legisl...
We talk so many first time home buyers every week, and often times the conversation starts with, How do I start the HomeBuying Process - They’ve looked online, they’ve talked to friends… and they’ve gotten the notice from their landlord that their Rent is going up. It’s pretty easy to calculate w...
USDA Loans are perfect for people who want a home in a little more rural area.  USDA Loans have no down payment requirement, and Sellers can pay closing costs… meaning you can buy a home with a USDA Loan with PENNIES out-of-pocket! The payments and Mortgage Rates for USDA Loans are some of the l...
January 23, 2014 by Eleanor Thorne First Time Home Buyers in North Carolina often ask us questions about mortgage loan, and mortgage rates – because no one wants to pay more than you should!  Here are some practical tips on how to shop for a Mortgage Loan, that have been written based on our year...

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