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Johnston County biased blog dedicated to providing information about FHA, VA mortgages, USDA home loan and conventional mortgage loan information for Smithfield, Clayton, Benson, Wilson Mills, Dunn, and other parts of Johnston County. Highly experienced mortgage loan officers with some of Today's Best priced mortgage loans!
A lot of our clients are looking for a home with a front porch swing, away from all the hustle and bustle they encounter during their daily travels. That’s why the USDA Home Loan Program has been so perfect, because in NC, it doesn’t take much time at all to be smack dab in the middle of some Cou...
We are closing a loan this week for a hard-working young man who wanted to buy a home for his family. He did a ton of Research, and had many great questions.  But, he started with, “Can a DACA Buy A House in NC?”  Which kind of blew us away, because I’d always assumed everyone understood how this...
We often get asked questions about qualifying and what payments need to be included, especially when the person has an Installment Debt that will be paid off that year.  Buying a home, and getting a mortgage is going through one of those periods of time where Agencies (Fannie and Freddie) are now...
There are some new guidelines coming in January for First Time Home Buyers with Student Loan Debt.  In January of 2018 Freddie Mac will begin requiring us to count either your Student Loan payment, OR .5% of the balance, which ever is higher  This is a change from the current guideline that allow...
Veterans who have eligibility for a VA Home Loan need to understand the “essence” of the credit requirements set out by the Veteran’s Department.  The VA Doesn’t make these loans, they simply guarantee that if the lender meets the underwriting guidelines in approving a VA Home Loan, then the Vete...
Equity Resources, Inc. is offering Veterans and Active Military a FREE APPRAISAL on a home purchase or refinance for the month of November 2017! The Free Appraisal is valid for Veterans or active military members who apply 11/1/17 – 12/1/17 and close before 1/5/18 with Equity Resources, Inc.  Our...
Many of our clients are hyper focused on their credit report and their credit scores because they want to buy a home in NC, and they need to get their scores to the point where that dream of owning a home becomes a REALITY!A credit report is just a complete accounting of your credit history, and ...
Our Construction Loan basic guidelines are significantly different than other places.  We offer fixed rate, 30 year loans, many of our competitors only offer 15 year or Adjustable Mortgages. We will allow you to put as little as 10% into the transaction, most of our Construction Loan competition ...
Many of the Veteran’s buying a house in North Carolina want to use their VA Home Loan benefits to buy a house that’s a little further out, has some land and in some cases is “older.”  The VA does not have a restriction on the actual age of a home they will ensure with a VA Loan.  So, buying an ol...
If you want to find a Builder to build your home on a lot, how do you do that?  One way is to have the Builder take out a mortgage, and in that situation, you normally have to make a pretty sizable deposit with the builder, often times it’s at least 20%.  IF you own the lot, you might have to sig...

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