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THE LAND COMPANY OFFERS THIS OUTSTANDING INVESTMENT: - Over 20,000 GPM of Water - Over 3,000 AF of Water Rights - 2150 Irrigated/3000 Dryland/862 CRP and Native Grassland - Rare opportunity to own all the surface, water, wind,and mineral rights in one package - Located near Dodge City, Kansas - S...
THE LAND COMPANY OFFERS THIS GREAT INVESTMENT: - 15 months out of EQUP PROGRAM - 1680 total acres of land, 1000 WET acres - 6 Irrigation Wells producting 2,400 GPM of Water, Sellers have a permit to drill a 7th well - 353 Acres in CRP, 260 Acres of this has been approved to be put back into a new...
The Land Company has a great farm just outside of Pueblo, Colorado.  With 120 acres of land and 120 shares of Bessemer Ditch Water, you can bet that this is a great investment for anyone who sees the power, potential, and security of land and water rights. - Close to Markets, City, Schools - 2 Ho...
  Seeds are just amazing things.  From a very small shell of all shapes and dimensions comes beautiful and delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and flowers. Healthy seeds, non-GMO seeds, and heirloom seeds are a very important component of preserving agriculture for future generations See...

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