Hashtag? Are you familiar?  We all watch TV from time to time and see the #word come across the screen and many wonder what that is, and if you are watching the voice, the celebrities are commenting along side the hashtags online. The hashtag is the # followed by a word. It is a way of separating...
  Many of us in this industry are asked daily, so what do you think, how is the real estate market today?    The answers to this question are as varied as the people who are asked this question.   Think to yourself, how do I view the marketplace today?    My answer is this...    The Market today...
Job Opportunity   I am working on a new project for a national investor purchasing distressed properties in So Cal/Inland Empire. I will be putting together a team comprised of drivers, bidders, and some administrative/research staff.   Drivers will be independent contractors driving 20-30 proper...
A guy walks into an escrow branch…this seems to be how most bad stories in our industry start, and in this story, that is exactly what happened. An unknown investor walked into XYZ SoCal, Calif. branch to open an escrow for the purchase of residential property. The investor presented a handwritte...
A small piece of Lucerne Valley, Calif. was being sold for $41,000 in an all-cash transaction. The buyer and seller lived out of the area, necessitating the closing documents be mailed out for signature. The vacant land sale went sideways when the escrow officer mailed the documents to the seller...

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