ryan orr: Insuring Living Trusts on Real Property! - 05/12/16 10:47 AM

In the world of busy probate courts and a desire for privacy, the living trust has become a common manner of holding title to real property. The following may help you understand a few of the requirements of the title insurance industry if title to property is conveyed to the trustee of a living trust.
What is a trust?
A trust is an agreement between a trustor and trustee for the trustee to hold title to and administer designated assets of the trustor for the use and benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

Can a trust itself acquire and convey … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Grow or Die.. Meet the Team! TTG - 05/11/16 08:53 AM
Team Title Guy... Meet the Team!
Wow... As the year blows past us, don't blink.. Life has a tendency of throwing us curve balls and definitely keeping us on our feet! On behalf of Danielle and I, THANK YOU! The month of April was probably one of the hardest months we have eve endured as a family and as a couple. Losing Charlie was incredibly challenging and I am sure we will face struggles for months and years to come. However, through all of this, we have witnessed many amazing things as well! We witness so much LOVE, that we were overwhelmed! … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Land Contract, what is it? TTG - 05/04/16 04:55 AM
A land contract is an installment contract in which the seller finances the purchase. The seller maintains the deed until satisfaction. It is comparable to owner financing. The buyer gives the seller a down payment and the seller acts as a bank; financing the balance of the purchase or sale price. The interest rate is negotiated by the parties.
The interest rate is negotiated and set by the parties involved. Land contracts can be created on or used on most types of property such as residential, land only, mobile home with land, commercial, mixed use.
Learn more about Land Contract by clicking the … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Loving what we do! Passion & Purpose! TTG - 05/04/16 04:41 AM
Check out this quick overview of the team at one of our trainings. This one is on BK and the real estate transaction from a Legal & Title perspective! 
In differentiating ourselves from our competition we focus on our industry and creating a dream team effort to come together and close transactions together! 
We are highly involved in our community and we believe in leadership by example! 
Leadership in Professional Associations Leaders in Non-Profits Volunteer in our Schools  Involved in our churches  WE are Faith based and held to His standards. 
Put us to the test! 

ryan orr: Breaking News: Follow the Red Cape! - 02/21/14 05:31 AM
There is a breaking news story…there seems to be a Red Cape running rapid! Team Title Guy’s Scott Kueny is on the story and following how the Red Cape has helped people grow personally and professionally.       The Following The Red Cape series is a string of testimonials as to how Team Title Guy has helped its business partners and their business. No topic, issue, or request is too small. Team Title Guy’s reach and desire to add value and help their business partners knows no bounds. This series speaks to that!   TT … (0 comments)

ryan orr: What is Title? Title is... - 02/21/14 05:25 AM

Are you curious to learn more about real estate transactions and the buying and selling of real property?  If so, you are probably aware of the fact that purchasing a home or property is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.  The importance of fully protecting your investment cannot be over stressed, and this is where Title Insurance becomes of the utmost importance!
Title insurance is protection which assures that the rights and interests to the property are as expected and that the transfer of ownership goes smoothly and that the new owner receives protection from … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Interim Binders- Great for RE Investors! - 02/08/14 07:11 AM
Binder Policies February 6, 2014   Title Insurance BINDER POLICIES: Binder Title Policies are discounted title policies, often used by investors when flipping real property. On average, there is a 10% markup on the initial title policy when a person purchases real property.
The discount, and appeal of the Binder Policy, is applied when that same consumer goes to sell the real property in question within a two year time period.
Click here to read more about how Ticor Title can help save your investors hundreds of dollars!


ryan orr: REPF/ OCC Golf Classic Coming Soon April 17th 2014 - 02/08/14 06:56 AM
On Thursday, April 17th, Operation Community Cares and the Real Estate Professionals Foundation are holding the 2014 Golf Classic at the Sierra La Verne Country Club. Grab your foursome or sponsorship today! This event sells out each year and is probably hands down the most fun event out there! There are goodies and eats and sweets throughout the course! Come out, have a blast and raise money for a great cause!
Click here to see more about the Real Estate Professionals’ Foundation involvement in the annual tournament!
On Thursday, April 17th, Operation Community Cares and the Real Estate Professionals Foundation are … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Excited to have CVAR in Rancho Cucamonga! - 02/05/14 05:48 AM
On Thursday, January 30, 2014, the new CVAR office had it’s grand opening event. Scott Kueny and Ryan was on hand to help the CVAR host their grand opening event. Team Title Guy was there to show their support for the local professional association and represent Ticor Title. There was a total of 300 people in attendance with In-N-Out and the Cup-Cakery on hand.
This was an amazing event and was extremely well attended! I know our local CVAR members are excited to have a home base office 30 minutes closer to home! We look forward to the trainings and the … (0 comments)

ryan orr: TTG Presents: Tom Bernath- Ticor University- POA's/ Probates - 01/22/14 08:35 PM
TTG Presents: Tom Bernath- Ticor University KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!    On January 22, we were in invited to present at KW Rancho Cucamonga, and honored to speak to over 50 people. We came to learn what’s happening in real estate in reference to POA’s/ Probates. This topic is a very hot topic as we have seen an uptick in activity. We were honored to bring Tom out today to help ensure transactions run smoother with education.     We are available to book an array of classes at your office. Call us today to book training.     … (1 comments)

ryan orr: Randall Lewis Speaks about Inland Empire Real Estate @WEREP Meeting - 01/21/14 05:27 AM
West End Real Estate Professionals [WEREP] Meeting Team Title Guy [TTG] was in attendance at the West End Real Estate Professionals [WEREP] meeting Friday, January 17th as Randall Lewis, from the Lewis Group of Companies, shared his insights from 2013 and projections into 2014. The underlying sense from Randall Lewis in his talk is to take BOLD, but cautious action.
The West End Real Estate Professionals meet every Friday from 830a-930a at the Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 www.WEREP.org. Real estate professionals and affiliates come to WEREP to network, learn, and grow. The organization is a 501 (C3) non-profit … (0 comments)

ryan orr: New Bills Coming in 2014- CA - 01/19/14 11:32 AM
New Bills Coming in 2014 There are some new bills coming in 2014 and as a strategic business partner, Team Title Guy would like to keep you informed. SB 391 in particular raises recording fees. Check it out, as it may affect your business. At Team Title Guy we strive to save you time, money, and help you close more transactions. We do this with the utmost customer centric service and integrity. Whether it is a title question, hurdle or strategy that you are seeking, we want to be your business partner.


ryan orr: Beware of iMugging! Be Aware - 01/16/14 08:41 PM
iMugging occurs when someone attacks you to steal your smart phone or tablet.  iMugging was first used to describe someone being mugged for their Apple® device, such as an iPod®, iPhone® or iPad®. Due to the popularity of these types of devices iMugging is not just limited to Apple products. Anyone with an MP3 player, smart phone or tablet is at risk.
iMugging is big business and because the stolen items are so expensive iMugging can be categorized as grand theft. It is easy for a robber to iMug someone because the expensive devices visibly distracts users.
In addition, it … (2 comments)

ryan orr: Prop 60 & 90 Counties in CA. - 01/16/14 08:34 PM
Team Ticor Title Guy, Ryan Orr, discusses Prop 60 & 90 in Riverside, California.

The law that allows for transfers of base year value between counties merely authorizes each county board of supervisors to adopt an ordinance accepting transfers from other counties. It is the discretion of each county to allow such transfers. The county in which your replacement property is located must have an ordinance that accepts intercounty transfers.
As of September 19, 2013, the following nine counties in California have an ordinance enabling the intercounty base year value transfer:
Alameda        Orange       San Mateo
El Dorado      … (0 comments)

ryan orr: "Co-opetition" Learning/Sharing/ Growing! Value - 12/11/13 06:37 AM
Strategic Business Partners are people who not only work together but help each other grow their respective businesses!
My team and I have been blessed with a great management team, and vision to track best practices and top agents nationwide, and share these practices with our Sales Executives! We are leveraging our relationships to help other agents nationwide become more successful by saving time, money, and increase the number of transactions they are doing? 
All things being equal, if one business partner stood apart from the rest because they could help you grow your business, would you give them a chance … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Are You a Hunter or a Farmer? - 12/11/13 06:19 AM

Here we are winding down 2013, preparing our fields for harvest in 2014, and what a perfect time to re-analyze our fields, strategize as to what we need to do for the upcoming year! This is a great blog about our industry and how we approach "FARMING." Ready for a mindset shift? 
Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?
While doing some online research today I ran across a really good blog post I'd like to share: Hunting or Farming: Which Type of Prospecting is Best?   I know a lot you newer agents will find this hunting vs. farming metaphor informative … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Prop 60 & 90 now available in Riverside County Ca! - 12/04/13 06:44 AM
Prop 60/90 now be accessible to those who reside in Riverside County! This could open up an arena of real estate sales that many Seniors did not think possible!
Proposition 60 allows transfers of base year values within the same county (intracounty). Proposition 90 allows transfers from one county to another county in California (intercounty) and it is the discretion of each county to authorize such transfers. As of September 19, 2013, only nine counties have passed an ordinance authorizing intercounty transfers; however, it is recommended that you call your assessor for verification as it could change at any time.

ryan orr: Saying thank you to our Troops! Operation Community Cares! - 11/25/13 05:34 AM
A video of Pics from our pack day! If you would like to adopt a box, we are about $1500 short to send them all, it can be done on our website! it costs $15 to ship one box! Adopt one today!
Opening it up in His name! 

On Nov 16th, 2013 we gathered to assemble care packages at CBC Church in Alta Loma, California. We had to overcome some adveristy with the flooding of our storage facility, and a waning level of awareness that we still have troops abroad. On this day, many of our lead volunteers seemed … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Update on Rancho Cucamonga Neighborhood Parks & Street Lighting Needs - 11/22/13 07:52 AM
OPEN TO ALL!  Meeting Nov 22nd, 20138:30- 9:30 amRancho Cucamonga residents and businesses value the City’s many parks and trails, as well as its street lighting and landscaping.  Unfortunately, many of the City’s assessment districts have insufficient funds to adequately maintain local parks, trails, greenery, and street lighting on the City’s west side. City staff is starting work to make homeowners and local businesses throughout the City aware of these funding shortfalls and service needs. This issue has been talked about in other areas of town in recent years, with property owners in the Victoria, Terra Vista and Caryn neighborhoods approving new … (1 comments)

ryan orr: Straw Buyers- Found Guilty and Charged! Hallelujah! - 11/14/13 10:08 PM
"Escrow Officer Acts As Straw Buyer." The story provided the details of a mortgage fraud scheme which resulted in $3.9 million in losses to three different banks.
Four people were indicted including the escrow officer, Sandra Jackson, who closed most of the fraudulent deals. She was even brazen enough to act as a straw buyer – three times! Since then she has entered into a plea agreement and has now been sentenced.
In September of 2011 four people in Tucson were all indicted for their role in a multi–million dollar mortgage fraud scheme. One of the conspirators was an escrow officer, … (2 comments)

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