social media in real estate: The 1st Hour... Unplug... Can you? - 12/17/17 07:04 AM
(Currently I am GUILTY) We are in an ATTENTION BATTLEFIELD! Are you like me and have struggled with this? We wake up and the first thing we grab is...... our cell phone!! We are so compelled to see whats going on, what email we missed, who text us, and more importantly, how many likes on FB! When did it become okay to become a slave to anything? Yet, here we are, a slave to our devices, and the dopamine we get from the device.  If you didn't do this how would life be different? Might there be "ME" time, time to breathe, time to read … (8 comments)

social media in real estate: Stop Talking, Start Doing... Talk has become so cheap! (or expensive) - 12/16/17 06:40 AM
Are you one of those thats says... I just don't get it? Well, you are not alone. However, YOU have a choice! 
Just like travel agencies & many other industries they got swept up in the, "we will always be here." How well did that work out for them? Hello Expedia, and the countless other travel sites. 
How Social are you? Will you take the Online Challenge? #Bold#StepOut #DoSomething #Branding Team Title Guy  As we close out the year, Surround yourself with people who push you to be better! #Inspire!
Do You: Youtube Channel, Podcast Social Presence BLOG Do PEOPLE ENGAGE?
Looking for True Leaders to collaborate with … (2 comments)

social media in real estate: Use of Twitter, Hashtags... - 04/24/12 11:22 PM
Hashtag? Are you familiar? 

We all watch TV from time to time and see the #word come across the screen and many wonder what that is, and if you are watching the voice, the celebrities are commenting along side the hashtags online.
The hashtag is the # followed by a word. It is a way of separating of categorizing a conversation across twitter. If you search a word or topic on twitter, it is sorted by the hashtags people use. This is how TV shows are using hashtags on there shows. They use hashtags to get live viewer feedback.
I … (3 comments)

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