team title guy: Insuring Living Trusts on Real Property! - 05/12/16 10:47 AM

In the world of busy probate courts and a desire for privacy, the living trust has become a common manner of holding title to real property. The following may help you understand a few of the requirements of the title insurance industry if title to property is conveyed to the trustee of a living trust.
What is a trust?
A trust is an agreement between a trustor and trustee for the trustee to hold title to and administer designated assets of the trustor for the use and benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

Can a trust itself acquire and convey … (0 comments)

team title guy: Breaking News: Follow the Red Cape! - 02/21/14 05:31 AM
There is a breaking news story…there seems to be a Red Cape running rapid! Team Title Guy’s Scott Kueny is on the story and following how the Red Cape has helped people grow personally and professionally.       The Following The Red Cape series is a string of testimonials as to how Team Title Guy has helped its business partners and their business. No topic, issue, or request is too small. Team Title Guy’s reach and desire to add value and help their business partners knows no bounds. This series speaks to that!   TT … (0 comments)

team title guy: What is Title? Title is... - 02/21/14 05:25 AM

Are you curious to learn more about real estate transactions and the buying and selling of real property?  If so, you are probably aware of the fact that purchasing a home or property is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.  The importance of fully protecting your investment cannot be over stressed, and this is where Title Insurance becomes of the utmost importance!
Title insurance is protection which assures that the rights and interests to the property are as expected and that the transfer of ownership goes smoothly and that the new owner receives protection from … (0 comments)

team title guy: Interim Binders- Great for RE Investors! - 02/08/14 07:11 AM
Binder Policies February 6, 2014   Title Insurance BINDER POLICIES: Binder Title Policies are discounted title policies, often used by investors when flipping real property. On average, there is a 10% markup on the initial title policy when a person purchases real property.
The discount, and appeal of the Binder Policy, is applied when that same consumer goes to sell the real property in question within a two year time period.
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team title guy: REPF/ OCC Golf Classic Coming Soon April 17th 2014 - 02/08/14 06:56 AM
On Thursday, April 17th, Operation Community Cares and the Real Estate Professionals Foundation are holding the 2014 Golf Classic at the Sierra La Verne Country Club. Grab your foursome or sponsorship today! This event sells out each year and is probably hands down the most fun event out there! There are goodies and eats and sweets throughout the course! Come out, have a blast and raise money for a great cause!
Click here to see more about the Real Estate Professionals’ Foundation involvement in the annual tournament!
On Thursday, April 17th, Operation Community Cares and the Real Estate Professionals Foundation are … (0 comments)

team title guy: Randall Lewis Speaks about Inland Empire Real Estate @WEREP Meeting - 01/21/14 05:27 AM
West End Real Estate Professionals [WEREP] Meeting Team Title Guy [TTG] was in attendance at the West End Real Estate Professionals [WEREP] meeting Friday, January 17th as Randall Lewis, from the Lewis Group of Companies, shared his insights from 2013 and projections into 2014. The underlying sense from Randall Lewis in his talk is to take BOLD, but cautious action.
The West End Real Estate Professionals meet every Friday from 830a-930a at the Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 Real estate professionals and affiliates come to WEREP to network, learn, and grow. The organization is a 501 (C3) non-profit … (0 comments)

team title guy: New Bills Coming in 2014- CA - 01/19/14 11:32 AM
New Bills Coming in 2014 There are some new bills coming in 2014 and as a strategic business partner, Team Title Guy would like to keep you informed. SB 391 in particular raises recording fees. Check it out, as it may affect your business. At Team Title Guy we strive to save you time, money, and help you close more transactions. We do this with the utmost customer centric service and integrity. Whether it is a title question, hurdle or strategy that you are seeking, we want to be your business partner.


team title guy: Beware of iMugging! Be Aware - 01/16/14 08:41 PM
iMugging occurs when someone attacks you to steal your smart phone or tablet.  iMugging was first used to describe someone being mugged for their Apple® device, such as an iPod®, iPhone® or iPad®. Due to the popularity of these types of devices iMugging is not just limited to Apple products. Anyone with an MP3 player, smart phone or tablet is at risk.
iMugging is big business and because the stolen items are so expensive iMugging can be categorized as grand theft. It is easy for a robber to iMug someone because the expensive devices visibly distracts users.
In addition, it … (2 comments)

team title guy: Update on Rancho Cucamonga Neighborhood Parks & Street Lighting Needs - 11/22/13 07:52 AM
OPEN TO ALL!  Meeting Nov 22nd, 20138:30- 9:30 amRancho Cucamonga residents and businesses value the City’s many parks and trails, as well as its street lighting and landscaping.  Unfortunately, many of the City’s assessment districts have insufficient funds to adequately maintain local parks, trails, greenery, and street lighting on the City’s west side. City staff is starting work to make homeowners and local businesses throughout the City aware of these funding shortfalls and service needs. This issue has been talked about in other areas of town in recent years, with property owners in the Victoria, Terra Vista and Caryn neighborhoods approving new … (1 comments)

team title guy: Like momma said its not what, but who you know! - 11/12/13 08:49 PM
So I was able to spend some time with mega agent a couple weeks ago, and it was incrdible to get some insights from him as to how he and his team have been able to build an empire! Brett Tanner and his team did over 1100 sides on 2012 and is on for an even better year in 2013! 
So here is the question, if you go to to the best, will you apply what you learn? 
The challenge is on! Here are few insights!  

Here are a few words that I was able to get … (2 comments)

team title guy: Best Practice for agents from Brett Tanner's Perspective! - 10/30/13 05:15 AM
What is the one thing you can think of that has led to the most success in your business? Do you know? Most people don't know what that is or even where to start! Here is a quick video with Brett who is and agent that closed over 1000 transactions in 2012, and is on pace to beat that this year! 

There are quite a few tools and systems that can be put in place to increase accountabilty and track your efforts! If you would like to find out more, please be sure to give us a … (0 comments)

team title guy: Value Of Local Professional Associations! WEREP - 10/24/13 07:59 AM
Here is a in in Rancho Cucamonga California that is dedicated to serving the community. No memberships needed, just $3 at the door each week. The group meets for 1 hour on Friday mornings to give updates on the area and industry. The meetings consist of Market Updates, Wants/needs, an educational speaker, mixed in with some laughs and fun.

A fun fact is that this group donates $15-20,000 annually to local charities, not to mention volunteer hours! I would strongly recommend plugging into WEREP.
Central Park
11200 Baseline Road 
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730

team title guy: Signers- Taking photos of ID's- Satisfying Patriot Act - 09/11/13 07:44 AM

"I have finally found a worthwhile use for my camera phone!" The article was about settlement employees who were performing signing services outside of the office.
The employees reported using their cell phones to capture a picture of the identification borrowers presented at signing. This practice was initiated in order to satisfy lender requirements to obtain proof of identification in compliance with the Patriot Act. The employees emailed the pictures from their phone to their desktop to print and provide to the lender.
Fast forward to 2013 where we have the same scenario, except the signing agent is a mobile … (0 comments)

team title guy: Notary: Know your liability. Quick test - 08/15/13 05:29 AM
Test Yourself: Liability Risks
Mistakes can happen when performing a notarization. All too often, Notaries remain unaware of the risks they face and the protections available to them to shield against serious financial consequences. Take our quiz and test your knowledge about liability risks and how prepared you are to deal with them.
Multiple Choice:
Notaries are required to have insurance protecting themselves from liability: In every state In California, Florida and New York In California only In no state Who does a surety bond protect from financial loss resulting from a Notary's mistake? Both the signer and Notary The Notary … (0 comments)

team title guy: Diverted Funds- Escrow Beware - 06/12/13 06:02 AM
An independent escrow agent recently discovered their trust accounts were compromised by an outside unknown source. Through initial investigations the escrow agent realized they had become victim to unauthorized and fraudulent wire transfers. Once they became aware they immediately notified their bank, regulator and insurance carrier – as well as local and federal law enforcement.
The regulator – the Department of Corporations (DOC) – initiated an internal audit of the independent escrow agent. They discovered on three separate dates, funds totaling $1,558,339 were wired out of two separate trust accounts without authorization. The wires did not appear to be associated with … (1 comments)

team title guy: CA Code Section 2948.5 restricts lenders from charging more than 1 day - 05/14/13 06:38 AM
California Civil Code Section 2948.5 restricts lenders from charging more than one day interest from the date the loan is funding until the date the funds are disbursed for the benefit of the borrower. In most cases, the settlement agent makes all the disbursements. As a result many lenders require the settlement agent to disburse timely, or the closing agent will be required to refund the additional days of interest charged to the borrower. Read on to find out what action one lender took when their instructions were not followed.
On September 18, 2012, Provident Funding® sent loan funds to Chicago … (0 comments)

team title guy: Short Pay Lenders Are Serious! - 05/14/13 06:24 AM
Short pay lenders are serious about the principals upholding the terms and conditions placed on them by the short sale agreement. One of the most common conditions reads, "The property will not be sold within 90 days of the closing date of the subject real estate purchase contract." Short pay lenders enforce this condition by checking the chain of title post–closing to verify the property owner matches the buyer shown on the settlement statement provided them at closing.
When the title to the property is in the name of someone other than the buyer, they immediately ban the closing agent from … (0 comments)

team title guy: January SoCal Sales Report- Great News trends forward! - 02/19/13 02:36 PM
The Wave Ahead! 

All signals point to the right direction for us and our industry. Check out the numbers below as there are great indicators for the progress that lies ahead. 
We as professionals need to sharpen our skills, and start paddling to get ahead of the future business, otherwise we will get passed as those who have been sitting on the sidelines get back into the business. 
As we are working our business we are knowing our clients more, and placing programs and service accordingly? Does your title company customize there service? 
We Do! Schedule an appointment with us … (0 comments)

team title guy: Just Another Day...Really? - 02/19/13 07:02 AM
Just another day... Or Is it? 
We all have life's reminders hitting us square in the face on a routine basis, reminding us to be grateful for the opportinity in our lives, but what do we do with them? 
Here are some of the cliche's:
Life is Short Don't Blink Its the moments that take your breath away Live Like You Are Dying The Dash- 19XX-20XX (what did you do in the dash) My example:
I am a man of FAITH, and I have heard many times, I will pray for you my friend., and I appreciate this greatly. … (1 comments)

team title guy: Online Fiance- Sounds Like Manti Teo - 02/15/13 11:07 AM
An Escrow Officer from the Chicago Title Company's Alameda County, Calif. operation was working with an agent named Lynn Lee at Jay Dee Real Estate in San Jose, Calif. on a short sale transaction. On Friday, November 9, 2012 an email was sent from the selling agent to the escrow officer, directing her to wire transfer her portion of the broker's commission in the amount of $5,702.50 to ABC Bank in West Point, Neb. to the account of Beth Black.
On the same day the escrow officer emailed the broker at Jay Dee Real Estate, to confirm the wire transfer of … (0 comments)

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