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Tucson, Arizona...one of America's oldest continuously inhabited cities.  We like to celebrate the new, the modern and thrive on the cutting edge of aerospace.  One of the world's best equipped optics labs is the newest jewel of the campus at University of Arizona.  The stunning achievement of a ...
In today's market, short sales and foreclosures make up a sizable portion of the inventory.  Many of them have the utilities turned off to save the seller some money, especially if it is taking a while to sell...little do they know that this could possibly cost them more than they bargained for.....
"Where's the bargains?"  "I want to look only at foreclosures."  "I hear from my friend who knows real estate that the only way to go these days is with bank-owned properties." -- an almost daily mantra heard by agents representing buyers in today's marketplace. Great!  There's plenty of them to ...
This morning, on my way to meet a client from out of town, I saw something incredible!  I thought I'd never, ever see this again...wondering if perhaps I was seeing somebody's mistake or cruel joke instead...     During a delightful day of showing my client some of the finest horse properties in ...
Relaxing on my back porch last night as I am wont to do after a busy day (or any day, for that matter), the clouds lingering after a windy day hovered in my vista in the northeast foothills of Tucson.  Courtesy of Hurricane Norbert in the Sea of Cortez, these last wisps of the day were spectacula...
Yesterday, I had an errand to run down at the city planning & zoning office in the Pima County Public Works building.  On my way out, I noticed that the bus stop shelter was pretty remarkable in its own right...with a theme that really is appropriate for its location just outside the doors of thi...
When one thinks about what Tucson looks like, the first things that usually come to mind are desert, cactus, sand and heatwaves rising from the parched land. There is some truth to that, but given that conception, do trees come to mind?  Not usually - but there are lots of trees...an astonishing ...
Instead of wondering if your latest thought about investing in the company that makes the best antacid or anxiety medicine is a strategy born of genius... Rather than watching your investment disappear as a company becomes worthless... As a choice for stability in the long-term instead of today's...
Yesterday while driving through the Picture Rocks area to the west of Tucson, I noticed some interesting things here & there.  One of which I wrote about last night, a whimsical Air Conditioner Repair sign featuring a mannequin "deep into his work" on an AC unit. Another thing I saw made me turn ...
I don't care what side anyone was on concerning the "bailout bill" - it is what we have in front of us...and we all have to figure out how to work with it. One benefit I see for Arizona in the bill is the provision granting tax relief promoting renewable energy development, especially solar!  Eve...

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