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If you live in the Starr Pass Residences of Tucson, you know one of the perks of owning a home here is a great setting for spectacular sunsets.  Located on the west side of the metro, cradled by hills studded with saguaros, the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort anchors this community of single family...
There is so much focus on how foreclosure affects people and communities, we often forget those who can't speak for themselves - our pets. Thanks to Emmary Nicholson in Las Cruces, New Mexico for finding a good resource to help with our *other loved ones* who are just as important in our lives.  ...
Hopefully these are the first photos posted from RainCamp Prescott - Mike Jones & I met up about 4 AM today for the easy drive up to northern Arizona together. As we pulled into Prescott, we spied quite a few intriguing photo opportunities - and took a short detour to take advantage of them.  I'l...
If you're considering doing a short sale...PLEASE DON'T GET SUCKERED by the loudest huckster - they're probably lying through their teeth. Short sales are a serious matter, and should be handled by someone who is experienced, trustworthy and can back it up.  I am not someone who lists short sales...
Downtown Tucson is experiencing a rebirth.  One of the newest developments is located on the actual birthplace of Tucson itself - with streets following the routes of the first canals in the area. The Mercado District of Menlo Park is a truly unique community - setting the standard for sustainabi...
This morning I read that Philadelphia is charging bloggers a business privelege fee just like anyone else doing business in the city - which is $300 + taxes on the income.  My first thought was along the lines of, "Where will the taxation STOP?" After a bit, I started wondering if we bloggers hav...
University property in Tucson has traditionally been very popular for investors and parents of students attending the University of Arizona.  Benefiting from the proximity to campus and the ready supply of renters and buyers, the value of these properties has held up better than the overall real ...
Sure, the process of getting a mortgage has gotten stricter in the past few years...but this kind of questioning is not only immoral & unethical, but ILLEGAL. If you are buying a home in Tucson, Las Cruces (or anywhere else) - if you get this kind of question from a lender, walk out immediately. ...
So - is it a good time to buy a home in Tucson?  Rip Van Winkle took another nap...for 5 years...see what he found out!   Things have changed dramatically in the Tucson Real Estate Market in the past five years.  Prices have come down considerably, and - get this - interest rates are incredibly l...
Jeff Belonger is acknowledged as one of the nation's top experts on FHA lending.  If you are considering using an FHA loan to purchase a home in Tucson (or anywhere else), please read this post to help understand where some of the costs involved are coming from. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff! ...

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