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The brick and mortar of this blog is the expertise, insights and experiences I have gained as one of Chicago's top real estate professionals. With my team The Real Estate Lounge Chicago I am affiliated with @properties. My success is partly due to hard work and market knowledge, but mostly it’s old and new clients choosing me. I hope you enjoy. I also hope when it’s time for you to buy or sell a home that you turn to me.



Moses tooled up to an East Village coffee shop earlier today on his new sleek silver Vespa.It had been a while since I had seen the old guy, but I'm never surprised by what he does or how he does it. Today being a slight slice of Spring on what this year has been an ever-elongating wintry landsca...
Half a dozen of one, six of the other.That might be the subtitle for the merging together of half of a box of a dozen frozen fish sticks found by an Ohio woman last week.But instead of tossing the x-shaped trio on the frying pan, Victoria Landis tossed them on ebay where their Easter week appeara...
Lucas turned one last week. And the change is colossal.He always was a bright child - but now I will wake in the morning to find him transliterating speeches of the aspiring presidential candidates into both Latin and Greek. Nonplussed by criticism of some naysayers that these so-called "dead" la...
"Jackson," I said to my two-and-a-half year old son, "Who do you want to answer the phone at 3 am?""Daddy," he squealed enthusiastically.Whether it was me he would like to answer the phone in the middle of the night (or morning for that matter), or whether he was simply responding to my presence ...
Thursday evening at 6.30 I headed home from one of my recently sold listings. I had just turned over five hours of my life to the longest home inspection I have ever endured.If you haven't participated in a home inspection lately (or ever), the point of this enterprise is to provide the home buye...
The Chicago real estate market today? I can't help but think of Mark Twain's quote, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."Yesterday my clients finalized negotiations of an offer for their home in West Town. Listed in the upper six figures, this residence attracted the prospective buy...

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