edgewater: 30 Degrees Less, 2011 Commences in Chicago - 01/02/11 02:36 AM
From 50 to 20. And so the new year commences with a capricious if not pernicious drop in temperature in Chicago.
After two weeks in Paris where the mercury rarely approached the upper 30s and typically wavered at or below freezing, yesterday's venture into spring-like territory was beyond welcome. And like anything delightful, I just assumed that it would persist.

Imagine my surprise as I and my kin readied ourselves this morning to maintain the daily diet we sustained while abroad. Namely, a long walk there followed by a long walk back. Our destination would be triangular, first Clark … (0 comments)

edgewater: Which Way Points the Thumb? - 08/06/10 04:43 AM
The president just flew over my Edgewater home.
The roar of his chopper and his flying armada filled the sky for minutes prior to his arrival above, filling my chest with a sense of imminence. And then they appeared, majestic and aloft, somewhat staggered in their flight plan, immediately overhead and slowly making their way east in the direction of the lake front.

The cat and I, situated on the back porch to get some early morning work done, had slightly different responses. The copter's droning sound caused her to drop a half-eaten bug and dash up the steps with … (1 comments)

edgewater: Temperature Drop and Mood Shift in Chicago - 07/25/10 09:12 AM
Refuge was granted today.
After an endless series of scratches etched on a stray board  to suggest days where the heat simply suffocated today ambled in at a delightful sub 90.
Blessed relief.
Don't get me wrong, I am not a hot day naysayer. I revel in the glisten that gathers from the slightest activity. But...
But the toaster that has been this summer in Chicago and many other parts of the national map has been fatiguing if for no other reason than its sheer inescapability. Plans to bbq and dine on the back patio in our Edgewater manse have been … (3 comments)

edgewater: A Sunday Stroll, A Singing Choir, Songza, and a Chicago Open House - 06/14/09 06:33 AM
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Sunday emerges superbly this day, shining on the denizens of this metropolis we call Chicago. Hallelujah. And as Jackson, Lucas and I took a spin around the block before I head to my open house in a contemporary single family home in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago - Jackson on his brilliantly beautiful blue bike and Lucas with feet propped up on his Kettler trike, me pushing with one hand and balancing a cup of Metropolis coffee in the other - we heard the congregation lifting their voices … (0 comments)

edgewater: Chasing the Chill on a Morning Walk in Edgewater - 04/12/09 03:23 AM
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What a lovely day it has been. A bit brisker than I would like - so much so that the jaunt around the block this morning with Lucas, Jackson and my cup of coffee left us all with hydrating nostrils and hands red from the chill. But offsetting the weather more akin to the year's first three months than those associated with Spring were the gentle blue skies and the company of my boys.
And that, He Asks as We Walk By St. Gertrude's For the past three weeks or so Jackson has been fascinated … (0 comments)

edgewater: A Saturday Night Meal Leaves Something to be Desired - 05/18/08 07:04 AM
We cleared the 5.30 threshold Saturday night and somehow we figured we were ahead of the game.
The diaper bag was packed.
The boys were strapped into their seats.
Westward ho went the four of us, tracking down a barbecue joint new to us but universally acclaimed by those many who preceded us to its doorstep.
Saturday night wasn't such a great worry as we had pushed forward our timeline and scurried out the door sooner than the masses.
Or so we thought.
In such haste had we left our Edgewater abode that we didn't even have the restaurant's exact address. … (2 comments)

edgewater: Meeting Moses at an East Village Coffee Shop (When He Gets an Emailed Offer) - 03/29/08 04:30 PM
Moses tooled up to an East Village coffee shop earlier today on his new sleek silver Vespa.
It had been a while since I had seen the old guy, but I'm never surprised by what he does or how he does it. Today being a slight slice of Spring on what this year has been an ever-elongating wintry landscape he opted to go, as he referred to it, as "topless." So there he was in front of the Mercury coffee shop on Chicago Avenue just east of Ashland beaming like a goofy sophomore who was taking the prom queen to the dance. 
We in Chicago tend to get … (0 comments)

edgewater: Chicago-Style Good Fortune (Cookie) - 02/23/08 03:26 PM
A beautiful Saturday visited Chicago today, providing Chicagoans from Lincoln Park to Edgewater with a pleasant dose of sunshine to offset too many days of gray and cold. And while the thermometer didn't hit the season norm here the fact that we were able to cast shadows was a wonderful diversion to our ongoing battle against the elements.
I guess you could say that today we had good fortune.
Fortune, what a nearly archaic term. On the one hand it refers to luck. On the other hand it is about riches or wealth. In either case most of us aspire for good fortune … (0 comments)

edgewater: Single Digits - A Chicago Salute - 02/19/08 05:50 PM
Two-thirds of the way through February and here in Chicago we seem no closer to the end of the season.
Just two weeks ago the furry critter made famous in Bill Murray's movie "Groundhog Day" popped out his hole, saw his shadow, and thereby inflicted upon us an additional six weeks of winter.
Oh Punxsutawney Phil , say it ain't so!
Alas, the single digit temperature earlier this evening as my wife and two sons headed out toa dinner had me contemplating a single digit salute to Mother Nature from Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. But discretion reigned supreme and I merely I gritted my teeth against … (1 comments)

edgewater: From Super Sunday to Super Tuesday - Life in the Chicago Real Estate Lounge - 02/12/08 02:00 AM
TV sets across the nation were tuned in to Sunday night's showdown between the Giants and the Patriots. Mine was one even though I had no allegiance to either team. But actually this lack of dedication made watching the game more sporting and festive. Plus it had the added benefit of being a relief.
It was a relief because exactly one year ago my hometown Chicago Bears were on the dance card. And right out of the box things looked good! The electric Devin Hester took the opening kickoff and scampered 92 yards for a touchdown.
Immediately my Blackberry started buzzing … (0 comments)

edgewater: Living in Chicago with (Soon to Be) School-age Kids - 02/12/08 01:52 AM
The alarm made its appearance shortly after 6 this morning in my Edgewater home. After convincing my lower back that it wasn't nearly as stiff as it claimed to be I lurched to the kitchen to reclaim silence.
Six ounces of formula did the trick as the alarm, otherwise known as my 10-month-old son Lucas, quietly experienced the elixir of a liquid breakfast.
There's little I won't do for my family - whether it's waking up early, getting up in the middle of the night, or anything in between.
Take for instance my Saturday morning.
A little before 9am my wife … (0 comments)

edgewater: Softly Fell Chicago's Snow - 02/01/08 02:29 AM
Lightly, lightly fell the snow. And all through the night, like soft fleecy wisps, it gathered and gathered until it coated and covered the streets and sidewalks of Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood with a shimmering tableau of white.
I woke up this morning to the clarion of my 10-month-old son's hunger. It was between 6 and 6.30 am, and the snow outside was between 8 and 10 inches in my northside of Chicago neighborhood. After setting Lucas up with 6 ounces - just to cut the harsh edge off his empty gullet - I set out to tackle the snow.
First thing's first … (0 comments)

edgewater: The First Busy Saturday in a Month of Saturdays - 01/31/08 08:45 AM
If today is any indication it looks like the Chicago housing market is picking up steam amid the January chill. Unlike any of the past 30 or so Saturdays, today my schedule was jam-packed from start to finish with showings. 1934 Thomas, a new construction two bed/two bath a block south of Division in the East Village witnessed six buying parties (with one returning for a second showing before tomorrow's open house). And a value-priced Edgewater junior one bed across from the lake near Loyola was witness to five buyers and one offer we are in the midst of negotiating. Plus … (0 comments)

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