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This post is in the spirit of advancing the cause of professionalism and mutual respect in our industry.If you have a problem with the way another agent is using the mark, REALTOR, please notify the agent instead of the local board or NAR.  How this concern came about:   I have been reported to m...
Giving respect where due, since this post takes off on the thought of another....  Mike Farmer at said - on another thread about "teaching..."       "real teachers who take young, mushy minds and teach them how to use them--       one helluva job, something I wouldn't dare tr...
One of the best things you can do for IMMEDIATE TRAFFIC and SEO / SERP results, whether your site is mature or still still maturing in the Google sandbox trap, is start an Active Rain Blog and post a few times with the correct keywords, blog tags, and a link back to your web site.You could be ran...
The subject of credentials came up on another blog.  Shouldn't those claiming to be coaches offer credentials?  I completely agree that credentials are important.  The proof is in the pudding, as they say.  Or A man is known by his fruits.  Credentials tend to indicate ability or preparation to b...
If you are SMART and EXPERIENCED then maybe you may already have all the right words for every question or objection a prospect or client can throw at you.  If not, you can get SMART at Howard Brinton's and then get experienced from your own success : )   Find their FR...
Gotcha!  You just have to real a post with a title like Fried Green Tomatos!Was thinking about a way to illustrate how to make something good out of something that was not ripe.Buyers and sellers sometimes come to us before they are ready.  When a prospect is not ripe, you can treat them like a g...
I moved my Real Estate Sales license to a holding company.  Wondering if anybody else here is in similar arrangement.  Apparently I can solicit referrals but cannot list or show houses.What do you know about the rules for agents in holding company?

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